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Gill’s fundament taking a battering
by Peter Principle
0 by Peter Principle
2:55 PM 19/5/23
Rof News
by Sumoking
4 by CliveWarren
2:29 PM 19/5/23
Meanwhile, in Australia...
by Ash89
3 by Transdimension…
2:23 PM 19/5/23
weird lick down things you suddenly remember
by Transdimensional_Sex_Bee
1 by Peter Principle
2:22 PM 19/5/23
RoF like it’s Q2 2020 and lockdown has just started
by Goethe Cash
10 by Goethe Cash
2:14 PM 19/5/23
What percentage of your netnet do you save?
by Goethe Cash
0 by Goethe Cash
2:03 PM 19/5/23
Golf - Downswing tips
by Ash89
13 by Ash89
1:59 PM 19/5/23
what % of your household chores do you do and do you think it's fair?
by Rhamnousia
7 by Foulke
1:55 PM 19/5/23
I am the only person I know without an Amazon account
by Staines-Upon-Thames
0 by Staines-Upon-Thames
1:54 PM 19/5/23
There goes that Smiths reunion
by Bertha
7 by Cheradenine Zakalwe
1:54 PM 19/5/23
Phil Jones to leave United after 12 years...
by Transdimensional_Sex_Bee
8 by Transdimension…
1:50 PM 19/5/23
Banking Hedz - Guarantor interest rates
by Archibald
4 by bananaman
1:46 PM 19/5/23
Why is Dianne Feinstein clinging to her Senate seat?
by PerfidiousPorpoise
4 by Peter Principle
12:48 PM 19/5/23
county cricket watch
by diceman
27 by diceman
12:46 PM 19/5/23
Chiles's "column"
by AmItheSucker
2 by AmItheSucker
12:35 PM 19/5/23
I may have fallen in love with a sex worker I am paying. Could it be real?
by bullace
17 by 3-ducks
12:32 PM 19/5/23
wish I were a chic Scandi businesswoman like in a noir tv series
by Rhamnousia
18 by Rhamnousia
11:54 AM 19/5/23
New blur single
by Bertha
6 by OysterBay
11:16 AM 19/5/23
Not to come across all, you know, hey look at me I’m a property market guru, but
by Goethe Cash
11 by sieteocho
10:39 AM 19/5/23
My mother
by Muttley
43 by AmItheSucker
10:36 AM 19/5/23
Own up - who is it?
by Jellymonster
7 by Sumoking
10:29 AM 19/5/23
“The Silent Generator”
by Jellymonster
4 by sieteocho
10:28 AM 19/5/23
Clip n Climb franchise
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
12 by Sir Woke XR Re…
10:26 AM 19/5/23
by Rhamnousia
10 by benj_warrant
10:16 AM 19/5/23
MTG: calling someone a white supremacist is equivalent to calling someone the n word
by Jellymonster
5 by benj_warrant
10:13 AM 19/5/23
Spooky echoes in literature
by Wang's Upon a Time
7 by benj_warrant
10:10 AM 19/5/23
Current Man City team - arguably the best team ever assembled
by Goethe Cash
42 by Quips
10:07 AM 19/5/23
YouGov: Have you ever bought something whilst drunk you wouldn't buy sober?
by Jellymonster
19 by Awdit
10:07 AM 19/5/23
This place is shit
by BadmanRoFer
15 by Chambers
10:04 AM 19/5/23
Which way do you scroll?
by SummerSails
8 by SummerSails
10:03 AM 19/5/23
Today, ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a new hero
by Peter Principle
2 by Tom Linorder
9:52 AM 19/5/23
Inside No 9
by Guy Crouchback
2 by Transdimension…
9:42 AM 19/5/23
Keir Starmer's tax flip flop
by AmItheSucker
10 by Rof Royalty
9:40 AM 19/5/23
Keir Starmer's flip flop tax
by SummerSails
2 by AmItheSucker
9:12 AM 19/5/23
What are your thoughts on hierarchies?
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
17 by runnersknee
9:10 AM 19/5/23
You see a lot of MG cars out here
by Goethe Cash
5 by strutter
8:56 AM 19/5/23
Common Market again NOW please, yes literally right now
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
16 by Rof Royalty
8:33 AM 19/5/23
What are your thoughts on huaraches?
by Bertha
0 by Bertha
6:59 AM 19/5/23
Anyone had a dawn door knock from the NCA
by Jellymonster
0 by Jellymonster
6:40 AM 19/5/23
When Hugey and Wang triggered a City pay war back in the day
by Goethe Cash
5 by CliveWarren
11:34 PM 18/5/23
The furore over this year’s Satyrs
by stardust
6 by The Oracle of Delphi
10:43 PM 18/5/23
The furore over this year’s Sats
by canaryjim
29 by SecularJurist
10:39 PM 18/5/23
Are you - seventh born son of a seventh son - one of the three people on earth who are sufficiently high level warlocks to understand how compounded rate setting provisions in modern LMA loan docs work?
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
8 by Rhialto
10:29 PM 18/5/23
i wonder if i should go
by clubman
12 by SecularJurist
10:19 PM 18/5/23
The fury over this year’s satay
by SummerSails
1 by stardust
9:50 PM 18/5/23
Fecking Mortgage Brokers
by SummerSails
3 by ebitda
9:49 PM 18/5/23
Sacking it in and becoming a full time pavement
by SummerSails
0 by SummerSails
8:50 PM 18/5/23
Sacking it in and becoming a full time khunt
by canaryjim
2 by sieteocho
8:50 PM 18/5/23
Sacking it in and becoming a full time kurent
by LawPerson
0 by LawPerson
8:31 PM 18/5/23
Redundancies in the City?
by CliveWarren
18 by jamiestone1
8:30 PM 18/5/23
Sacking it in and becoming a full time parrot
by stardust
0 by stardust
8:14 PM 18/5/23
Badenoch claims problem raised by UK carmarkers worried about tariffs 'isn't to do with Brexit'
by strutter
13 by 3-ducks
7:06 PM 18/5/23
1 by 3-ducks
7:00 PM 18/5/23
Legal roles
by Patricia Jackson
5 by SecularJurist
6:48 PM 18/5/23
What is the best WTF snack?
by ShootyOriginal
6 by Rof Royalty
6:32 PM 18/5/23
An insolvency mega durr question
by Rhamnousia
7 by Asturias Es Mi…
5:26 PM 18/5/23
Documentaries on the porn industry
by Goethe Cash
5 by benj_warrant
5:06 PM 18/5/23
Rof like it's 2000 °C
by gloria hunniford
0 by gloria hunniford
4:40 PM 18/5/23
Paul Cattermole dying of natural causes at 46
by Rhamnousia
14 by Bertha
4:36 PM 18/5/23
Before Chat GPT ushered in a new era of frenzied interest in AI last year
by Goethe Cash
21 by The Oracle of Delphi
4:02 PM 18/5/23
Luton or Coventry in the Premier League
by Geoff Roe
54 by Tom Linorder
3:11 PM 18/5/23
Harry and Meghan report they were involved in a 2 hour
by ebitda
40 by SummerSails
3:10 PM 18/5/23
mansitty’s problem is how they r going 2 stay match fit
by The Oracle of Delphi
20 by Pez Vela
2:43 PM 18/5/23
Anyone bought eyedrops recently?
by ShootyOriginal
8 by Ego Brainiac
2:29 PM 18/5/23
Elected Monarch
by Jellymonster
16 by Sumoking
1:56 PM 18/5/23
RoF like it's 2001 MD
by Transdimensional_Sex_Bee
0 by Transdimension…
1:53 PM 18/5/23
Have you slipped into the habit of acknowledging messages and expressing agreement and thanks by marking them with a little yellow thumbs up icon?
by Goethe Cash
9 by clubman
1:53 PM 18/5/23
RoF like it's 2001 AD
by LawPerson
0 by LawPerson
1:48 PM 18/5/23
The death of offices
by Goethe Cash
47 by Guy Crouchback
1:41 PM 18/5/23
UK crime agency to pursue up to 100 lawyers accused of helping traffickers
by Rob Cannon
1 by Fence Foal
12:45 PM 18/5/23
The Etridge guidelines for financial dealing in cases with risk of undue influence
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
1 by alan on post
12:41 PM 18/5/23
reece mogg and gerrymandering
by Guy Crouchback
12:31 PM 18/5/23
Some drafting issues
by theRealist
2 by Buzz.
11:54 AM 18/5/23
Rof like its 2000AD
by Guy Crouchback
11 by justsometwaton…
11:49 AM 18/5/23
Rof like its One Million Years B.C
by Buzz.
0 by Buzz.
11:45 AM 18/5/23
Anyone retro-fitted water based underfloor heating to a normal house?
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
22 by benj_warrant
11:37 AM 18/5/23
What's done is done so I'm not going to apologise
by Threeepwood
69 by The Oracle of Delphi
11:31 AM 18/5/23
RoF like it’s 2000
by Goethe Cash
54 by ShootyOriginal
10:55 AM 18/5/23
BT replacing 55,000 staff with AI
by Goethe Cash
5 by Bertha
10:37 AM 18/5/23
1 by pancakes
10:36 AM 18/5/23
I have some good news for you: this is the bottom, economically
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
4 by clubman
10:31 AM 18/5/23
The expat deal
by Goethe Cash
6 by Davos2021
10:25 AM 18/5/23
BT to cut 55,000 jobs with up to a fifth replaced by AI
by Transdimensional_Sex_Bee
0 by Transdimension…
9:59 AM 18/5/23
A TWO-day weekend?
by PerfidiousPorpoise
6 by Rhamnousia
9:59 AM 18/5/23
% of IPPR poll respondents who said controlling immigration should be a high priority for government
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
9:23 AM 18/5/23
RPC judgment
by Starsign
16 by Terry Tate
9:20 AM 18/5/23
Serious celeb crushes
by Maid_M
94 by bullace
9:19 AM 18/5/23
Analysis of the Military Position In Ukraine - 17 May
by Warren
1 by Warren
8:20 AM 18/5/23
Knowledge lawyer
by Apple76
6 by Orwell
8:04 AM 18/5/23
Legal questions found in the wild
by alan on post
6 by Bertha
7:11 AM 18/5/23
Another thing I h8 to br8k to the h8rs and negr8rs
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
1 by Goethe Cash
6:11 AM 18/5/23
The complete and lingering, nicely slow and painful crushing of brexit, everyone who sponsored it, everyone who advocated it and everyone who voted for it
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
10 by iregisteredfor…
5:07 AM 18/5/23
Jon Ashworth
by AmItheSucker
0 by AmItheSucker
11:38 PM 17/5/23
The death of The Office
by Fence Foal
4 by 3-ducks
11:26 PM 17/5/23
Bizarre events at the University of Wyoming
by Marshall Hall
10 by cruella de evil
11:21 PM 17/5/23
Haaland will demolish Real Madrid tonight
by High Guise
5 by Rof Royalty
9:55 PM 17/5/23
Keir Starmer's promise to crash house prices
by AmItheSucker
59 by hotnow
9:50 PM 17/5/23
David Starkey
by Fence Foal
14 by justsometwaton…
7:52 PM 17/5/23
Do you receive a monthly email from Zoopla updating you on what your gaff is worth?
by Goethe Cash
8 by SimonLePingPong
7:43 PM 17/5/23
Purplebricks lolz
by Buzz.
45 by Penguin
7:39 PM 17/5/23