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Couples Therapist recs
by dell vikin
9 by dell vikin
1:03 PM 26/5/22
Are you respectful to your office cleaners?
by SummerSails
20 by Splishsplash
1:01 PM 26/5/22
Optimal location for one’s residence: London, Home Counties or Sticks?
by Goethe Cash
9 by Orwell
12:58 PM 26/5/22
Has your career brought you the financial rewards you hoped for or expected?
by Goethe Cash
4 by failed in london
12:57 PM 26/5/22
Latest govt u turn
by Fence Foal
7 by Guy Crouchback
12:56 PM 26/5/22
Women, and people who care about women: a plea
by Lucy van Pelt
158 by Lucy van Pelt
12:56 PM 26/5/22
Beto O'Rourke
by Jellymonster
9 by 3-ducks
12:54 PM 26/5/22
New season of Better Call Saul
by Geoff Roe
25 by Chanadaler Bong
12:50 PM 26/5/22
More misrepresentation
by Elfffi
4 by bananaman
12:50 PM 26/5/22
Who is in Laaandan today?
by stardust
26 by Elephantinthew…
12:47 PM 26/5/22
What's that coming over the hill...?
by Sissy Fuss
20 by Kimmy
12:41 PM 26/5/22
are you beloved in your community?
by Rhamnousia
15 by 3-ducks
12:31 PM 26/5/22
Women, and people who care about women: appley
by Peter Principle
3 by 3-ducks
12:29 PM 26/5/22
Sadiq Khan's plans for a "managed decline" of the bus network
by AmItheSucker
35 by AmItheSucker
12:22 PM 26/5/22
by meursault
11 by Old Git Roundabout
11:36 AM 26/5/22
Look this free videos
by RichardfOeve
0 by RichardfOeve
11:35 AM 26/5/22
supposedly the reason junior Downing Street staff were fined
by Rhamnousia
12 by Davos2021
11:32 AM 26/5/22
Online dating with Meh. Again.
by ...Meh
35 by Warren
11:27 AM 26/5/22
Good books about corporate scandals
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
33 by Davos2021
11:21 AM 26/5/22
Starting a campaign for them to open an Ole and Steen in Scotland
by Rhamnousia
26 by Rhamnousia
11:02 AM 26/5/22
Norwegian feminist facing three years in jail for saying men can't be lesbians
by Tom Fun
17 by Tom Fun
10:59 AM 26/5/22
To the self employed on here
by Prodigal Son
8 by Sissy Fuss
10:57 AM 26/5/22
What does a fake partner / counsel make these days at SC/MC?
by underwhelminglyobese
9 by failed in london
10:43 AM 26/5/22
Market crash update - Tuesday 24 May
by Goethe Cash
9 by strutter
10:43 AM 26/5/22
De Valera pushing in US for German victory
by hardrada
2 by Old Git Roundabout
10:42 AM 26/5/22
CaJoJo and the ABBA party
by Splishsplash
3 by Heffalump
10:21 AM 26/5/22
Trans man convicted of assault by penetration
by risky.
17 by Lucy van Pelt
10:01 AM 26/5/22
Dux - Rachel de Thame
by Judy Carter
4 by Jackofhearts
9:44 AM 26/5/22
Analysis of the Military Position In Ukraine - 25 May
by Warren
1 by Warren
9:17 AM 26/5/22
Steve Kerr - legend
by Tom Fun
3 by Transdimension…
8:58 AM 26/5/22
How do you help people
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
35 by GwenllianJones
8:55 AM 26/5/22
VV v VV (matrimonial)
by Jackoffhearts
1 by tuscan
8:52 AM 26/5/22
If you have a mate done for drink driving
by Guy Crouchback
48 by Davos2021
8:39 AM 26/5/22
How important is money re salary differences?
by underwhelminglyobese
15 by Davos2021
8:35 AM 26/5/22
Do you wordle?
by Jellymonster
2,175 by Wang's Upon a Time
8:35 AM 26/5/22
Radhehcanu loses to world number 71
by risky.
33 by Prodigal Son
8:35 AM 26/5/22
New Kenny G just landed
by Old Git Roundabout
0 by Old Git Roundabout
8:16 AM 26/5/22
New Benny G just landed
by another rock n roll xmas
9 by Fence Foal
8:14 AM 26/5/22
Do u feel weird socialising with junior colleagues?
by Rhamnousia
57 by kaulbach
8:08 AM 26/5/22
Best and worst area to work in the City
by underwhelminglyobese
32 by Sissy Fuss
8:05 AM 26/5/22
Do u feel weird socialising in junior colleges?
by power windows
3 by kaulbach
8:03 AM 26/5/22
by Parsnip
22 by another rock n…
7:27 AM 26/5/22
Kate Moss looking a bit milfy
by High Guise
25 by High Guise
7:15 AM 26/5/22
Jess Phillips multiple breaches
by Jackoffhearts
14 by Elephantinthew…
12:33 AM 26/5/22
10bn energy support package tomorrow
by risky.
5 by AmItheSucker
11:30 PM 25/5/22
Good books about corporate sandals
by Muttley
16 by Elephantinthew…
11:30 PM 25/5/22
How do you help people
by AmItheSucker
7 by AmItheSucker
11:27 PM 25/5/22
‘I felt it my job to say goodbye to departing colleagues’
by Prodigal Son
15 by AmItheSucker
11:22 PM 25/5/22
Classic Chinese banta fanta
by Wang's Upon a Time
12 by Orwell
10:50 PM 25/5/22
Russia facing collapse
by hardrada
6 by SummerSails
10:03 PM 25/5/22
Jolyon to judicially review the Met
by Jackoffhearts
5 by octoman
9:47 PM 25/5/22
WTF is the Europa League Conference Final?
by bananaman
2 by ChuffyChufnell
9:44 PM 25/5/22
Love how he says "not very well paid"
by Rhamnousia
3 by Rhamnousia
9:00 PM 25/5/22
PM Presser
by Muttley
38 by kaulbach
8:18 PM 25/5/22
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
2 by Shatner's bassoon
8:17 PM 25/5/22
by Old Git Roundabout
0 by Old Git Roundabout
8:03 PM 25/5/22
Straight to Only Fans - Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect a Sporting Career
by High Guise
2 by Old Git Roundabout
7:55 PM 25/5/22
Boozy lunch
by Terry Tate
2 by Terry Tate
7:47 PM 25/5/22
PM press ups
by Old Git Roundabout
0 by Old Git Roundabout
7:44 PM 25/5/22
Why is the USA Such a Clown Show
by Blue Iguana
14 by Blue Iguana
7:32 PM 25/5/22
Gray report
by Jackoffhearts
0 by Jackoffhearts
6:50 PM 25/5/22
Rof Poll: Depp v Heard
by Glasserz
61 by underwhelminglyobese
6:29 PM 25/5/22
English people who cannot understand a Scottish accent
by Rhamnousia
94 by Masky
6:21 PM 25/5/22
If you had a protective position vis a vis small children eg as their school teacher
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
20 by Marshall Hall
6:07 PM 25/5/22
by tilnet
93 by minkie
6:01 PM 25/5/22
Carlols Alcarhehz?
by failed in london
2 by failed in london
5:55 PM 25/5/22
Analysis of the Military Position In Ukraine - 24 May
by Warren
6 by Warren
5:49 PM 25/5/22
Do footballers still enjoy a spit roast?
by Goethe Cash
4 by High Guise
5:39 PM 25/5/22
Jenny Powell
by Marshall Hall
0 by Marshall Hall
5:35 PM 25/5/22
Haven’t been on the news all day - will partygate shift over tomorrow to cost of living or is it going to run and run?
by risky.
0 by risky.
5:29 PM 25/5/22
Jack and anna
by rogermellie
45 by Masky
5:24 PM 25/5/22
Why do Brits begrudge payrises for essential workers
by Rhamnousia
38 by Goethe Cash
5:05 PM 25/5/22
Double-masked on the train
by 3-ducks
26 by Wang's Upon a Time
4:47 PM 25/5/22
Is it no longer possible to buy individual songs from apple music?
by Judy Carter
6 by Judy Carter
4:39 PM 25/5/22
The Sue Gray Report: published
by Heffalump
72 by ObstreperousDogey
4:29 PM 25/5/22
The long term plan for PSG, Man City and Newcastle
by nextstop
4 by Davos2021
4:25 PM 25/5/22
Why don’t people just face facts
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
6 by kaulbach
4:25 PM 25/5/22
What next for chelski? Sorry Chelsea
by Davos2021
7 by Davos2021
4:24 PM 25/5/22
Signs that your date is seriously rich/VIP
by L Bebchuk
20 by Peat Marwick
4:19 PM 25/5/22
£153k for a NQ Solicitor
by Escaping Puppy
108 by Peat Marwick
4:14 PM 25/5/22
Awkward work toilets situation
by ObstreperousDogey
35 by bananaman
4:14 PM 25/5/22
by risky.
22 by 3-ducks
4:14 PM 25/5/22
The rail strikes
by Rhamnousia
4 by SummerSails
4:06 PM 25/5/22
by Transdimensional_Sex_Bee
10 by Old Git Roundabout
3:57 PM 25/5/22
PMQs today
by AmItheSucker
10 by Guy Crouchback
3:17 PM 25/5/22
Sue Gray, NQ pay, Davos today
by High Guise
0 by High Guise
3:13 PM 25/5/22
Superb response to Scottish consultation on proposed “gender” recognition bill
by Tom Fun
24 by Lucy van Pelt
2:55 PM 25/5/22
Don't take Trainees to strip clubs
by Marshall Hall
60 by Guy Crouchback
2:42 PM 25/5/22
You know these “big beast” characters you meet at work, colleagues and clients, not just run of the mill partners or other senior people, I mean we’re most of us senior these days eh, but the real bellyachers, the so-called “rain makers” and so forth
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
33 by alan on post
2:31 PM 25/5/22
The onset of disturbing dreams
by Prodigal Son
12 by Guy Crouchback
2:27 PM 25/5/22
Katie Price pleads guilty at Lewes Crown Court to breaching a restraining order
by ebitda
6 by cockpit
2:14 PM 25/5/22
by High Guise
202 by failed in london
2:00 PM 25/5/22
The SRA’s apparently unilateral decision that it has a right and duty to pruriently and arbitrarily monitor and involve itself in solicitors’ personal lives because reasons
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
12 by Sir Woke XR Re…
1:55 PM 25/5/22
Looking at those pics from the Sue Gray report
by Fence Foal
2 by Lucy van Pelt
1:44 PM 25/5/22
Should the vigilante who killed the Texas shooter face charges?
by PerfidiousPorpoise
6 by Buzz.
1:27 PM 25/5/22
by Muttley
15 by Peter Principle
1:02 PM 25/5/22
Texas shooting
by risky.
81 by risky.
12:03 PM 25/5/22
Disco Dom
by SummerSails
0 by SummerSails
12:01 PM 25/5/22
Chinese herb heads
by Judy Carter
0 by Judy Carter
11:53 AM 25/5/22
Sue Gray - Damp squib or dynamite
by Guy Crouchback
22 by Kimmy
11:08 AM 25/5/22