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Hurricane Ian
by Muttley
8 by Mugen
5:49 PM 28/9/22
"in the coming weeks"
by Rhamnousia
26 by risk free return
5:49 PM 28/9/22
All this ‘panic’ from the frothees on here, pound is now up against the dollar today
by risk free return
30 by New Chimp_
5:45 PM 28/9/22
Primark changing room horror
by hardrada
37 by Elephantinthew…
5:43 PM 28/9/22
ROF Gardening Hedz
by Marshall Hall
2 by Marshall Hall
5:38 PM 28/9/22
the Pfizer vaccine
by Hotblack Desiato
27 by The Canned Reg…
5:36 PM 28/9/22
A currency trader tells me thread
by Sumoking
11 by Warren
5:36 PM 28/9/22
a thread on which 2 rof like u did in 2005
by 3-ducks
54 by Goethe Cash
5:35 PM 28/9/22
Krugman quite chilled
by JCDenton
13 by The Canned Reg…
5:35 PM 28/9/22
Do you have any genuine phobias?
by Rhamnousia
24 by EnglishRose
5:30 PM 28/9/22
My house purchase won’t complete for a month
by risk free return
24 by risk free return
5:27 PM 28/9/22
anyone for chess to stave off the Doom? click here...
by yossarian
3 by St John Hawke
5:26 PM 28/9/22
Statues Lives Matter
by risk free return
1 by Scep Tick
5:24 PM 28/9/22
shark tanks what to buy?
by Guy Crouchback
7 by Tromb
5:24 PM 28/9/22
38 year old man trying to get onto the property ladder
by nextstop
7 by Goethe Cash
5:23 PM 28/9/22
I'll tell you whose fault the current run on the pound is
by Hotblack Desiato
19 by Mugen
5:22 PM 28/9/22
Queen Victoria visits Dublin
by hardrada
0 by hardrada
5:18 PM 28/9/22
Blowing up Nord Stream
by Heffalump
53 by Heffalump
5:14 PM 28/9/22
Dating - ethical question
by L Bebchuk
14 by kingfaff
5:06 PM 28/9/22
Really difficult to concentrate on the day job as the world flirts with nuclear war
by Hotblack Desiato
46 by Threeepwood
4:51 PM 28/9/22
Blowing up NS 1 and 2
by Unwalt
0 by Unwalt
4:46 PM 28/9/22
do you reckon all this could have been avoided if
by Dave_Clifton
8 by Johnny Hellzapoppin'
4:44 PM 28/9/22
Should the government repeal the Bank of England Act 1998?
by AmItheSucker
22 by lolz.
4:42 PM 28/9/22
Do you think you'll"be fine" and that hardship will just be someone else's problem?
by Rhamnousia
91 by Wonckworth
4:32 PM 28/9/22
Bank of England to start buying goats
by Transdimensional_Sex_Bee
6 by Transdimension…
4:24 PM 28/9/22
Can we start tarring and feathering these dickheads yet?
by Rhamnousia
1 by Rhamnousia
4:16 PM 28/9/22
Working in Mcdonald's
by nextstop
37 by Chambers
4:10 PM 28/9/22
So the BoE has spajzjzjzed out on hardly a completely unusual Wednesday to punish poor people
by lolz.
0 by lolz.
4:08 PM 28/9/22
So the BoE splasffhed all this money for fear of a pension crisis
by lolz.
2 by lolz.
4:05 PM 28/9/22
do you think all of this could have been avoided
by lolz.
0 by lolz.
4:04 PM 28/9/22
3:58 PM 28/9/22
Should Labour call an immediate vote of no confidence in government as soon as recalled?
by Guy Crouchback
2 by Guy Crouchback
3:57 PM 28/9/22
3:56 PM 28/9/22
Shamima Begum
by Rhamnousia
432 by Tom Fun
3:55 PM 28/9/22
Now there really is a run on the pound
by AmItheSucker
20 by Sumoking
3:52 PM 28/9/22
Pension fund insolvency looms
by hardrada
15 by Vertigo
3:50 PM 28/9/22
Do air source heat pumps actually work?
by risk free return
16 by benj_warrant
3:50 PM 28/9/22
Analysis of the Military Position In Ukraine - 26 September
by Warren
8 by Warren
3:48 PM 28/9/22
Bank of England to start blowing groats
by lolz.
0 by lolz.
3:48 PM 28/9/22
Bank of England to start buying Groats
by bananaman
1 by octoman
3:32 PM 28/9/22
Bank of England to start buying groats
by octoman
2 by octoman
3:30 PM 28/9/22
Would it make sense for a China to invade while the world is busy.
by Goethe Cash
2 by Rof Royalty
3:15 PM 28/9/22
Rosie duffield on Eddie izzard
by diceman
101 by tuesday
3:14 PM 28/9/22
Any gidge fun
by Goethe Cash
0 by Goethe Cash
3:04 PM 28/9/22
Paypal bans Toby Young
by Sumoking
42 by Tom Fun
2:57 PM 28/9/22
Spare a thought....
by Sumoking
2 by Blue Iguana
2:54 PM 28/9/22
3 by Guy Crouchback
2:50 PM 28/9/22
Bank Of Englands Intervention
by ebitda
34 by ebitda
2:48 PM 28/9/22
Kier calling for immediate recall of parliament
by ebitda
9 by Guy Crouchback
2:29 PM 28/9/22
Bank of England to start buying gilts
by nextstop
6 by Vertigo
2:27 PM 28/9/22
Sussex shenanigans
by Coracle Lolling
0 by Coracle Lolling
2:22 PM 28/9/22
People of England’s intervention
by The Canned Regressive
0 by The Canned Reg…
2:17 PM 28/9/22
Liverpool or Glasgow for the Eurovision Song Contest
by lolz.
3 by PerfidiousPorpoise
1:53 PM 28/9/22
Fitted Air purifiers in properties
by ebitda
6 by bananaman
1:51 PM 28/9/22
Tories responsible for Newcastle takeocer
by risk free return
1 by Davos2021
1:29 PM 28/9/22
Allison Bailey
by bullace
137 by rossonwhy
1:26 PM 28/9/22
The Lyman Pocket
by Hotblack Desiato
1 by Hotblack Desiato
1:23 PM 28/9/22
What's the answer Kwasi quiz lad?
by octoman
1 by Elephantinthew…
1:21 PM 28/9/22
Experts forecast house prices will fall 10% next year
by Goethe Cash
13 by ebitda
1:15 PM 28/9/22
This England bojo drama
by risk free return
0 by risk free return
1:03 PM 28/9/22
Bank of England to start buying kilts
by The Canned Regressive
0 by The Canned Reg…
1:00 PM 28/9/22
Shares tanked, what to buy?
by ...Meh
4 by octoman
12:51 PM 28/9/22
Brexit, Ukraine, Kwasi
by Goethe Cash
11 by High Guise
12:48 PM 28/9/22
12:40 PM 28/9/22
Rishi absolutely fvcking nailed this didn’t he
by Fence Foal
3 by The Canned Reg…
12:25 PM 28/9/22
Pound hitting 1.05 by COB
by underwhelminglyobese
0 by underwhelminglyobese
12:22 PM 28/9/22
That pic of KK looking so pleased with himself
by The Canned Regressive
1 by strutter
12:22 PM 28/9/22
Length of LTPM premiership: place your bets
by Heffalump
30 by Heffalump
12:18 PM 28/9/22
Trans paedophile put in women’s prison while Sussex police complain about gender
by risk free return
50 by RumpoleOnABender
12:13 PM 28/9/22
Davos - investment managemnt
by risk free return
4 by The Canned Reg…
12:09 PM 28/9/22
These rumours about LTPM’s sexual proclivities
by Fence Foal
10 by benj_warrant
11:50 AM 28/9/22
Italy about to elect first democratically elected Prime Minister in 14 years
by lolz.
0 by lolz.
11:43 AM 28/9/22
11:36 AM 28/9/22
It appears labour is going to abolish res non dom status altogether
by risk free return
11:30 AM 28/9/22
We do need as reset though
by Goethe Cash
8 by Guy Crouchback
11:28 AM 28/9/22
by SummerSails
17 by Dogwarden
11:22 AM 28/9/22
Dull investment thread for non-fantasists
by eeyore
11 by High Guise
11:15 AM 28/9/22
Is the Nordstream sabotage
by AmItheSucker
1 by PerfidiousPorpoise
10:57 AM 28/9/22
by Rhamnousia
17 by AmItheSucker
10:49 AM 28/9/22
David Lammy
by piechucker
6 by tuesday
10:45 AM 28/9/22
Does Truss have "the fear" at the moment?
by Guy Crouchback
23 by octoman
10:45 AM 28/9/22
Coinciding the mini budget with the Labour Party conference
by 3-ducks
7 by risk free return
10:44 AM 28/9/22
six months ago I wanted the creature Johnson to stay in office
by Guy Crouchback
2 by Guy Crouchback
10:44 AM 28/9/22
Ukraine developing nuclear weapons
by hardrada
0 by hardrada
10:42 AM 28/9/22
It appears Labour is going to abolish con doms altogether.
by octoman
0 by octoman
10:38 AM 28/9/22
Lawyers involved in the conveyancing of property
by risk free return
9 by ebitda
10:31 AM 28/9/22
Conceptually, how does thanking someone in advance work?
by High Guise
4 by Goethe Cash
10:31 AM 28/9/22
0.5%, 0.75% or 1% how much will the BoE increase rates
by nextstop
8 by ebitda
10:20 AM 28/9/22
The Liverpool narrative regarding - Trent Alexander-Arnold
by nextstop
5 by Rof Royalty
10:14 AM 28/9/22
Mogg getting a pasting from experts
by bananaman
23 by Mugen
10:11 AM 28/9/22
Telegraph WTF
by 3-ducks
36 by New Chimp_
10:06 AM 28/9/22
GB Energy
by AmItheSucker
15 by Elfffi
10:02 AM 28/9/22
do u feel pity 4 rof’s inveter7 tozzas?
by The Oracle of Delphi
7 by Guy Crouchback
10:01 AM 28/9/22
Which employment lawyer are you going to call
by Mitel
7 by strutter
9:49 AM 28/9/22
Labour house building
by SummerSails
7 by Elfffi
9:48 AM 28/9/22
can someone please explain
by Dave_Clifton
4 by benj_warrant
9:47 AM 28/9/22
Do you reckon there is anyway from rowing back from the economic disaster that besets the UK before the end of the year
by ebitda
11 by Guy Crouchback
9:32 AM 28/9/22
the new incoming pandemic
by The Oracle of Delphi
4 by EnglishRose
9:27 AM 28/9/22
What on earth will people moan about on here next?
by risk free return
17 by kingfaff
9:12 AM 28/9/22
GBP/EUR recent mirror movements
by bananaman
2 by bananaman
9:12 AM 28/9/22