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by Jamie Hamilton
0 by Jamie Hamilton
7:19 PM 16/1/23
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What big Scottish corporates do u still rate?
by Rhamnousia
26 by g'wan
8:52 PM 7/6/23
If it transpired when you snuff it that you have a choice about whether you could choose your sex when you were reincarnated, would you stay the same or fancy a change?
by Prodigal Son
3 by Prodigal Son
8:50 PM 7/6/23
Has your hay fever been bad today? Did you also find that beer has helped?
by Prodigal Son
2 by Prodigal Son
8:40 PM 7/6/23
Do you octordle?
by the magnificent sven
213 by the magnificent sven
8:40 PM 7/6/23
Wtf West Ham
by Jellymonster
0 by Jellymonster
8:38 PM 7/6/23
How much is that lifestyle in the window
by nextstop
80 by SummerSails
8:27 PM 7/6/23
Plexus Law lol- The gift that keeps giving.
by ebitda
9 by CliveWarren
8:26 PM 7/6/23
Have you ever been to a funeral where the deadun had left the minister with an address to the audience?
by Prodigal Son
4 by SummerSails
8:25 PM 7/6/23
Health Alert - 30 degrees this weekend...
by Escaping Puppy
10 by Elephantinthew…
8:16 PM 7/6/23
“a global policy failure of gigantic proportions”
by runnersknee
81 by The Oracle of Delphi
7:46 PM 7/6/23
brexit benefits
by The Oracle of Delphi
60 by Pez Vela
7:40 PM 7/6/23
Is what he said difficult to understand (genuine q)?
by Rhamnousia
6 by Rhamnousia
7:18 PM 7/6/23
WTF Woking
by Heffalump
33 by clove
6:47 PM 7/6/23
by Goethe Cash
4 by The Goose
6:47 PM 7/6/23
The Torygraph/Spectator
by Coracle Lolling
13 by New Chimp_
6:32 PM 7/6/23
Virgin Media - how much do you pay?
by pancakes
1 by AmItheSucker
5:59 PM 7/6/23
Nuclear ‘deterrence’
by Goethe Cash
35 by Rof Royalty
5:57 PM 7/6/23
wot big scottish corpulents do u still r7?
by The Oracle of Delphi
1 by Merkz
5:57 PM 7/6/23
Kante to the Kingdom
by Goethe Cash
5 by PerfidiousPorpoise
5:50 PM 7/6/23
An actual still from the latest Oxfam ad campaign
by Rhamnousia
134 by RumpoleOnABender
5:41 PM 7/6/23
HHJ Andrew Easteal dismissed as a judge
by Heffalump
8 by AmItheSucker
5:38 PM 7/6/23
PH is not aging well, is he?
by PerfidiousPorpoise
15 by Bertha
5:11 PM 7/6/23
Ind vs Aus WTC
by Bertha
5 by diceman
4:59 PM 7/6/23
Today's XX of Prince Harry - predictions
by Judy Carter
105 by Bertha
4:03 PM 7/6/23
Moving to UAE
by Batfink
104 by hotnow
3:57 PM 7/6/23
Why has Sky News
by Actus Reus
0 by Actus Reus
3:27 PM 7/6/23
How much better is in-house than private practice (US/MC firms) in terms of work-life balance? How much of a pay cut is it?
by citynewbie153
16 by Shooter
2:49 PM 7/6/23
how much do u reckon a modern day senior associate at a non-London UK branch of CMS makes?
by Rhamnousia
29 by CliveWarren
2:37 PM 7/6/23
An Actual Trans Thread- Gender Wars
by CliveWarren
5 by RumpoleOnABender
2:22 PM 7/6/23
I wish...
by Ash89
3 by minkie
2:15 PM 7/6/23
by Bertha
12 by strutter
1:45 PM 7/6/23
Alcaraz v Djokovic
by Kimmy
5 by Force me jaw
1:42 PM 7/6/23
Why don’t hackers target the data of RoFers?
by ChuffyChufnell
1 by Bertha
1:35 PM 7/6/23
How much is that lifestyle in the transfer window?
by Davos2021
8 by Davos2021
1:29 PM 7/6/23
Court Sketch Artists
by SummerSails
0 by SummerSails
1:29 PM 7/6/23
I'm not under a patio in Tunbridge Wells
by SummerSails
4 by SummerSails
1:28 PM 7/6/23
have you had to quarantine after travel
by Rhamnousia
39 by Davos2021
12:26 PM 7/6/23
Do you wordle?
by Jellymonster
5,299 by Warren
12:23 PM 7/6/23
7 by Fence Foal
12:22 PM 7/6/23
Politicians you admire who belong to a political for which you would not vote.
by Prodigal Son
38 by Bertha
12:18 PM 7/6/23
Tree fellers
by Buzz.
0 by Buzz.
12:18 PM 7/6/23
Tree vandals
by Bertha
14 by Scep Tick
12:12 PM 7/6/23
would you give fairy wings and a wand that are marked "36months+"
by Rhamnousia
7 by Rhamnousia
12:05 PM 7/6/23
Analysis of the Military Position In Ukraine - 6 June
by Warren
5 by Rof Royalty
11:58 AM 7/6/23
Bizarre responses to the pandemic
by Guy Crouchback
122 by Bentines
11:39 AM 7/6/23
Boob staring habits
by Orwell
40 by benj_warrant
10:55 AM 7/6/23
How much do u reckon a Tudor era senior associate at a non-London UK branch of CMS makes?
by Guy Crouchback
0 by Guy Crouchback
10:21 AM 7/6/23
More trouble for Santos
by PerfidiousPorpoise
0 by PerfidiousPorpoise
9:47 AM 7/6/23
I think you should leave
by Guy Crouchback
0 by Guy Crouchback
9:35 AM 7/6/23
boygenius / Phoebe Bridgers
by ShootyOriginal
12 by PerfidiousPorpoise
9:33 AM 7/6/23
GDPR headz - a q
by Rhamnousia
11 by Actus Reus
9:33 AM 7/6/23
There was that couple of terms at school when everyone was listening to 'Split' in their studies...
by benj_warrant
0 by benj_warrant
9:31 AM 7/6/23
Not being funny but is Taiwan worth defending?
by Goethe Cash
22 by clubman
9:11 AM 7/6/23
Ukraine - Kakhovka dam hit
by Edd China
17 by Donny Darko's …
9:05 AM 7/6/23
Giving up processed sugar
by Dogwarden
13 by PerfidiousPorpoise
9:04 AM 7/6/23
RIP the girl from IPA enema
by sieteocho
1 by Bertha
8:35 AM 7/6/23
Moving to UEA
by Davos2021
3 by Bertha
8:33 AM 7/6/23
Taylor Swift back on the market
by ShootyOriginal
41 by iregisteredfor…
7:19 AM 7/6/23
ChatGPT 'hallucinates'....some researchers worry it isn't fixable
by Transdimensional_Sex_Bee
14 by Bertha
7:02 AM 7/6/23
A “be nice to Chill” thread
by canaryjim
19 by CliveWarren
11:35 PM 6/6/23
Margaret Farrier - triple neigh
by bananaman
21 by bananaman
10:52 PM 6/6/23
RIP The Girl from Ipanema
by Judy Carter
4 by 3-ducks
10:49 PM 6/6/23
Bothering less
by Bertha
1 by Rof Royalty
10:32 PM 6/6/23
Barrister with the most impressive academic credentials
by nextstop
4 by Scep Tick
9:26 PM 6/6/23
london irish
by AmItheSucker
4 by Davos2021
9:23 PM 6/6/23
"The sky ...
by PerfidiousPorpoise
0 by PerfidiousPorpoise
9:05 PM 6/6/23
If the Philip Schofield saga interests you, why is that?
by Prodigal Son
67 by Elephantinthew…
9:00 PM 6/6/23
by Parsnip
13 by AmItheSucker
7:59 PM 6/6/23
Welcome to the first in an occasional series, Great Conservative Fvckwits of the Past
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
22 by Sir Woke XR Re…
7:07 PM 6/6/23
Snooker Heads- You will recall that ten chinese players were suspended amid allegations of match fixing, or betting on their matches or opponents matches
by ebitda
8 by ebitda
7:02 PM 6/6/23
Richard Dawkins on LBC being interviewed by M|A|R|R|S
by bananaman
2 by Scep Tick
5:57 PM 6/6/23
Food price are still too low
by jamiestone1
10 by New Chimp_
5:41 PM 6/6/23
Margaret Ferrier - triple heh
by strutter
5 by eeyore
5:22 PM 6/6/23
Apple just SHOCKED the entire tech industry
by Goethe Cash
28 by Legal Alien
5:15 PM 6/6/23
Jesus Christ Superstar
by PerfidiousPorpoise
6 by Kimmy
5:02 PM 6/6/23
Richard Dawkins on LBC being interviewed by Marrs
by ebitda
16 by eeyore
5:01 PM 6/6/23
Best savings account for instant access and fixed term
by nextstop
13 by eeyore
4:53 PM 6/6/23
by Goethe Cash
0 by Goethe Cash
4:49 PM 6/6/23
The most useless , meaningless strap lines / phrases used in the work place
by ebitda
6 by Sir Woke XR Re…
4:29 PM 6/6/23
Do you reckon Michael Green would eviscerate you?
by jamiestone1
0 by jamiestone1
4:23 PM 6/6/23
Higher Rights of Audience people behaving oddly (an occasional series)
by Rhamnousia
1 by Smalik
4:15 PM 6/6/23
Do you reckon Andrew Green would eviscerate you?
by Rhamnousia
4 by New Chimp_
4:03 PM 6/6/23
Moeen Ali
by ChuffyChufnell
20 by diceman
4:00 PM 6/6/23
Giving up processed sugar daddies
by sieteocho
0 by sieteocho
3:50 PM 6/6/23
Things you can do with a “laser”
by Bertha
0 by Bertha
2:36 PM 6/6/23
ROF petrol/finance hedz
by Peter Principle
5 by minkie
2:03 PM 6/6/23
Universal Basic Income Experiment
by Escaping Puppy
38 by Guy Crouchback
2:03 PM 6/6/23
Iran's new hypersonic ballistic missile
by AmItheSucker
31 by blindtom
1:57 PM 6/6/23
Har Mar Superstar
by Sepp BioNTech
1 by Transdimension…
1:28 PM 6/6/23
Do you ever, have you ever entered a competition where you win something ?
by ebitda
28 by benj_warrant
12:55 PM 6/6/23
A gift for a small child in the style of those instadriven k-romance swooshy April Baker Cake glace cherries parties
by Rhamnousia
1 by clove
12:54 PM 6/6/23
That dam in Ukraine
by Coffers
12 by New Chimp_
12:51 PM 6/6/23
The new production of The Crucible
by PerfidiousPorpoise
5 by benj_warrant
12:42 PM 6/6/23
Halt and Catch Fire
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
1 by minkie
12:06 PM 6/6/23
That dame in Ukraine
by PerfidiousPorpoise
1 by Peter Principle
11:10 AM 6/6/23
another racist tozza
by The Oracle of Delphi
10:51 AM 6/6/23
Dear The Lawyer
by pumpkin
7 by pumpkin
10:37 AM 6/6/23
Analysis of the Military Position In Ukraine - 5 June
by Warren
3 by Warren
10:06 AM 6/6/23
Pearlescent white Maserati Levante
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
6 by Goethe Cash
10:03 AM 6/6/23
Do law firms need
by runnersknee
30 by diceman
9:54 AM 6/6/23