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Do you have jowls?
by Goethe Cash
0 by Goethe Cash
9:40 AM 26/5/23
which tozza minister is m7s with robert gros and got him the £47m ppe contract do u
by The Oracle of Delphi
3 by The Oracle of Delphi
9:34 AM 26/5/23
Analysis of the Military Position In Ukraine - 25 May
by Warren
2 by Rof Royalty
9:30 AM 26/5/23
ManUre v Chehlski
by Tom Linorder
25 by Davos2021
8:12 AM 26/5/23
Are you long, short (if so, lol @ u) or FOMO Big Tech?
by Goethe Cash
4 by Davos2021
8:08 AM 26/5/23
by theRealist
12 by Davos2021
7:54 AM 26/5/23
Shame I don’t own Nvidia
by Goethe Cash
5 by High Guise
3:13 AM 26/5/23
Official repository of RoF’s best lingoisms
by Goethe Cash
23 by theRealist
11:31 PM 25/5/23
Did not know this about Vietnam
by PerfidiousPorpoise
4 by SizzlerCheeseToasts
10:42 PM 25/5/23
Being manager of Spurs
by ChuffyChufnell
17 by SecularJurist
10:10 PM 25/5/23
This is a Thursday that feels like a Friday.
by Prodigal Son
1 by bullace
10:07 PM 25/5/23
For Clergs
by minkie
1 by Rhamnousia
10:06 PM 25/5/23
Alex Chalk to be new Lord Chancellor
by Heffalump
22 by Elephantinthew…
9:34 PM 25/5/23
Serge re North Norfolk Digital
by Fence Foal
1 by SummerSails
9:25 PM 25/5/23
man crashing car in2 downing street g7s
by The Oracle of Delphi
23 by OysterBay
9:01 PM 25/5/23
Serge re South Central Norfolk
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
18 by Prodigal Son
8:58 PM 25/5/23
UC - Jeremy Paxman
by Guy Crouchback
14 by sieteocho
8:46 PM 25/5/23
For all the late Boomers
by Marshall Hall
1 by Marshall Hall
8:43 PM 25/5/23
When you go for a facial (no heh)
by Rhamnousia
10 by Threeepwood
8:21 PM 25/5/23
now that Germany is in recession
by Rhamnousia
23 by canaryjim
7:04 PM 25/5/23
I wonder if there is a website for people to discuss gender issues
by Actus Reus
5 by theRealist
6:29 PM 25/5/23
Turns out AI’s a good thing after all.
by canaryjim
0 by canaryjim
6:10 PM 25/5/23
When you receive an SMS, email etc saying SALE NOW ON!
by Goethe Cash
1 by Davos2021
5:49 PM 25/5/23
Jeremy Clarke RIP
by Heffalump
2 by Deemus
5:27 PM 25/5/23
A man can have a vagina
by SummerSails
4 by Transdimension…
4:58 PM 25/5/23
planned to book a last minute mini-break
by Rhamnousia
46 by eeyore
4:50 PM 25/5/23
Brexiteers ordered to pay £90k to Chris Packham
by Heffalump
8 by bullace
4:17 PM 25/5/23
If you like laughing at Perjury Trailer Queen
by Bertha
1 by ShootyOriginal
4:13 PM 25/5/23
Tik Tok terror Mizzy
by hotnow
17 by ShootyOriginal
4:11 PM 25/5/23
‘they said this wouldn’t happen’
by Fence Foal
5 by ChuffyChufnell
2:35 PM 25/5/23
Analysis of the Military Position In Ukraine - 24 May
by Warren
4 by Warren
2:28 PM 25/5/23
Piers Morgan interviewing that TikTok "prankster"/moron
by Legal Alien
6 by kaulbach
2:24 PM 25/5/23
Finally an interesting day at the day
by Goethe Cash
3 by Rof Royalty
2:17 PM 25/5/23
jilly cooper
by clubman
7 by Bertha
1:57 PM 25/5/23
Personal Injury Claims Ireland
by Mistee
7 by Mistee
1:57 PM 25/5/23
3 by Davos2021
1:30 PM 25/5/23
wot’s with the sudden bombardment of this site with nat-c propaganda?
by The Oracle of Delphi
1:22 PM 25/5/23
Net migration figures
by Bertha
0 by Bertha
1:01 PM 25/5/23
Racist MPs welcomed back to Labour
by Barney
22 by bananaman
12:59 PM 25/5/23
Things non-lawyers don’t tell lawyers
by Goethe Cash
14 by deltabravo
12:48 PM 25/5/23
Ely riots
by Wang's Upon a Time
21 by Donny Darko's …
12:23 PM 25/5/23
Clerkenwell Green lunch recommendation
by walsh
8 by Bertha
12:15 PM 25/5/23
things you'd like to see more of
by Rhamnousia
26 by SecularJurist
12:12 PM 25/5/23
Camberwick Green lunch recommendation
by ChuffyChufnell
3 by Buzz.
11:16 AM 25/5/23
No mow May
by Heffalump
10 by SummerSails
11:01 AM 25/5/23
people who complain about things/people being woke
by Jellymonster
68 by Jellymonster
9:59 AM 25/5/23
I'm on the bus!
by Jellymonster
7 by Jellymonster
9:45 AM 25/5/23
Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville
by Buzz.
12 by sieteocho
9:36 AM 25/5/23
Tim Raggatt KC
by Marshall Hall
6 by Heffalump
9:19 AM 25/5/23
The man who can walk again
by SummerSails
1 by Rof Royalty
9:09 AM 25/5/23
Proof that you live large
by Goethe Cash
23 by Marshall Hall
8:44 AM 25/5/23
Heart surgery now at 7 am tomorrow morning
by oldgrumpy
34 by Guy Crouchback
8:42 AM 25/5/23
You don't see much
by Sumoking
2 by Bertha
8:26 AM 25/5/23
Thursday is the new Friday for me
by Dogwarden
1 by SummerSails
8:16 AM 25/5/23
Trump's Townhall and Ukraine
by CliveWarren
47 by Rof Royalty
8:04 AM 25/5/23
small world
by Merkz
1 by Tromb
7:46 AM 25/5/23
Giving up hell raising
by AmItheSucker
4 by Brrrrrap
7:38 AM 25/5/23
Laptop lol
by Asturias Es Mi Patria
11 by Brrrrrap
7:24 AM 25/5/23
Will you spend most of your life on RoF?
by High Guise
8 by stardust
7:00 AM 25/5/23
Anyone here a Fellow of All Souls , or even be invited to apply?
by ebitda
38 by ebitda
6:32 AM 25/5/23
So this idea that at Keystone Law, to join them, you have to be dragging your own book of business yes yes
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
63 by Member
11:01 PM 24/5/23
JKR doesn't hate Trans people?
by Warren
120 by feelingchill
10:23 PM 24/5/23
Another reminder of where encouraging bigotry gets you...
by Warren
54 by alan on post
10:11 PM 24/5/23
Tina Intern'er
by alan on post
0 by alan on post
9:41 PM 24/5/23
Is it trans season again?
by canaryjim
21 by George Graham
9:22 PM 24/5/23
Anyway, why is it so hard to make sure 45% of an electric vehicle’s value originates within either the U.K. or the EU?
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
24 by SecularJurist
8:55 PM 24/5/23
mansitty being made 2 look average by brighton
by The Oracle of Delphi
0 by The Oracle of Delphi
8:54 PM 24/5/23
Being kind
by Rhamnousia
29 by CliveWarren
8:37 PM 24/5/23
Tina Turner
by Cuy.Cuy
0 by Cuy.Cuy
8:11 PM 24/5/23
People whose response to every new Madeleine McCann story is to moan about the proliferation and continued appeal of madeleine mccann stories
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
5 by hotnow
7:44 PM 24/5/23
PMQs -Starmer on fire!
by ebitda
9 by ChuffyChufnell
7:38 PM 24/5/23
No UK recession this year or next year according to the IMF
by AmItheSucker
34 by The Oracle of Delphi
7:04 PM 24/5/23
I nearly died
by High Guise
1 by sieteocho
6:16 PM 24/5/23
Computer monitors
by Goethe Cash
4 by The Oracle of Delphi
6:15 PM 24/5/23
Lawrence Dallaglio
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
0 by Sir Woke XR Re…
5:52 PM 24/5/23
Inflation is now plummeting
by AmItheSucker
38 by Sir Woke XR Re…
5:44 PM 24/5/23
by Wang's Upon a Time
3 by Wang's Upon a Time
5:40 PM 24/5/23
What will tomorrow's faux wokery big post be?
by thirdfuse
4 by Davos2021
5:24 PM 24/5/23
The last time I was this quiet at work
by Legal Alien
16 by Davos2021
4:56 PM 24/5/23
Just ban tasers fgs
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
10 by Jellymonster
4:49 PM 24/5/23
FTTP and BT Complete Wi-Fi
by Goethe Cash
1 by Rof Royalty
4:19 PM 24/5/23
Is the biggest arse-ache of them all
by Muttley
1 by Wang's Upon a Time
4:01 PM 24/5/23
credit suisse and Pizzas
by clubman
2 by clubman
3:52 PM 24/5/23
Why bother stopping working?
by Goethe Cash
1 by strutter
3:51 PM 24/5/23
Working for a consumer review website
by Goethe Cash
0 by Goethe Cash
3:50 PM 24/5/23
Trans World Sport
by cockpit
3 by stardust
3:42 PM 24/5/23
How the fook do you bring immigration down?
by canaryjim
21 by benj_warrant
3:27 PM 24/5/23
Difficult interview questions you have been asked - ideally for senior positions
by Parsnip
23 by benj_warrant
3:23 PM 24/5/23
Anyone brave enough to comment?
by Peter Principle
4 by Heffalump
3:14 PM 24/5/23
Una Healy's throuple with David Haye
by nextstop
3 by benj_warrant
2:57 PM 24/5/23
Sustained food price inflation
by AmItheSucker
8 by SummerSails
2:45 PM 24/5/23
Are you still worried about money, even at this stage in your working life?
by Goethe Cash
7 by Sorrydidyousay…
2:39 PM 24/5/23
Just bantz fgs
by Peter Principle
0 by Peter Principle
2:39 PM 24/5/23
by Dogwarden
35 by EnglishRose
2:25 PM 24/5/23
Breaking up with your dentist
by SummerSails
12 by pugnosedgimp
2:06 PM 24/5/23
Things that are unexpectedly back in fashion
by New Chimp_
32 by blindtom
1:06 PM 24/5/23
Dirty menus
by Goethe Cash
12 by snowfoxberry
12:26 PM 24/5/23
heh - Cricket in the '70s
by Mr Coffee
20 by Mr Coffee
12:23 PM 24/5/23
I ChatGPT’d myself
by Sorrydidyousaysomething
4 by Sorrydidyousay…
12:08 PM 24/5/23
Suella will not be fired, nor will she be investigated according to Rishi
by ebitda
17 by Jims_Mowing
11:58 AM 24/5/23