What's your go-to coffee order?

Decaf Cappuccino with skimmed milk.

Or as my last junior called it "a cup of brown water".

I can't have caffeine and i like the froth.  Plus it makes people in the queue like Jelly slightly feral.  I see that as a positive public service.  Like a precursor to the lovely aggressive oomph they will get from their espressos. 


Today I’ve had one cappuccino and one espresso - both very good - procured from uber poncey coffee shops in “that Lundun” (bit in inverted commas in a Darlo accent). 
Thinking of switching to that new fangled flat white style for my order in all but aforesaid poncey London outlets as generally in England when you order a cappuccino you get a latte - am I right that a flat white is more likely like a cappuccino than a latte is?

I just want a black filter coffee. It's rarely available and I'm forced to have an americano instead, which is inevitably too hot to drink for ages and just not as good. 

I like those drip filter things they give you to fiddle with. I pretend to prefer the specialty African beans. Costs a bit more. Not for the expresso crowd. They wouldn't know. Instant decaf is best but it's so hard to find these days.