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Child unfriendly resort recommendations
by canaryjim
19 by eeyore
9:32 PM 29/5/23
Everything Everywhere All At Once
by kaulbach
1 by stardust
8:22 PM 29/5/23
the stench of everyday homophobia in which the whole Philip Schofield story is wrapped
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
11 by Davos2021
7:22 PM 29/5/23
by Goethe Cash
26 by Bertha
6:50 PM 29/5/23
No sign of BTL investments being anything other than a sustained oportunity for endless roffing and ludicrously long thread title which seem to have become a thing for the self claimed inventor of the prolif who now seems to think he can get away anything
by Canary Worf
1 by Bertha
6:49 PM 29/5/23
Thinking upon one’s sins
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
3 by Prodigal Son
6:01 PM 29/5/23
Even if you have sworn you will NEVER EVER EVER EVER watch Britain's Got Talent, just watch this performance. Especially if you are feeling low. Invest 5 minutes.
by Prodigal Son
48 by Canary Worf
5:33 PM 29/5/23
Russian ambassador on Laura K
by Barney
5 by Buzz.
3:08 PM 29/5/23
Memorial Day
by Ash89
4 by PerfidiousPorpoise
2:45 PM 29/5/23
The Conservatives ARE the party of the NHS
by Anonymous
16 by Bertha
12:07 PM 29/5/23
Holmes v Schofield
by Bertha
0 by Bertha
12:03 PM 29/5/23
Chill friendly resort recommendations
by feelingchill
7 by Warren
11:02 AM 29/5/23
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
5 by Davos2021
10:23 AM 29/5/23
Are holidays in Turkey now uber cheap
by Goethe Cash
0 by Goethe Cash
9:53 AM 29/5/23
Holly very hurt by Phil’s lies
by Amberman
26 by SummerSails
9:37 AM 29/5/23
A thread to post your job title and desired job title
by Davos2021
44 by iregisteredfor…
6:40 AM 29/5/23
22 by iregisteredfor…
5:40 AM 29/5/23
Robert F. Kennedy
by AmItheSucker
11 by Bertha
5:11 AM 29/5/23
An interesting fact you’ve learnt in the last 24 hours.
by Prodigal Son
17 by Bertha
11:09 PM 28/5/23
Marcus Aurelius nailed the human condition
by PerfidiousPorpoise
1 by Wang's Upon a Time
11:04 PM 28/5/23
Whatever bike ride it is that led to the closure of roads
by PerfidiousPorpoise
7 by alan on post
10:14 PM 28/5/23
Dirty Leeds
by Fence Foal
8 by Davos2021
9:52 PM 28/5/23
Your best Dad joke
by canaryjim
27 by ShootyOriginal
8:18 PM 28/5/23
Unbelievable Jeff
by Amberman
0 by Amberman
7:38 PM 28/5/23
Erdogan on course to win
by Amberman
3 by Rof Royalty
7:28 PM 28/5/23
How often do you update your smart band watch face?
by High Guise
3 by High Guise
4:44 PM 28/5/23
BMC bikes - Swiss, very high-end, extremely expensive
by Goethe Cash
9 by Goethe Cash
12:43 PM 28/5/23
Laz sun I had a look at the Ribble Endurance SL Disc
by Goethe Cash
14 by Barney
11:29 AM 28/5/23
Queen and Adam Lambert
by alan on post
2 by Sir Woke XR Re…
11:16 AM 28/5/23
Since we are still on the subject
by Goethe Cash
7 by stardust
11:12 AM 28/5/23
Titanic global statesmen meet for a natter
by ChuffyChufnell
7 by St John Hawke
10:11 AM 28/5/23
National television awards voting is open
by clubman
3 by AmItheSucker
9:58 AM 28/5/23
Dirty Phil is going to have his own MeToo moment isn’t he?
by Goethe Cash
0 by Goethe Cash
9:13 AM 28/5/23
Using your legal skills in a different way
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
11 by Prodigal Son
8:57 AM 28/5/23
Put these in-house job titles in order
by Parsnip
5 by Rhamnousia
8:39 AM 28/5/23
Central London
by AmItheSucker
6 by Bertha
6:11 AM 28/5/23
Ineos want Remco
by Goethe Cash
0 by Goethe Cash
5:07 AM 28/5/23
Why can’t you get cash out of an ATM using Applepay?
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
12 by High Guise
4:35 AM 28/5/23
Bradley Wiggins
by Goethe Cash
4 by Rof Royalty
10:44 PM 27/5/23
E-gates outage - border force says cause ‘too sensitive to discuss’
by Bertha
7 by Jellymonster
10:32 PM 27/5/23
Elizabeth line now it is fully operational
by Guy Crouchback
34 by Rubbo
9:32 PM 27/5/23
What, may I enquire, is your favourite battle cruiser in the fine old market town of Sevenoaks?
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
1 by Davos2021
9:10 PM 27/5/23
tozza mismanagement of the economy and brexit has led 2
by The Oracle of Delphi
10 by Threeepwood
9:09 PM 27/5/23
Trans thread alert. British cycling prevents people born as men competing as women.
by LawPerson
97 by feelingchill
6:42 PM 27/5/23
Ben Healy
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
12 by Goethe Cash
6:18 PM 27/5/23
Prodder’s puppy thread
by canaryjim
35 by feelingchill
5:24 PM 27/5/23
Boris Sky interview at the airport
by Bertha
5:06 PM 27/5/23
OK not to be melodramatic about this but actual DOOOOOM right?
by Donny Darko's Soundrack
271 by CliveWarren
4:44 PM 27/5/23
Philip Bryan Schofield’s initials are PBS. Please stop omitting the B.
by Prodigal Son
17 by MissorMs
3:35 PM 27/5/23
Premiership final
by Davos2021
4 by Tom Linorder
2:18 PM 27/5/23
How taf is Arnold Schwarzenegger 75
by Rhamnousia
13 by PerfidiousPorpoise
2:06 PM 27/5/23
Wish it were legal to taze people who cycle on the pavement
by Rhamnousia
54 by Bertha
1:44 PM 27/5/23
Oi, train norks!
by theRealist
4 by kaulbach
1:41 PM 27/5/23
Just booked guildford lido
by Wang's Upon a Time
12 by Wang's Upon a Time
1:35 PM 27/5/23
Taking inspiration from Philip “Phil” Schofield, who until this morning I hadn’t realised came out in 2020, I have asked myself whether I too have been in denial all these years about my true sexuality
by Goethe Cash
6 by Elephantinthew…
1:10 PM 27/5/23
by Rhamnousia
8 by BarryZuckercorn
12:27 PM 27/5/23
Vuelta v Giro
by Goethe Cash
1 by stardust
10:35 AM 27/5/23
Which science fiction concept will be the next to become reality.
by Prodigal Son
22 by Wang's Upon a Time
9:28 AM 27/5/23
Can United do it?
by Davos2021
3 by Davos2021
8:23 AM 27/5/23
by Wang's Upon a Time
4 by Wang's Upon a Time
8:17 AM 27/5/23
G could win the Giro today
by Goethe Cash
5 by Marshall Hall
8:02 AM 27/5/23
Let me get this right: Philip Schofield has always had a secret liking for much younger cock?
by High Guise
1 by Davos2021
7:27 AM 27/5/23
10 by Davos2021
6:35 AM 27/5/23
Napped for two hours today
by Rhamnousia
7 by Davos2021
6:34 AM 27/5/23
Is Occam ok?
by Prodigal Son
8 by hotnow
11:00 PM 26/5/23
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
0 by Sir Woke XR Re…
10:07 PM 26/5/23
Clients and KFC
by ChuffyChufnell
6 by Actus Reus
9:56 PM 26/5/23
by New Chimp_
1 by Bertha
8:57 PM 26/5/23
Tesla - our new UK cars will be LHD only
by Goethe Cash
8 by AmItheSucker
8:40 PM 26/5/23
Istanbul - is it stressful?
by Rhamnousia
30 by g'wan
7:59 PM 26/5/23
The circle of life. 5 or so months ago I was lying under the dining room table with my dying dog
by Prodigal Son
19 by HighJinx
7:17 PM 26/5/23
Oi, train dorks!
by Jellymonster
4 by theRealist
6:56 PM 26/5/23
Age discrimination/too senior?
by Anna234
21 by yossarian
6:39 PM 26/5/23
Finlay Boden 'parents' sentencing
by Transdimensional_Sex_Bee
17 by Davos2021
6:11 PM 26/5/23
FAO SummerSails
by canaryjim
0 by canaryjim
5:01 PM 26/5/23
Clients and KYC
by SummerSails
9 by SummerSails
5:00 PM 26/5/23
Cutest dog breed
by Goethe Cash
15 by EnglishRose
4:51 PM 26/5/23
Rof Photographers
by AmItheSucker
3 by Mistee
3:55 PM 26/5/23
The so-called ‘culture wars’ in a nutshell
by Tom Linorder
0 by Tom Linorder
3:53 PM 26/5/23
Lib Dem policy: A woman can have a penis
by Barney
191 by Hobbes
3:28 PM 26/5/23
Hey Chill. Can I ask you some questions?
by Donny Darko's Soundrack
13 by OysterBay
3:26 PM 26/5/23
Now the loonies have come for the flowers...
by Marshall Hall
7 by Tom Linorder
3:25 PM 26/5/23
Simply the best - RIP
by canaryjim
13 by benj_warrant
3:25 PM 26/5/23
Who do we reckon Boris will instruct to represent him at the COVID inquiry?
by Heffalump
19 by benj_warrant
3:20 PM 26/5/23
Anyone else been affected by the Capita hack?
by Rhamnousia
15 by EnglishRose
3:16 PM 26/5/23
People who get ludicrous and obviously wrong utility bills
by ChuffyChufnell
4 by Jellymonster
3:15 PM 26/5/23
Five years WOT
by Rhamnousia
3 by 3-ducks
3:12 PM 26/5/23
SUNAK FACES TORY ANGER as (((some total horse shit non issue)))
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
9 by ChuffyChufnell
2:28 PM 26/5/23
Property in Hackney - £2.25m purchased for £0.75m in 2019
by nextstop
75 by Bertha
2:15 PM 26/5/23
Any Giro heads in
by Goethe Cash
0 by Goethe Cash
2:10 PM 26/5/23
Roger Waters - is absolutely not an ammonite
by the magnificent sven
0 by the magnificent sven
1:48 PM 26/5/23
Roger Waters - is absolutely not an antisemite
by Jellymonster
21 by Transdimension…
1:18 PM 26/5/23
Moving to UHT
by Transdimensional_Sex_Bee
12 by Peter Principle
1:11 PM 26/5/23
A thread on ADHD
by feelingchill
16 by PerfidiousPorpoise
12:33 PM 26/5/23
Well I guess if you're a civil servant....
by theRealist
5 by theRealist
11:41 AM 26/5/23
Do you feel older or just the same as time passes?
by Goethe Cash
2 by TommyBanana
11:34 AM 26/5/23
Happy weekend peeps
by Dogwarden
2 by Dogwarden
10:38 AM 26/5/23
Have just learned of the existence of the yin-yang fish (cw themes of horror)
by Rhamnousia
12 by Wang's Upon a Time
10:32 AM 26/5/23
The commute today
by Fence Foal
14 by The Goose
10:18 AM 26/5/23
Dog owners. Question.
by Prodigal Son
16 by snowfoxberry
10:17 AM 26/5/23