That recurrent A levels dream/nightmare

Had it again last night. 

Hadn’t been to any lessons for about 6 months, but needed decent grades to get to Uni.

What made it more bizarre than normal was that it was set at exactly the current date - ie. I had 8 weeks to go before the exams start.

I get this about once a year- it’s the day of my English Literature A level exam and I’ve done no revision. Sheer relief when I wake up. 

I did my A levels two decades ago for goodness sake.

Over 40 for me Honeybun…😳

What makes it weird is that whilst I did mess around a great deal in maths, the other 2 subjects I took I really enjoyed and worked hard at.

I never have this about my degrees just a levels. I think it’s the pressure of knowing what grades are required of you to get to the next level that is unnerving. 

I regularly dream that there was a mistake and I didn’t really pass classics and I have to sit the exam now or they will void all subsequent qualifications

It’s always classics, a subject I passed and had no baring on subsequent qualifications 

It’s always uni not A levels for me. It’s always me at my current age waiting to have a meeting with my old contract law tutor to explain that I can’t do the exams because I haven’t done any work. Then just as I am about to go into the meeting something in my brain remembers I already did my degree decades ago and then I wake up. The human brain is a funny thing.