As we bid farewell to 2021, we salute the firms that defied legal marketing norms, and chose to reveal their personality instead, no matter how unhinged that might appear.

It is a celebration of the most tenuous links to promoting legal services, as we witness lawyers posing, singing and, in one case, jumping into a pond for no apparent reason.

Here is a countdown of the top 10 best of bonkers this year.


10.  Thackray Williams made a wonder brew.


9. A.L. Hughes & Co was refreshingly traditional.


8. As was the firm's head boy

Coming soon

7. HogLove's former Moscow MP was ready for her close up


6. WMH Law also brought some glamour, plus a big bow

George partner

5. George Partner was exclusive, but also painfully awkward.


4. Baker McKenzie's Vietnam office sang.

Clarke Willmott

3. Clarke Willmott attempted harmony on a boat.


2. Sproull Law also kept it nautical


1. But Berlin firm Hildebrandt takes the top spot for its heavy dose of wunderlich. Bravo!

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Anonymous 21 December 21 12:00

Re. point 6, perhaps this is the time to repeat the question "So how many here have received "thank you"-cards from clients?". And perhaps a poll?

I got flowers, twice, and not for my looks, nobody would call me handsome. Anyway, the reaction from my colleagues suggested this was not normal at all.

Anonymous 23 December 21 11:55

I had expected more coverage (no pun intended) of Russian lawyers. For instance, one has a very successful sideline as a model that would probably be a bit much for Instagram, though technically speaking she is fully clothed. Names withheld in the interest of what remains of decency. 

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