lou reed clarke willmott

"Lou, get ready to spin!"

Clarke Willmott’s banking and finance team have celebrated being able to meet in person by ripping into Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' on a canal.

The video of their efforts could have been kept as an internal mood-lifter, or kompromat, but instead it was posted on LinkedIn to buoy the spirits of anyone who saw it, which means it's fair game.

Several team members can hold a tune, although the impression that others were singing against their will isn’t helped by shots of them peering through heavily riveted portholes.

The original with audio is here, but RollOnFriday has used a selection of stills to create a 'safe mode' in which to enjoy Bristol's singing solicitors:


It's the first away day in two years, and that means it doesn't matter if it harms the vocal chords and it doesn't matter if there's a risk of drowning - they're bringing booze.


They are bringing booze.


Playback can be merciless.


When you didn't purchase the option to autotune your colleagues' contributions.


"Can I get a drink yet?"


Altogether now, "You're going to reap just what you sow/You're going to reap just what you sow/You're going to reap just what you sow".


"A double over here, please"


'We're nailing it!"


Quick drink before the next take.


"Sounds better!"


"Hang on, who's that steering? Is it...?"

lou reed clarke willmott

"Thank you Clarke Willmott banking team for doing my song 'justice'! It's been a 'walk on the wild side', which is one of my other hits."

On LinkedIn, members of Clarke Willmott's comms and HR teams were effusive in their praise ("Brilliant!" "I love it!" "Fantastic!"), although some of the singalong's participants were more humble ("Embarrassing but well worth it!"), and a client preferred their legal advice ("don't give up your day jobs and it's a no from me").

It's a yes from RollOnFriday, and if you've discovered another firm's startling interpretation of a classic, let ROF know.

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Hope 08 October 21 09:19

Lawyers publishing cringe karaoke at the behest of their PR teams: finally, things are getting back to normal.

Mmmmmmm 08 October 21 10:42

I don't get it. Do they think Perfect Day is a happy song or is this a cry for help?

Why do people do this? 08 October 21 10:44

I mean seriously, what a bunch of ******* *****

Interesting 08 October 21 14:56

I do feel bizzarely lifted after that

Caratacus 08 October 21 15:22

Well, it's not like any of them are going to be doing decent work so they might as well go singing. Why give any time to this bunch of second rate provincial lawyers?

Get a life 08 October 21 17:22

As opposed to the above person who has so much important work, he/she has time to post on RoF during the middle of the working day… seek help (and maybe a hobby) you angry, angry person

Brilliant 09 October 21 12:12

Better than another virtual Teams day anyway 

Anon 09 October 21 17:28

I liked it. It probably was fun to do and a great experience. 

Je Suis Monty Don l'Autobus 15 October 21 02:37

Looks a good deal more fun than more office bonding efforts.

Who knew Clarke Wilmott had a banking team though?

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