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A lawyer has made his distaste for self-promotion and the internet extremely plain with a LinkedIn profile which tells people nothing they could use for professional purposes.

In his brief but exceptional entry, Lawrence Mann has uploaded a drawing of mushrooms instead of his face.

mushroom face

Or maybe they're toadstools?

RollOnFriday recently covered the wonderful website of Mann's firm, A L Hughes & Co, which is based in Streatham.

As one might expect from the owner of a firm which places an apostrophe before 'bus' (because it's short for omnibus), Mann does not appear overly enamoured of a networking site which encourages vapid aphorisms and self-aggrandising leadership anecdotes.

In the 'About' section, Mann has opted not to delve into his legal expertise, and instead he describes his 'Specialities' as "Crème brûlée, roasted pork belly with fennel and celery seed crackling".

mann 2

A L Hughes & Co's PR consultant is currently in therapy. 

However, he has fleshed out the 'Experience' section.

From 1960 to 1977, Mann was a "Small and then larger child", located at "Home", where he was "employed as a free-standing child for many years.

"As I developed more seniority within the Industry, I grew teeth and began to articulate my ideas in a more coherent fashion", he explains.

"Years passed, and I realised that I had outgrown my position and needed to seek opportunities more appropriate to my god-like status".

mann 3

For the last 44 years, Mann states, he has been a partner at A L Hughes & Co where, "free from the stultifying constraints of overbureaucratic institutions, I am able to pursue an independent line without being beholden to others. As such, I can say what I think, and often do. Annoying salespersons is one of my many harmless diversions, so bear that in mind if you are one".

If you've seen a lawyer flipping the bird at the infernal predations of the modern world, write in.

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Anon 13 August 21 09:16

I like his style. There’s way too much shameless self-promotion by people who are mediocre at best. I’ve seen one post on LinkedIn by a lawyer at a low end mid tier City outfit describe his disputes team as “masterful”. FFS

Xerocomellus chrysenteron aka Boletus chrysenteron 13 August 21 09:19

aka red cracking bolete.

If it is, it is quite nice with onions, thyme and a bit of cream. ;-)

He certainly likes his culinary jokes.


Anonymous 13 August 21 10:26

After all those Future Summer Student at Top 54 Firm types on LinkedIn this is refreshing. 

My current favourite is an in-house advocate who has made a career out of RTA pretending like he handles international disputes. 

Hackaforte 13 August 21 11:20

This is really the only way to stand out on Linkedin.

All the rest is an indistinguishable morass of "I am a people-oriented synergist who achieves real results. I am a self-starting, synergistic, self-reliant, collaborative go-getter with experience in synergy, blue-sky thinking, and synergistically project managing operative workstreams as an ongoing synergising iterative process. I find that synergistically synergising syngergy is an excellent way to achieve consumer-focused synergistic outcomes."

Good on him for striking out from the herd.  


Anon 23 August 21 23:07

ROF should do an annual league table for the most shameless self-promoter of a lawyer [on] LinkedIn

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