get sht done

He's finished his cereal, now it's time to GSD, baby! (Sticks out tongue, makes devil horns, begins checking defined terms).

The manliest men man the desks at De Boer Egberts, as documented exhaustively by the Dutch firm's Bonkers Law Firm Website.

DBE’s six lawyers differentiate themselves from their rivals by keeping the legal stuff to a minimum, and devoting their site to an album of 42 - yes, 42 - ravishing monochrome images of the boys at work.

The site leads with a portrait of the lads queuing up to be in Top Gear's studio audience.


Brand on the run.

Their profiles are even moodier.


Bismilla! Nooo!

A few perfunctory paragraphs set out the firm's practice areas, then the lawyers get back to what's really important: the expansive photo shoot. RollOnFriday injected itself with testosterone and took a look through the highlights.


The fellas relax after breaking out of a shipping container.


Winners hang their jabot on a punching dummy.


Other firms don’t feature Saul Goodman, for some reason.


Call security, we've got a dad lad photocopying.


Trying not to think about that shipping container.


He's dropped his favourite Ferrari-branded poppit.


They can't resist its pull.


Alexa, define nervous excitement.


"He only ever uses me to play the opening chords of Mr Brightside - please, kill me."


Each meeting room comes with a work-out station from which the alpha lawyer can direct operations.


You're right, Dutch Sting, justice IS blind.


Full wall dedicated to a Suits mural. Full wall.


Reinforce dominance by communicating with junior lawyers via loudhailer.


A lone woman picks her way through the drum kits, pull-up bars and slam balls.


Oscar reminds Jack what they did to survive in the shipping container.


Booze 'O Clock is not representative of the firm's actual preference for Heineken 0.0.


The exact moment the photographer got cracked in the head with a signed football.


White collar today, Black Sabbath till he dies!


Anyone caught discussing 'feelings' gets the helium.


Some days he wonders if a van Ruisdael print would have been nicer.

Well done De Boer Egberts for single-handedly buying up Harley Davidson's run of coffee table books. If your firm's website is awash with machotivational art, or is otherwise unique, get shit done and write in.

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Anonymous 23 September 22 09:12


Our Managing Partner is in his mid 60s and dresses like that. I suspect he thinks he looks cool but actually looks a complete tool. 

Anonymous 23 September 22 09:45

"He only ever uses me to play the opening chords of Mr Brightside - please, kill me."


It's a bass, not a guitar. And the opening to Mr Brightside is picked, not chords.

By all means mock them for the rest of it, but leave the poor P-bass alone!

Personal bio 23 September 22 10:13

“Outside of work the lawyers at DBE enjoy playing in their dad band, brewing their own pilsner and barbecuing whilst wearing aprons with ironic slogans”


Galaxy brain 23 September 22 11:24

Maybe part of the reason the guitar wants to die is because the guy is trying to play the opening chords of mr brightside on it even though it’s a bass and the opening is picked. 

Nigel Powers 23 September 22 13:02

There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch."

Dook 23 September 22 13:17

Photographer: what you want?

DBE: make us look like a bunch of hipster 2-hats

Photographer: I got you fam

Anonymous 23 September 22 14:14

What would Mike Brown of BLM make of this? No ties? No short-sleeved shirts? No hair dye? He'd be spitting feathers.

T Pog 23 September 22 14:50

Guffawing, here. The lack of irony, the self aggrandisement in these shots, matched with the writer's comments, is lovely. Perhaps this album is a genius strategy to appeal to their dadlad target client group? 

SecularJurist 23 September 22 21:53

That shipping container does feature a great deal.

Is kidnapping an area of practice?

bananaman 24 September 22 00:03

This is ridiculous. The picture is of a bass guitar and the opening to Mr Brightside is picked and......zzzzzzz.

Anon 24 September 22 10:14

Still far too many firms run by alpha male dinosaurs.
Odd for a profession that has had a female majority joining it for a decade. 
What’s gone wrong here?

Anon 26 September 22 11:01

"50 years experience" - since 1995.  Clearly not great with numbers.  Must the helium.

anonymous 29 September 22 13:49

Haha how pathetic is this site…. Given the comments and Jamie Hamilton’s review, I can tell that all of you have very tiny dicks. You guys just can’t stand the fact that they are good looking, have a successful running law firm and are having fun together. Learn from it and start doing something with your lives!

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