"No, it is an essential meeting. It's the only way I can get their tea."

Tenuous marketing campaign of the week goes to a London and Kent-based firm for inventing its own bespoke tea blend. 

Thackray Williams said on its website that it created the branded tea to tempt clients to "come to us for legal advice over a cuppa at one our offices", adding "you cannot buy our unique blended tea anywhere" as no one will purchase it.

The firm has also produced a slick video to promote its beverage. The advert starts by showing the tea-making process, while a husky voice intones that "the thought, time, patience and skill that goes into creating our bespoke blended tea" has created "an experience without rival."

tea making

Tea-porn for connoisseurs

The video cuts to a meeting room, where a Thackray Williams lawyer shows a contract to a stern-faced client:


The lawyer brings out the firm's branded tea. One sip, and the client is instantly elated:



With the euphoric rush provided by the Assam blend, the client's concerns evaporate and she signs the contract:

happy client

Still giddy with the effects of the tea, she ecstatically hugs her lawyer, which would be strange for a business meeting, even in pre-Covid times:

client hug

The lawyer notes to make a weaker cup next time.

"Our partners spent a day in early 2020 blending tea in an effort to create the perfect blend for our clients when they come to visit us at one of our offices," a Thackray Williams spokesman told RollOnFriday. "After all, there is no problem that cannot be solved with a good brew and a fine lawyer."

The spokesman said that the "tongue-in-cheek video" was "loosely based on the famous 80’s Rutger Hauer voiced Lurpak ad."

Sadly for the firm, and tea-loving clients, Covid hit just as the firm was rolling out the tea in its offices last year. "That basically put a halt to a Summer of tea based marketing shenanigans and left us with 1000’s of bags of tea," said the firm's spokesman.

With empty meeting rooms for the foreseeable future, Thackray Williams distributed its entire remaining stock (about 3,500 cups of tea) to local care homes, to help out the community.

"I hope when we are again able to meet clients in our offices we can greet them with our very own cuppa. Until then TWTea is no more," said the spokesman.

Thackray Williams' fine advert for its tea can be seen here:

If you've spotted a law firm with a novel approach to marketing, please do let us know.


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Anon 15 January 21 08:28

Imagine being the voice over guy presented with that script.  How many takes to get one without hysterical laughter? 

Sumoking 15 January 21 08:50

Tea, Waistcoat, Diversity, Epic voice over

don't even have to think

f**k tendering, straight onto the panel! (and straight in the bin for anyone serving up Twinnings!)

Anon 15 January 21 11:03

Fair play - they've also captured the fact that most clients are more interested in the quality of a firm's tea and coffee than our boring legal chat

Tea drinker anonymous 15 January 21 15:56

Actually, truly nice of them to donate. Tea (unlike coffee) doesn't really have an expiry date if stored properly. 

(And, yes, I drink good tea. No tea bags.)

Q 18 January 21 09:42

Obvious why they're doing this.

Think about it.


T.  E.  A.

You know what this means.


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