Maverick 650

"Don't think. Just Do". Worked well in the film, but perhaps not the best motto for a lawyer.

A Dutch law firm has flown into the Bonkers Website Hall of Fame by launching a new partner, literally.

Maverick Advocaten, based in Amsterdam, has capitalised on its name by creating a marketing video indented to every middle-aged man's favourite film about flying, Top Gun.

The video opens with a skyline view of the Amsterdam business district before cutting to a shadowy room. A new partner, Cyriel Ruers, is set a mission by two existing partners at the firm:



You two really are ‘cowboys’ (there’ll be a lot of this).

The partners test if the new recruit has great balls of fire, but initially it’s a “nee” for the Danger Zone. 


Small loop

“…You’ll only pass out a little bit.”

The rookie partner expresses his reluctance to go playing with the boys, pointing out that he’s at a law firm.

picTop gun

He's lost that loving feeling.

But just as a doubting Maverick got back in the saddle after (spoiler alert) the death of his wingman, so Cyriel finally acquiesces and gives in to his new firm’s need, the need for speed:


Worryingly, he looks more like Goose than Maverick. Or Matt Hancock on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.


"I am dangerous. Hit the brakes, and those fluffy dice will fly right by." 

Thankfully the credits roll before a beach volleyball scene, ending with a list of the firm's principles which has led many a middle-aged lawyer into disaster at the Christmas party:

Logo 1

Although the logo then flips over to something slightly more staid:


That's a solid 90% on Rotten Tomatoes to Maverick Advocaten, demonstrating that there's no points for second place when it comes to marketing videos. 

Strap-in for the whole video here:

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Anon 20 January 23 10:10

Now I'm not gonna sit here and blow sunshine up your ass... that was bonkers. Verander nooit, Nederlandse advocaten.

Anon 20 January 23 13:29

Ironic, perhaps, that the music at end appears to be a version of "I hear you knockin' but you cant come in"

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