This week's pandemic legal advice comes courtesy of Irish law firm Holohan Lane Solicitors, whose founder Bill Holohan circulated an email with a video offering a "possible dress code for online video meetings and hearings". 

The clip shared by the partner offers a solution for WFH lawyers who have to quickly change from their leisurely garb to formal attire for work video calls. The video is the creation of Neil Griffiths, a former principal technical expert at Shell. 

"I imagine most of you guys will be working from home and must resort to Zoom, or Facetime or Skype for your video-conferencing" says Griffiths. "But even though you're working from home, it is essential to retain some standards of sartorial elegance," he says adjusting his tie. If only this Zoom participant had taken note.


"With that in mind, I've invented the Zoom suit". Griffiths provides a picture of his creation which he claims is "ideal for working from home during Coronavirus lockdown".  It's the top-half of a suit jacket with the sleeves detached. Part of a shirt and tie also appears to be attached inside the suit. It screams business and pleasure at the same time:

Zoom suit

Not to be worn post-Lockdown, unless at a Fetish party.

Your new personal shopper illustrates how quickly the Zoom suit can be put on, with a real-time demonstration. "With a little practice, in less than 10 seconds, you'll be able to jump off your sofa, put down your beer, turn off the TV and jump into your Zoom suit for those all important meetings".


At this stage the jeans are optional.

Griffiths explains that the suit is held together with a "single velcro fastener" at the back and a "separate cuff in case you need to use your hands at any time during the meeting".

Cuff pic

With his makeshift suit fastened, the inventor gives further advice to fake a professional appearance on a call, stating that drinking beer is fine "as long as you first pour it into a bone china cup, and don't forget to raise the pinky".


"For those wanting to appear a little more pretentious in their home offices," Griffiths also offers a mock-up backdrop solution:




Not even room for one Andy McNab book 

Further details are here for readers interested in this season's must-have ruined wardrobe item:

The Zoom suit is not the least-convincing idea to have been shared in the legal profession as a response to the pandemic.

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Lydia 24 April 20 15:50

Just don't do what happened to poor Saatchi last week - your other half is doing a work video call/recording and you walk totally naked out of the shower in the background in full view.

John 24 April 20 23:03

His twitter feed is worth a browse.  Bit of a self publicist but hasn’t mastered threads.

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