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He has many leatherbound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.

This week's pandemic star was cruelly mocked after his world collapsed around him.

Finding the right background for a Zoom call has plagued many a homeworker during Covid, but while most people are satisfied as long as no rising damp is visible, Brazilian judge Yedo Simões wanted something grander. 

There was just one problem with the judge's floor-to-ceiling bookcase, which was that it was fake.

During a session of the Amazonas Court of Justice last week, Simões bumped his chair into his imposing display of learned tomes, and instead of doing nothing like a normal 3D bookcase, it toppled backwards.  

As reported by Brazilian media, the Court of Appeals judge had mounted a life-size photo of shelves stacked with legal books onto a cardboard stand.  

His misery was compounded when the clip went viral and he was accused of being "caught out" trying to appear intellectual. Simões responded that the faux library wasn't a pretentious affectation, but a screen to hide his family in the rooms behind.

RollOnFriday applauds the judge's ingenuity, and thanks his friends and family for not appraising him of pre-loaded Zoom backgrounds which could have placed him safely in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, or outer space.

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The Paginator 11 February 22 09:47

I laughed waayy too hard at this.

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