R U a member of either the RAC or the O&C clubs?
Sir Woke XR Re… 22 Apr 24 20:03
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just askin’

I haven’t been there for well over a decade but isn’t the RAC basically a commercial hotel/health club these days (with prices and service ethos to match) not sure I see the point of that really.

A good friend is a member of the O&C and I have stayed there. It’s a bit of an odd place but the bedrooms are fairly nice. They aren’t cheap though. 

I'm the Rag but it's not 5* by any means.  I've always found RAC incredibly pompous...full of pretentious old boys who frown on you if not wearing club tie.  Food is pretty good there though.

The rooms that are even remotely comparable to a 5 star hotel (i.e. the fancy ones that are relatively recently renovated) are well over 300 quid though dux.  Decentish value at peak times when the hotels are charging peak rates I guess. 

There are windowless cupboards for a lot less but not sure I fancy that. 

I often stay at the RSM. Probably the same as a good 4* in terms of the rooms. Usually about £200 a night. In the past you’d often get offers for £120 especially at weekends but I’ve not seen it less than £180 for ages. Nothing is cheap. 

I'm not a member of either but i know them both well.

O&C is quite nice.  Good squash Courts, lovely library, reasonable bar.  Decent wine list.

RAC is very comfortable and handy if you like swimming.  A bit like a hotel.  Slightly drab, to my mind.

Neither really has any social cachet at all, if that's what you're thinking of.   

I lived in my Pall Mall club for 3 months in my 20s.  It was an unusual thing to do, at the time - probably still is - but it was rather wonderful.

Crypto22 Apr 24 21:59

Heh. I thought he got left with blue balls. I can never remember the full story. It’s one of the better RoF incidents of recent times. 


Too right you cant, I never actually went to the Savoy,  was expecting Lockdown prices, perhaps £200-£300 but no such luck.