Allen and Overy has distributed vitamin pills to help its staff combat coronavirus. 

The highly dubious attempt to thwart the spread of the respiratory illness saw the firm’s Jakarta office giving staff each an envelope containing immune-boosting supplements and a note which breezily advised, "A vitamin a day to keep The Wuhan away".


"Got Ebola, try honey granola"

Vitamins have not been shown to offer effective protection against coronavirus, and one a day will not keep the virus away. Authorities in the region have been battling false claims spread on social media that vitamin C can prevent the disease.

It is not clear why the quack advice referred to 'The Wuhan'. A source close to A&O management said that 'virus' was accidentally omitted, either by accident or because "it didn't scan".

A spokesman for Allen & Overy said, "This was a positive internal initiative in our Jakarta office linked to a broader staff health and wellbeing plan called The HR Happiness Program that is currently being rolled out. The sachet contained an immune boosting vitamin to protect staff in our Jakarta office from the coronavirus".

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Anonymous 07 February 20 09:01

Well-meaning, but misguided. Slightly concerning A&O in London seems to think vitamins are an effective remedy.

Anonymous 07 February 20 09:11

That’s the London for you.  You don’t get this sort of nonsense here in the Manchester.

the road 07 February 20 09:19

A program called Road to Happiness handing out ineffective placebos for a deadly virus is delightfully dystopian

'Stay tuned...for symptoms'

Anonymous 07 February 20 11:25

10:05, I was referring to the fact that London has defended vitamins as an effective remedy via its PR. "A spokesman for Allen & Overy said... "The sachet contained an immune boosting vitamin to protect staff in our Jakarta office from the coronavirus"

Jakarta fan 08 February 20 06:48

A&O is like that. In good times, these poor blokes in Jkt didn't get any credit for the work they brought in. In a crisis, they lost their "fans", became the target of cuts. Whatever self-help works to keep the spirits of the troops up, I say, go for it, man.  You are the good guys.

Runningforpresident 11 February 20 00:44

not just Jakarta, the whole region is sinking..thanks to the tyrant, bambi, the many color-blind partners, the fake news partners, the Trump partner, the Elbows, the hoards of pointless minions, the Ego (or maybe that should be plural), the history-challenged partner, the geography-challenged partner, the no-market knowledge partner, the no-client partner, the take credit partner,... the list goes on and on...  

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