A Zoom call for a student law society debating final, sponsored by Arthur Cox, was hijacked with porn.

University College Cork's law society was holding a debating contest on Zoom, with about 20 participants, when everyone's screens were filled with images of naked men, according to a report.  

One of the participants said the incident occurred about 40 minutes into the video call. "All of a sudden there was a big loud noise" said the witness, who at first assumed it was someone on the call "being rude playing music". But the call was then interrupted with "videos of naked men" for about 30 seconds, with some of them spanking the monkey.

Offering an explanation as to why nobody shut down the link, the horrified participant said: "Everyone stayed on the call for what now seems too long, I think because we were all so shocked by it.”

A student with their eye on the prize tried to restart the moot competition, but the call was once again taken over with filth. The host had to create a new Zoom link to try to keep the debate focused and porn-free.

“UCC’s Societies Guild is aware of an alleged incident and is looking into the matter," said a university spokesperson. "UCC will use any findings from this incident to improve our IT security awareness sessions."

Arthur Cox did not respond to a request for a comment.

It is not the first time a willy has derailed a legal video call. And this week there was Toobin's election simulation stimulation


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Baron 23 October 20 15:01

This is why no decent law firm uses Zoom.  Its security issues are well known. We use Microsoft teams which is far more secure. 

Jellymonster 26 October 20 16:23

zoom is fine provided you use the password function they offer you (but people choose not to use), and don't share the password with people who want to spam you with lots of c**k.

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