Is there a single good reason to say delta instead of difference?

Or is it just the mark of a large and clanging bell

They love saying delta in my line of work and I just think it is ridiculous. They also use granularity instead of clarity which seems a waste of time and letters.

Yes, they are clanging bells.

To compound their bellendedness, these campanologicalframes are (in my experience) aping the use of the term as it is commonly used in a financial (specifically, derivatives) setting, where it doesn't even mean "difference between".

Reminds me of that time where high Guise used the words "air frame" when talking about planes.

That wasn't high guise or his socks was it? The <transport>frames meme that it spawned is a classic though. 

god forbid you say that an interest rate went up by 0.5%.  


WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT .  all about the bps.


TBF, the former is ambiguous, though everyone knows what you mean. Except during the Trussterfvck period maybe: "rates have gone up by 100%"

It's usually said by people who are incompetent with maths or technical subjects in an effort to sound like they are not just waffling aimlessly and flapping their jaws around

I can imagine Laz waiting for the end of a meeting and being 'last to speak' in his pseudo sage way and then just asking at the end

'but...' (dramatic pause) '...what's the delta?'

Then everyone just gets up and walks out and Laz thinks.

'Heh. Pwned them again'

cos it sounds cooler

does it, though? when you get weapons saying things like:

"Well yah, of course I normally travel in First but on British Airways the delta between First and Business is tiny".

off they can fook

I follow a lot of options traders on twitter which makes me very smart and now I don't notice the delta between the two words anymore.

Whoops I did it again. 






Hans! Bubba! I don't think you are understanding the delta in our position here. 

We take the volatility distribution of how disappointed our client is, run it through a Kalman Filter and you'll find we are really not that far apart, Hans. Considering the delta, Hans.