Best James Bond movie

..GoldenEye obviously?

Perhaps Goldfinger, Dr No and Moonraker?

I don’t like the grittier Daniel Craig outings even if they were closer to the books 

my favourite one is when he plays baccarat, then makes love to the femaie villain and she instantly falls in love with him.  All the while he's flirting outrageously with the secretary and then there's a ludicrous car chase.

Which one was that?

Interesting there is so much variation in choice. 


Sophie Marceau one was a Pierce Brosnan movie - think it was the followup to GoldenEye. Maybe The World Is Not Enough?

This is absolute lunacy.

Moore was the worst Bond (Dalton wins, clearly) but by a mile had the best films.

Moonraker, Spy Who Loved Me, Live and Let Die, Man with the Golden Gun. All belong in this conversation only rivalled by Casino Royale and possibly Diamonds are Forever.

Christmas is the only time of year for this discussion.

They are apples and oranges, obvs. 

My fave is Casino Royale. Every penny of it.

Closely followed by Majesty’s, one of the greatest Christmas movies. 

Most of the rest exist in alternate realities for me, great to visit occasionally. 

And it’s Goodnight from her.

Oh, and Skyfall is shit.

Casino Royale is so good. I must have watched it 15 times over the years. 

The World Is Not Enough was so rubbish it couldn't even be redeemed by having both Sophie Marceau and Denise Richards. 

Brosnan was a crap Bond, too Remington Steele. Ditto Moore (in a lamer funnier way). Connery not my cuppa tea. Craig close, Lazenby in the mix, but Dalton was a great Bond.

Other opinions not really valid here tbh.

I have never seen a Pearse Brosnan Bond movie.  Casino Royale (the non spoof remake) is superb, but was the only Craig one I watched.  The Moore ones weren't great, too much polyester for me.

The problem with Tim Dalton is the late 80s was AIDS era, which neutered the character a bit, but they were also trying to reboot Bond to be closer to the books action wise, and you end up with a hybrid failing on both counts imo. And he’s not quite star quality enough. Though probably the best actor per se to play Bond. 

Another vote for Casino Royale.

Caterina MurinO.M.G

Had all of the key ingredients of a great bond: beautiful Bond girls (2), beautiful cars (2), great villain in Mads Mikelsen and some of the most ridiculous poker scenes you’ll ever see

I’m a big fan of Quantum. Which, charades party piece aside, is alot better than its rep. The photography is great and the opera sequence one of the best in the whole series. 

They're yet to make it. It's there one where in the opening scene, bond gets fatally hit by a car at a zebra crossing near MI6 Cos he was eyeing up Desert Pussy , Cockney Granger's nubile daughter who was waving an "I'm lesbian you cock munchers" at passers by. 

The one with sherrif boss hogg on and the twisting car jump over the river...I think man with the golden gun.  Moore was by far the best bond.  Nik Nak was cool.  The finale in the mirrored room very tense.

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I watched The Living Daylights last night and it was the peak of Bond gadgets.

Key fob - gas emitter and explosive.

Aston Vantage - Laser cutter in the wheel hubs. Rocket launcher in front fog lamps, bullet proof glass, side ski runners, retractable spiked tyres and a rocket powered boost.