Work in law, date in Lawyr (warning: may cause in-laws)

As lawyers and their fans sign up to RollOnFriday's new dating app, we want to know: who do you love?

Lawyr was released last week to joy, amazement, incredulity and some horror, all because it requires one half of any matching couple to be in the legal sector. 

Legal types can match with other legal folk who understand their pain, or with people outside the sector. But civilians are forbidden from dating civilians - it's only the strict hand of the law for them. 

So, who do you want to meet, and would Lawyr work for you? Take this quick suitability quiz and find out:

RollOnFriday whipped up Lawyr to try and cheer our community in these bleak and boring times, and to pocket a few pennies if we're lucky, but mostly because we believe people in the legal sector are (generally) fantastic.

True, the team at RollOnFriday Towers is made up entirely of lawyers and is therefore incredibly biased - but we think you're a catch. Back yourself and add Lawyr to your dating arsenal today.

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Anonymous 26 March 21 10:32

Remember when RoF used to be funny? Now it's all just misconduct and salaries. Yawwwwwn

maymay 26 March 21 11:36

No thanks. I'll stick to the pea brain fitness community with their narcissistic provocative rear poses in mirror selfies at the gym. Much less thinking and talking is needed after a hard day. Plus, it's a chance to catch up on celebrity gossip whilst being up to date with the latest meds and diuretics needed to achieve dry paper thin skin at 6% bodyfat 220lbs. Aesthetics or no point.

Anonymous 26 March 21 13:09

If you're into it good luck. It's still creepy that the match in your promo imagery is between a legal exec in her 20s and some grey-haired bloke in his 50s (as a case study sure but as a core example? really?)

Anonymous 26 March 21 14:27

Having just gone on and checked out Holly132 from London I can confirm that I will most definitely be joining. 

Anno 29 March 21 12:43

...then 6 months into it, SRA would be investigating all of the members and ROF would headline it! 

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