Inside number Nine

Final series about to start

some of the episodes are very funny but mistake to go in expecting to be rib tickled - most episodes are more about the horror/twists/mystery than the humour, some are very dark and not in the least funny and not meant to be.

not seen last nights yet, but I thought series 8 was consistently the highest quality they have done (although there were better individual episodes previously)

In December 2014, Metro television critic Keith Watson named Inside No. 9 the twentieth best television programme of 2014 and in January 2015, Daily Star Sunday columnist Garry Bushell named Inside No. 9 the best comedy TV programme of 2014.

Try Le Couchette, Wang. It’s one of my favourites.

If you don’t laugh at that then who even are you?  

I’ve also bagged some tickets for March. Even more excited about this than seenSteve Coogan/Armando Ianucci taking on Dr Strangelove in November. 

Reece Shearsmith’s performance in Bernie Clifton’s Dressing Room was stunning. Starts off as if Cheese was a mere Syd Little but as his reminiscences develop shows Cheese had some decent enough chops. So subtle. 

Agree that 12 days of chrisine and Bernie clifton  are the best episodes but my personal favourites for sheer enjoyment are the crossword one and dinner bill one.

the one in the hotel corridor remains my fav...also that weird one in the primary school with the pagan stuff.  I didn't even know the final series was on currently, it always seems to slip beneath the radar.

oh that pretend quiz show one with lee mack was a work of genius too.

It was similar to the one with the boy band singer who drove a daughter to suicide - the one with the concrete bath/insectivoration.

Am still hoping they copy Fat Tulip and have one inside a no. 6 where the number has rotated into a 9.  With all sorts of offbeat shenanigans as a result.

Quiz show one was amazing. As was the final one in the last series about the gay couple in the countryside. Insanely dark.

Didn’t love the train carriage one at the start of this season. Great cast, weak ending. 

I wonder how the last episode will play out. I feel like they're going to do something weird and meta, like an episode that carries on on YouTube forever and doesn't end or something

it was really good.  loved seeing all the actors in the bar...Ralph Little, Maxine Peake, Zoe Wanamacker to name a few.  I suspect most people got about 10% of the subtle references on the first viewing.

Looked liked it was filmed in 186 bar on Deansgate?

To me it just screamed look at all of our amazing friends who were in our show.  Also lots of the references to episode names will have been lost on most people who aren't fanatical.

I mean none of them are A listers so it's not really a humblebrag, just a nice way to turn the wrap party into the final episode.  I thought it was kind of cool.  I think getting 10% of the nuances still makes it very enjoyable tbh.