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RollOnFriday wants to hear your best and worst lawyer dating stories. The winning entry, whether it be a fairy-tale romance, tragicomedy or horror, will bag £100 towards a date with a lawyer on Lawyr

Let us know if you've been smitten by a barrister role-playing in horsehair wig, or subjected to a partner regurgitating the Companies Act over a candle-lit dinner, or concerned by a solicitor recording their time in an intimate moment.  

Please get in touch here with your stories. We'll publish the better ones. You can keep it anonymous, of course.

If you want to be in with a chance to win £100, please provide your email address. Of course, lockdown will ease at different rates in different jurisdictions but we’re good for the cash whenever you can get out. 

To those who are new to RollOnFriday's subtle plugging of Lawyr - it's a dating app that was released last month to joy, amazement, incredulity and some horror, all because it requires one half of any matching couple to be in the legal sector. 

Legal types can match with other legal folk who understand their pain, or with people outside the sector. But civilians are forbidden from dating civilians - it's only the strict hand of the law for them. 

Since the launch, the app has been downloaded around the world (most of all in Canada for some reason - a Mountie always gets his man).

If in doubt about your appeal, know that studies have proven that 75% of people in the legal community would date someone else in the sector, quite possibly you.

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Anonymous 23 April 21 10:31

Went on a date with a paralegal who was studying the LPC part-time. Got smashed and danced. She went home in a taxi and spent the next day vomiting and in bed. Did the same the following week. She then went from a top grade student to a mid-grade student. Always held it against me. Married her. Divorced her within 4 months. £100 please.

FXBabe 23 April 21 12:13

He spent most of the date talking about his hate for investment bankers... he waited until dessert to ask me what I do for a living. 

He was in for a shock when he found out I was a trading floor gal. 

I realised about 5 mins in it wasn’t going anywhere with him, but hey I love a free meal ;)

barney 23 April 21 12:16

She was my supervisor, we ended up in Abacus. Kept me up all night, then told me she had a day off. I, on the other hand, as a trainee, had to go into work, hungover as hell and so tired. A few days later she shut the door and shouted at me, accusing me of flirting with an associate.

Date outside your firm, kids.

KrazyKat 23 April 21 12:28

I (F33) am a corporate solicitor and I met a fellow solicitor (M35) through a mutual friend so we knew one another through social events. 

He plucked up the courage to ask me out one time and I said yes. I’m in my early 30s and not getting any younger so I thought why not. I don’t have time to meet new men at this point in my career, I’m so busy all the time.

So during our first date, he seemed more interested in talking about our careers than anything else. Me personally, I like to leave work at work but I guess many lawyers make law their entire personality and life so I wasn’t shocked. 

When he found out that I made partner already whilst he was still a senior associate, things went completely south. He started probing me on questions about salary, and didn’t seem happy that I was earning considerably more than him. He started asking a lot about childcare and if I would be a stay at home mother and other questions alike.

and then when the bill came he conveniently said he forgot his card and wallet. I paid the bill. 

I felt as if I was being punished for having more success than him. 

I guarantee that if I’d told him I was a law firm receptionist or a bartender or waitress etc he wouldn’t have behaved that way and he would have paid or at least gone Dutch with the bill. 

I didn’t hear from him in a while and then I bumped into him at a social gathering with our mutual friends. He turned up with his fiancé, a 24 year old part time barista full time English Literature student. 

I’m still single.

2PQEAssociateHunnyyy 23 April 21 12:35

We were both trainees at the time and started dating but it wasn’t serious we just went on a few dates and were getting to know one another.

I soon realised he was quite clingy and possessive. He would make rounds to the floor I was in for my seat several times a day even though he was in a seat with a different department. There was a very attractive associate in my office at the time who I got on very well with and the other trainee who I was dating was clearly jealous of him and us together even though there was nothing going on. 

I found out from the sexy associate that the trainee had approached him privately and asked him to stay away from me.

I had never been so embarrassed in my life. Then I confronted and cut things off with the trainee only for him to start leaving flowers and chocolates and cards on my desk which drew even more attention to the situation and the partner and other lawyers on the floor noticed and it just generally left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. I’m trying to make a good impression during my TC and he ruined that for me. 


I ended up dating the associate instead and we’ve been together ever since. The trainee didn’t get kept on with the firm at the end of the TC. 

HarlotHarriet 23 April 21 12:39

I’ll keep it short and sweet. 

My sugar daddy was a law firm partner.... his wife caught us. 

TattleTaleTilly 23 April 21 12:43

My worst date was a lawyer I met on a dating app.

He looked nothing like his pics and clearly used old photos from a decade ago when he still had his hairline. 

The worst part wasn’t that he turned out to be bald, but that he turned out to be a full on Tory.

Anonymous 23 April 21 13:19

That are awful aren't they, those Tories? So closed minded, bigoted and intolerant. 

They aren't like us. So pure of heart and body.

Osdad 23 April 21 13:25

@2PQEAssociateHunnyyy @ 12:35 

"... a very attractive associate in my office at the time who I got on very well with ... clearly [made him] jealous ... even though there was nothing going on [????] ... sexy associate [!!!!????] ... I ended up dating the associate instead [!!!!!!!!!!!???!?!?!?!?] ..." 

There's some deeper, juicier details to this story that you're not sharing for sure - at least tell us whether you caused him to have an emotional breakdown in the cubicles??

Touker 23 April 21 18:14

@2PQEAssociateHunnyyy @ 12:35 Nothing was going on between you and the associate but you both conveniently started dating afterwards? Something doesn't add up, I think you're being selective with the details

Anonymous 26 April 21 11:24

Well I for one think that it was totally unreasonable for your then-partner to be jealous of your relationship with the person that you ended up hooking up with immediately after him.

Clearly he was being paranoid and seeing something which didn't exist. 

Something something toxic masculinity.

MyDamnBiscuits 27 April 21 17:16

Went on a date with a divorced tax lawyer in his early 40s. I was a relatively young trainee - (at 26) & we were set up by a mutual friend. I later found out he had hounded mutual friend to set us up because he thought I would be an easy shag. It was horrendous - he claimed to have done badly out of the divorce and was horrifically bitter. Three drinks in and he was ranting about “women these days” and how previous generations had had it easy because “women knew their place”. I was lucky the hot bartender had clearly been reading the vibes and came over the check I was ok. With his help I managed to ditch the tax lawyer, but I did get said bartender’s number and hooked up a few weeks after. 9 years on and we are still together.
I would say never date a lawyer but that’s hardly fair. Never date a bitter divorced misogynist tax partner with boundary issues. 

Anonymous1233456 29 April 21 17:06

My (former) sugar daddy is a partner at a big international firm. We arranged to meet whenever he returned to the UK but I had to call it a day when he asked to wear my tights because he likes the feeling of Lycra.

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