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"So motivational!" -👍-

The aggrieved wife of a partner at a US law firm has won support from a number of lawyers who may not have been aware of exactly what they were applauding.

"Just saw this and wanted to share", wrote 'JJ' in her cryptic post on LinkedIn earlier this week.

She continued, "People may betray you, lie to you, do mean and selfish things to you, but we just have to remember that they are only hurting themselves, and we can chose [sic] how we react to their actions. So remember to always strive to be kind, truthful and compassionate to others!"

JJ included an image of a woman looking serene below the message, "THE BEST REVENGE IS ALWAYS TO JUST HAPPILY MOVE ON AND LET KARMA DO THE REST".

JJ did not appear ready to 'happily move on' herself just yet, however, as she pointedly tagged in a female partner who works with her husband. 

linkedin revenge

Amateurs subtweet, professionals sublink.

Dozens of high-powered professionals in the region 'liked' the well-connected woman's post, including partners and Managing Partners at Gibson Dunn, Millbank, MoFo and Reed Smith, while the Managing Partner of the local branch of DLA Piper commented, "God Bless. On my best days yes. And I am working on the weaker days...". 

Sources suggested to RollOnFriday that the approving lawyers may have mistaken something rather messy for another 'inspirational' LinkedIn story. The repeated references to being wronged and taking revenge might have served as a clue.

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Glenn Close 01 October 21 09:18

hEH at all the old boys addicted to lame networking obliviously cheering The War of the Roses

Anonymous 01 October 21 09:30

They know. They're delighted to give the partner at ******* ***** a kicking by proxy

Anonymous 01 October 21 12:28

LinkedIn "likes" are such a load of bollocks. Anyone who has the potential to refer work to lawyers, accountants, bankers etc can post any old rubbish and it gets masses of "likes".

Post that you've moving to a new in-house role and they deluged you with "likes" and fatulous comments.  

My particular favourite is when lawyers - and its always lawyers - generally in the Middle East or some shitty central Asian country - post that they are going to be General Counsel of "Confidential" and - again - "Congratulations James, great move!"  "Well done Sarah, you really deserve it." "Good one Dave."  How do you know? "Confidential" could be anyone.  It could be a cattle-prod company or the Taliban or Fayed.... 

SecularJurist 02 October 21 21:48

Linked in isn't for me. One hears it's good for 'networking' but privacy is sacrificed. 

OBL 05 October 21 20:24

Hey anon @ 12:28 what’s wrong with being GC at any of those organisations? One in particular is on the up and up at the moment!

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