Brinks Mat 1983

I just read that if you are British and have bought any gold jewellery in the UK since 1983, it probably contains gold from the robbery.  That's fascinating considering how little of the gold was recovered.

1983. The same year as Spandau Ballet's hit single 'Gold'. A prescient reminder of the indestructible nature of gold.  Gold. Gold. Always believe in your soul. You've got the power to know. 

easier to launder it at home I assume.

I do respect how they still have most of it though.. I'm hoping they've told family members where it's hidden in the event of their deaths, or will someone find it in 1000 years and sell it to the British Museum who will speculate on why it was buried (like they do with Roman / Saxon hoardes).

PCs John Fordham and Neil Murphy were observing Kenneth Noye and Reeder handling the gold.  Noye's dogs went for the undercover Fordham and Noye murdered him.


The jury acquittal of Noye for that was the single worst jury decision in English legal history.  Completely, totally, and utterly brain-dead morons.  They should have been banned from ever serving on juries again - and from breeding to get their shit-w**k DNA out of humanity.

I like the fact that they found some of it sitting in the bank of england

It also funded buildings at cheltenham ladies, alma of some of rof's greatest fettes.  I wonder if any of them dormed under lovely famous moody bricks?

I find this stuff fascinating.  BM links to hatton garden links to the Adams family, mysterious "Basil" and the murder of John "Goldfinger" palmer.

I would post a link to an article on this but it's daily hate

I find it unbelievable that people are disbelieving of the worst corruption accusations when you see how far these bastards' tentacles stretch. I can only imagine what it must be like to be real Line of Duty or SOCA when you have all these bent bastards working for these aunts. Also if you have a shred of morality left in MI5 and have to let it all run for the "greater good".