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RollOnFriday has launched a dating app for people in the legal community and those who want to meet them: Lawyr.

The app is open to all legal types: solicitors, barristers, law students, business services, legal PAs and judges. Those outside the legal community can sign up to Lawyr too - but they can only date the legal types. That's right: 100% normal is banned.

If you’re a lawyer, it’s finally a chance to trade off your status. You slogged through law school, you scored a great gig, but now the only people you ever see are either telling you to work all weekend, or trying to avoid you telling them to work all weekend. Now is your time. Date other lawyers and share your hopes, dreams, and favourite judgments. Or, meet non-lawyers who can appreciate what you bring to the table, such as, well, everything about you, surely. 

For the non-lawyers interested in dating someone in the legal community: yes, some of them may look as if they're exhausted, and sustained on a diet of black coffee and egg sandwiches, but they mean well.

The legal community is filled with people who are bright, hard-working, funny - sometimes intentionally funny - and they're easy to introduce to your parents, friends, children or pets. In fact, why are we even selling this? It's obvious you need a legal type. Everyone does. Not just to hire - but to hold (subject to Covid restrictions, obviously).

Lawyr is available on iOS and Android. To find love in law, download Lawyr on the Apple App store or the Google Play Store. Or you can sign-up online.

The app is being launched while everyone is still stuck in lockdown, but with the aim that users can meet up when pub gardens open on 12th April. In the meantime, of course, people can make proper use of their Zoom skills by getting on this while stuck inside.

Your constructive feedback is very welcome (as the app might be a little rough around the edges at this early stage), but no green-ink messages, please. 

Most importantly, if you use the app, do stay safe when meeting a new person. Read some safety tips here

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Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE 19 March 21 09:44

If they wanted to leave one of the letters out of “lawyer”, they should have gone for the “W”

Anonymous 19 March 21 09:44

I'm guessing this is a direct result of reading the horror stories on the ROF forum?

Lord Harley-Davidson 19 March 21 09:47

You can still have cybersex over Zoom. Remember to wear your mask (in case that pesky trainee takes a screen-grab of you again).

Anonymous 19 March 21 10:00

I think this is brilliant. The fact is that lawyers like to date other lawyers, and there’ll also be a load of non lawyers out there more than happy to meet up with extremely wealthy, highly educated people. 

I also think this is a pretty clever move by RoF as they are probably the only outfit that could launch such a venture. 

Good on them for at least giving it a go and doing something a bit different. 

Legal Seagull 19 March 21 11:36

Good idea ROF! At last lawyers get kudos on a dating app. I will be signing up 

Paralegal 19 March 21 11:45

you forgot paralegals, unfortunately, it is the usual trend in legal profession to be fair...

anonimo 19 March 21 11:50

On making partner I received an invitation to join a club for successful men and beautiful women. I always wondered whether there was the equivalent club for successful women and beautiful men which I wished I had received an invitation to - which never came.

Lawyer with a Dad bod (but not a Dad) 19 March 21 12:44

My abs can't compete on other dating apps like Hinge and Bumble, so this has got to be worth a go...

Anon123 19 March 21 13:26

Will profiles boast of the size of following, directory rankings and other keen interests, e.g. humble-bragging on LinkedIn and Twitter and ordering Deliveroo?

I find the idea cringy

Anonymous 19 March 21 13:35

I joined and matched with Biggie.


He basically keeps nagging me and moaning about litigator salaries. I'm so wet.

Anonymous 19 March 21 14:48

Zanaib - why would the SRA's workload increase? Surely they aren't interested in who lawyers are dating?

Duchess of Sussex 19 March 21 21:34

Is this an infringement of my copyright, having invested in Clevr Brands? 

No e, she had that cut off.

THE PAGINATOR 22 March 21 20:55

THE PAGINATOR (who refers to himself in the third person always) has been awaiting this app.

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