A Swiss firm has buried staff up to their necks in fruit and vegetables.

Watt law's singular vision ensures that people will be muttering its name as they browse its website. One lawyer is photographed in a pile of aubergines. Another is framed with courgettes.


















The cherry on top is an animation which is triggered when a reader rolls their cursor over a portrait. The image flips over. Only to reveal the same image again:

oramge anim


Congratulation on your fruity heroics, Watt (tf) Law. If you've seen a site with an OD of vitamin C, tip off ROF.

Tip Off ROF


Sorrydidyousaysomething 14 September 18 10:39

I love these.  They are so much fun and really make me want to instruct those guys.

Anonymous 14 September 18 10:46

Missed opportunity for a "Here's Johnny!" tagline to the pictures ...*



* I realise no-one was called John or Johnny, but nevertheless, still a missed opportunity.

J 14 September 18 13:33

They somehow also resisted the temptation to use avocados, which also means 'lawyer' in French... (not sure if that makes it better or worse)

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