This week's bonkers law firm website livens up its staff portraits by dropping in some jungle beasts.

Inspired by a trip to the zoo and massive amounts of industrial-grade weed, the PR guru hired by German firm Wirth decided to pose the three-man team with deadly animals.

The resulting mixture of live-action solicitors and photoreal predators is a refreshing change from drab portrait shots. But as a sequel to Disney's Jungle Book remake, it leaves a lot to be desired. Resorting to a hackneyed storyline in which Mowgli takes his pals to the big city, they appear to have deserted him to practice corporate law. And are now promoting an extremely dubious message.


Norman would show this bear who was boss. The bear.



Daniel made some strong arguments, but was still ingested. 



Tobias suddenly realised he was no longer the alpha, and would have to cede all his womenfolk to Ian. 

Best wishes to the survivors of the Wirth menagerie. If you've spotted lawyers making chimps of themselves, or hanging out with chimps, tell RollOnFriday.


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