A property firm has asked its employees to reveal what cartoon character they would like to be, and published their enlightening choices on their profile pages.

Clients and tots alike will delight in learning something a little less 'ruh-roh' and a bit more 'Barnacles!" about their solicitors, before everyone returns to the mundane drudgery of conveyancing. 

Welcome to the hypothetically fun world of The Partnership Property Solicitors.

Partnership 1



Partnership 2


Partnership 3bon



Partnership 6



Partnership 7



Parternship 8



Partnership 9












Partnership 10



Partnership dog


Well done Partnership Property Solicitors. Stroll through the hall of bonkerdom for other legal websites with a touch of the crazy, and if you know any, do spill the beans.

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Anonymous 16 November 18 09:32

You really have to question the acumen of any firm that would do this to themselves.  This type of fatuous bollockry would actively drive me into the arms of a competitor.

Anonymous 16 November 18 13:49

I'm mad me!  I like cartoons and shit music, but please do trust me with your conveyance.  It'll be a right laugh.  Look at my hips!  Go on, look at them!  LOOK AT THEM!

Anon 16 November 18 14:17

With some of these answers, I’m guessing a fair few identified with the British Virgin Islands. 

Peter Ambrose 16 November 18 17:38

Thank you SO much for this coverage - we only found out about it when three or four candidates applied to work here and gave this article as the reason why they wanted to join!

We're just a bit upset because a bunch of our team weren't commented on - why not?


Peter Ambrose

aka Mr Selfridge's biggest fan!

Anon 18 November 18 14:59

If I were a cartoon character/TV star etc.

This error puts me in a right (subjunctive) mood.

Peter Ambrose 20 November 18 08:46

VERY interesting point about the use of subjunctive.  We have been battling this point for many months because there is such a range of an opinion on the matter.

In the end we decided to settle with the Mi Ure approach but suffice to say - it does trouble us...

Look out for a potential subjunctive switch ...

Anonymous 20 November 18 16:48

So instead of a brief description of the employees background in the legal sector (very worrying) the owner has chosen to tell us why his employees like a certain cartoon character! Its good to know that if I chose to engage this firm that my chosen lawyer will be able to name all 101 Dalmatians but probably have no clue how to draft a lease...

Peter Ambrose 18 February 19 09:00

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

These comments reflect the core problems with the legal industry today.

Lack of confidence as demonstrated by anonymous postings and blinding arrogance.

Why are our lawyers incompetent because we enable them to demostrate their personality.  In our direct experience, the background of a lawyer has no relevance to their ability.  Maybe if we posted photographs of people in front of bookshelfs, explaining they have been "doing law" for 25 years, that would really make us stand out as innovators.

But hey Anonymous - what do I know - I run an expert and successful business that has been trading for 10 years - what's your background and expertise?

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