Adrian Chiles - banal watch!…



What will it be next? Maybe re-threading shoe laces where the plastic (flugelbinder) breaks off?

classic christmas space filler -  that said people would yawn if that was posted on rof so how it made it onto the pages of a national newspaper is curous.

Chiles seems to have staggering success with the banal.  He now seems to be making a fortune from the fact he used to drink quite a bit and now drinks a bit less - without the usual misery porn of drunken exploits/losing everything/waking up in a skip.     He has some sort of genius for making a success out of nothing that I cannot quite put my finger on. 

Its true Bertha, but most people who have this sort of career have more natural wit than Chiles or at least some sort of USP, he really does make a career of being an amiable but very average bloke -  with no obvious talents - I cant think of anyone else quite the same.

The Guardian could publish any random Christmas thread from rof and it would be considerably more entertaining

and it isn't just christmas space filler. 

there must be thousands of better writers out there who would kill for a fraction of his exposure. He doesn't even try to be interesting, funny, or have a smart take on something. 

can we crowd fund sending Chiles to the moon?  The copy he'd return from there would be so dull it would end space exploration, and then maybe Musk would get around to curing Malaria.

I feel there'll be more to this shaggy dog tale. You just know he's setting this for the denouement in about six months time. A master storyteller.  

'I don't like sand' is a reference to the famous love scene in Star Wars Attack of the Clones. Adrian is Anakin. For Croatia read Tattooine. A poignant tribute of his heritage. As always with Chiles it passes

 momentarily like Japanese blossom. A brief glimpse into a visionary soul. 

"I considered stopping completely but, frankly, I enjoyed it too much". 

Extract from Chiles' new book. 

Heh. This is my burden Kimmy. Middle aged banal white bloke is targeted by ads for unfunny crap by Google analytics. Like the alt right asshole who scoffed at the Guardian for being seemingly woke, but having adverts for escort services on the site. 

Coren G is an boring tede - had to speak to him for a fundraiser thing I did I while back as a volunteer when I was 21

He spent 5 minutes telling me about how crap the food was at Keble (like I cared) and also random inappropriate things about his gf at the time 

not entirely surprised he has ended up in the anti woke brigade