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Lithe count
by Goethe Cash
1 by Sir Woke XR Re…
9:39 AM 1/6/23
When you manage to wait till the eBook you've been wanting to buy
by PerfidiousPorpoise
0 by PerfidiousPorpoise
9:31 AM 1/6/23
Am I larger than average...
by Ego Brainiac
3 by Davos2021
9:07 AM 1/6/23
ITV “instructs a barrister” to review the PS matter
by Bertha
21 by Ego Brainiac
8:35 AM 1/6/23
Optimist or several cards shy of a full deck?
by Glasserz
14 by Sir Woke XR Re…
8:30 AM 1/6/23
Masterchef- Anyone been watching this series
by ebitda
5 by ebitda
8:10 AM 1/6/23
Seeing over the horizon
by Prodigal Son
2 by Asturias Es Mi…
7:57 AM 1/6/23
"Kosovo is the heart of Serbia. Stop the violence"
by BarryZuckercorn
12 by Sir Woke XR Re…
7:52 AM 1/6/23
Trump in a cartoon
by Jellymonster
1 by 3-ducks
12:05 AM 1/6/23
by Muttley
23 by Wang's Upon a Time
12:04 AM 1/6/23
The Dukes of Hazzard and the A Team
by St John Hawke
3 by 3-ducks
11:50 PM 31/5/23
The Gallows Pole (BBC2 now)
by Jellymonster
5 by Bentines
10:04 PM 31/5/23
Antiques for beginners
by Bentines
30 by Bentines
9:02 PM 31/5/23
The next big Tozza scandal
by jamiestone1
12 by The Oracle of Delphi
8:31 PM 31/5/23
2 girls one cup
by Jellymonster
5 by Jellymonster
8:19 PM 31/5/23
Selling a portion of fried chicken for £13
by AmItheSucker
11 by Guy Crouchback
7:55 PM 31/5/23
Ted Lasso
by Geoff Roe
5 by Guy Crouchback
7:54 PM 31/5/23
At what point did the phrase "I am over it"
by Guy Crouchback
1 by Bertha
7:28 PM 31/5/23
by canaryjim
1 by 3-ducks
6:57 PM 31/5/23
What's the main reason you don't live in Scotland?
by Rhamnousia
82 by justsometwaton…
6:57 PM 31/5/23
heh heh heh
by clubman
1 by 3-ducks
6:07 PM 31/5/23
invisalign - have u tried it?
by Rhamnousia
31 by ebitda
5:46 PM 31/5/23
Good job India has plenty of water to waste
by ChuffyChufnell
1 by 3-ducks
5:22 PM 31/5/23
A must read judgment… every para gets better
by clubman
13 by 3-ducks
5:16 PM 31/5/23
Those reels on Facebook, Instagram etc with amateur sketches
by 3-ducks
5 by 3-ducks
5:14 PM 31/5/23
WTF is this
by AmItheSucker
2 by 3-ducks
5:12 PM 31/5/23
Nvidia- Worth a punt on the back of the AI piece?
by ebitda
6 by Goethe Cash
5:08 PM 31/5/23
Capitalism at its finest
by Iamlong
0 by Iamlong
4:34 PM 31/5/23
Who is The Secret Tory?
by Jellymonster
33 by Barney
4:31 PM 31/5/23
even barristers succumb to the lure of private equity.
by clubman
8 by ebitda
4:19 PM 31/5/23
Lord of the Rings - Gollum
by Guy Crouchback
9 by LawPerson
3:41 PM 31/5/23
Al Pacinos Partner to give birth in the next month
by ebitda
22 by Rhamnousia
3:39 PM 31/5/23
by GwenllianJones
22 by GeoffLepard
1:54 PM 31/5/23
A really simple AI question
by SummerSails
23 by Bertha
1:42 PM 31/5/23
If three randoms turned up at your house thinking it was holiday accommodation
by Rhamnousia
14 by Guy Crouchback
1:04 PM 31/5/23
My best timepiece
by Ego Brainiac
11 by Jellymonster
1:04 PM 31/5/23
A few North Korean scientists/engineers
by PerfidiousPorpoise
8 by Peter Principle
12:47 PM 31/5/23
Brexit was a cynical dereliction of duty by our leaders
by Jellymonster
50 by Fence Foal
12:28 PM 31/5/23
ok, robot entrepreneurs: some free ideas to make you millions
by Heffalump
7 by Heffalump
12:17 PM 31/5/23
what sort of a person do you reckon watches This Morning?
by Rhamnousia
18 by ChuffyChufnell
11:45 AM 31/5/23
Criminal on Netflix
by Wang's Upon a Time
0 by Wang's Upon a Time
10:49 AM 31/5/23
by Rhamnousia
3 by Tricky Woo
10:27 AM 31/5/23
Elizabeth Holmes
by PerfidiousPorpoise
17 by PerfidiousPorpoise
10:24 AM 31/5/23
Ben Houchen: the Robert Moses of Teesside
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
1 by jamiestone1
10:12 AM 31/5/23
Blackouts of '74 on C5
by 3-ducks
25 by benj_warrant
10:02 AM 31/5/23
Leaving a jobbie without saying goodbye
by Peter Principle
0 by Peter Principle
9:46 AM 31/5/23
Will this turn the US election
by Muttley
49 by Bertha
8:56 AM 31/5/23
Leaving a job without saying goodbye
by Goethe Cash
6 by Donny Darko's …
8:50 AM 31/5/23
The Heritage Foundation v Prince Harry
by AmItheSucker
0 by AmItheSucker
8:39 AM 31/5/23
Your favorites strategies, stratagems, devices, mechanisms and hey, yes, even hacks, for killing time while the man is paying you to be on duty
by Goethe Cash
13 by Davos2021
8:36 AM 31/5/23
Do you think people in London lost the ability to move about efficiently in busy places
by Rhamnousia
20 by Davos2021
8:27 AM 31/5/23
Sacking it in and becoming a full time parent
by Davos2021
26 by Davos2021
7:04 AM 31/5/23
So Phil is admitting an affair with a much younger man...
by Dogwarden
172 by Bertha
6:06 AM 31/5/23
Property porn Tuesday
by Goethe Cash
36 by eeyore
11:01 PM 30/5/23
Starmer's oil and gas ban
by Rhamnousia
34 by Sir Woke XR Re…
10:53 PM 30/5/23
Fast and Furious 9 on Netflix
by SummerSails
2 by Bertha
9:24 PM 30/5/23
Ronnie O'Sullivan on Desert Island Discs
by High Guise
12 by aviator
9:24 PM 30/5/23
Covid inquiry-What chance BJ will release his notes, whats app messages by 4 today
by ebitda
9 by Bertha
9:17 PM 30/5/23
Need a leaving message for a card for a colleague I hardly know
by Sumoking
25 by Muttley
9:03 PM 30/5/23
‘Jazz’ on PBS America
by Prodigal Son
6 by Bertha
8:56 PM 30/5/23
Remember, if you're dying of cancer and want the NHS to help you
by AmItheSucker
38 by Bertha
8:55 PM 30/5/23
What is your summer coat like?
by Rhamnousia
9 by Bertha
8:41 PM 30/5/23
Game changers
by Goethe Cash
8 by Guy Crouchback
8:37 PM 30/5/23
The Ten Hag revolution has begun...
by Transdimensional_Sex_Bee
101 by Transdimension…
7:14 PM 30/5/23
Simon Barnes article help pls
by Wang's Upon a Time
23 by Elephantinthew…
7:08 PM 30/5/23
Have you ever been tempted to run around the office stark bollock naked shrieking
by High Guise
1 by Rof Royalty
5:45 PM 30/5/23
Something earth-shatteringly awful happened to a friend today
by Oliver Twist
11 by Scep Tick
5:38 PM 30/5/23
How do you stop yourself w*nking when wfh?
by jamiestone1
0 by jamiestone1
4:27 PM 30/5/23
Work headphones
by alan on post
9 by Ego Brainiac
4:24 PM 30/5/23
AI not a threat
by Hobbes
14 by Bertha
4:24 PM 30/5/23
Motley Fool
by nextstop
2 by strutter
3:42 PM 30/5/23
How do you stop yourself snacking when wfh?
by Guy Crouchback
9 by AmItheSucker
3:13 PM 30/5/23
How do you stop yourself w**king when WFH?
by rogermellie
0 by rogermellie
2:58 PM 30/5/23
How do you stop yourself snacking when wfw?
by Jellymonster
0 by Jellymonster
2:41 PM 30/5/23
River Mole Twitching Update
by Wang's Upon a Time
33 by Pez Vela
2:30 PM 30/5/23
Pump technology - where did it go
by hotnow
1 by Transdimension…
2:30 PM 30/5/23
"Scientific certainty"
by benj_warrant
1 by Buzz.
2:28 PM 30/5/23
Tempted to upgrade my kids
by Actus Reus
0 by Actus Reus
2:10 PM 30/5/23
Tempted to upgrade my Kindle
by PerfidiousPorpoise
1 by Jellymonster
2:02 PM 30/5/23
I'm lighting the fire.....
by Dogwarden
0 by Dogwarden
1:34 PM 30/5/23
Easy drinking red reccos please
by Bertha
27 by Judy Carter
1:24 PM 30/5/23
No. NOT "cute"
by PerfidiousPorpoise
11 by PerfidiousPorpoise
1:03 PM 30/5/23
Restrictions cannot end for years
by Rhamnousia
136 by Davos2021
1:02 PM 30/5/23
Analysis of the Military Position In Ukraine - 29 May
by Warren
4 by Warren
12:38 PM 30/5/23
Did you know retailers can give kids free vape ‘samples’?
by Bertha
7 by AmItheSucker
12:35 PM 30/5/23
Simon Bates article help pls
by Peter Principle
1 by St John Hawke
12:00 PM 30/5/23
Can we have a day with no aggro?
by High Guise
1 by Goethe Cash
11:31 AM 30/5/23
Turkish lira down 91% against USD over ten years
by High Guise
18 by Goethe Cash
11:30 AM 30/5/23
Life satisfaction audit
by Rhamnousia
21 by Rhamnousia
10:50 AM 30/5/23
Anyone off to Wembley today?
by Shatner's bassoon
30 by kingfaff
10:47 AM 30/5/23
Looks like sectioning is now going to become a sternly worded suggestion in London the
by Rhamnousia
20 by Escaping Puppy
10:39 AM 30/5/23
Hedgehog cruelty
by Peter Principle
3 by Davos2021
10:38 AM 30/5/23
Leicester City
by T Pot
22 by Inceh
10:28 AM 30/5/23
Just in from Coopers Hill…
by Marshall Hall
1 by benj_warrant
10:19 AM 30/5/23
Child friendly resort recommendations
by Davos2021
46 by Guy Crouchback
10:09 AM 30/5/23
Post bank holiday work
by Dogwarden
8 by Glasserz
10:08 AM 30/5/23
No sign of U.K. BTL being anything other than a sustained good investment despite naysaying from lawyers whose aversion to acclimating assets explains why they’ll always be slave to the wage (or the drawings, which FYI is same as a wage so check ur ego)
by Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE
57 by High Guise
9:39 AM 30/5/23
by High Guise
0 by High Guise
8:25 AM 30/5/23
I seem to have just invented the italicised emoji
by High Guise
1 by The Oracle of Delphi
8:18 AM 30/5/23
Cookies on websites
by YearofthePig
4 by AmItheSucker
8:12 AM 30/5/23