CPC 2023

Ny1 going? I wanted to but couldn’t get the time off work, sadly. 

The atmosphere must be wonderful following Shap’s keynote yesterday. The real irony is that I’m on strike this week so could have gone. 

Probably worth going this year if you're still a worthless piece of sh1t Tory like Judy or crypto. Once they're down to single figure MP numbers the smug levels will presumably be pretty low, which can't be fun for you sociopaths.

the after parties and casual sex opportunities are probably quite good

people in declining societies tend to become decadent

itll be like berlin in the twenties

There is literally nobody there under the age of 70 who isn't on their payroll or a journo. The casual sex opportunities are probably a bit niche.


Actually can you imagine how awful it must be being one of the horsey blond researchers they go in for at conference.  Being gawped and pawed at by an endless series of red faced dirty old men from the shires while drinking warm gin and flat tonic and trying to pretend it makes sense to waste your 20s working for a political party that will be lucky to see power again before you turn 40. 

The conference is now going so badly it would almost be worth going just for a good laugh. Main speeches moved to a smaller venue to avoid empty seats. Open infighting amongst cabinet ministers.


I hope she does a medley of her greatest hits. I want to hear he latest views on the blob, the anti-growth coalition, the cabal of woke-elite bankers who moved against her. 

‘the cabal of woke-elite bankers who moved against her’

oh she’ll be complaining to the manager alright