Euro 2024

Dearth of chatter on here says ‘nuff about England’s chances tbf. 

Ropey defence and injuries leave us vulnerable.  Only hope is for the team to gel and go all out attack and aim to score as many as possible.  

That doesn't often work however; it's normally the team with the best defence that wins tournaments, that and the ability to edge tight games.

If england dont win it will be a national humiliation on an almost apocalyptic scale:


  1. Best Team
  2. Best player from Champions League final
  3. Highest Revenue League
  4. Settled manager and squad
  5. Experience from previous tourneys

i've been wildly optimistic about the last two tournaments but don't feel optimistic at all about this one. suspect some embarrassing group stage travails are on the cards

Perhaps if we’re ignoring defence (including DM)

Declan Rice is the DM and an extremely fine player. Shaw is now fit apparently too.

The biggest weakness is Southgates over abundance of caution. 

I’m fvcking bored of the whole “we don’t have any holding midfielders” BS. All of Bellingham, Rice and Mainoo have played absolutely loads of football as No.6 or No.8. The idea that modern footballers are so lacking in tactical intelligence or discipline that they can only play one role is ridic

after a brief period of tactical enlightenment we’re heading back to the Gerrard/Lampard thjng of star players just being allowed to play how they like

Bellingham isn't a holding midfield FFS. Would be the dumbest decision in international football history and Southgate would be laughed at. He could do the job I guess but would be even more stupid that shoving scholes on the wing used to be. 

He played his entire pre madrid career in central midfield and Ancelotti only made him a no.10 because Madrid didn’t have anyone else to play there. 

He hardly stooshes them in for England, 3 goals in 29 caps, and his passing and creative qualities are just as useful from deep. He is an adept ball winner and that was a key part of his role in all of his teams until literally this season.

It’s cute watching you guys talk football.

Mainoo was part of Mancheater UTD side who were laughably porous in midfield and conceded the most shots on goal of any team but one.

Bellingham has great PR but ghosted in every CL knockout round.

Rice is ok.

Team should be built around Goden.

Don’t @ me.

Chinorder thinks a left back who will be playing in the conference in 2 years should be starting in midfield for England. We can safely ignore him and his Goden noncesense.

Bellingham has just had a GOAT season at Madrid in his best position at 10. Getting him on the ball in the final 3rd is the best hope of going deep. 

Mainoo and Rice can and should do the job in central mid. 

Trent is a last throw of the dice wing back and set piece specialist if we need an equaliser late on. 

It is depressing that in my lifetime these are the major tournament win stats:

France 4

Germany 4

Spain 3

Italy 2

England 0


It's difficult to get excited, even though this is probably the (equal?) best England squad during that period.


The team is (quite remarkably, compared to the last 20-odd years) good, with players of real quality (though agree defence has some real issues).  But where we're going to come unstuck is through lack of managerial/tactical nous.  Southgate is simply incapable of coaching attack in the manner of an Emery or even a Howe  - we end up attempting to play the possession game but in a mind-numbingly ponderous fashion that gives any decent team plenty of time to get their defence ready.  Given Southgate's abilities he should probably coach us to do the low block and make fast incisive counters (essentially, Ten Hag tactics).  But he plays the way he thinks the meeja and the FA want us to play.  Fookin muppet.  

It's difficult to on-level past managers to today's environment but the equivalent of Robson, Venables, Capello or Eriksson would probably win at least one of the 2020-2024 tournaments with the players available.

It won't be Portugal.  Great players, but CR37 is way past his use-by date and Martinez is a Southgate level muppet.  

France obvs, Italy normally have the street smarts to do well, agree Germany could do something given Dortmund got to the CL final, Bayern to the CL semi and Leverkusen finished ahead of both in their league.