Tory messaging now is about size of Labour Majority

"Dont give Starmer a blank check"

All damage limitation.

Extraordinary.  Has one of the two major parties ever given up on an election like this before?

It does not even make any sense -  a majority of 50 and Starmer is just as strong as with a majority of 200.  The country will be a far better place if Lib Dems are the official opposition, not the dead in the water discredited rump of the Tory party. 

He needs a link as otherwise can sealion indefinitely from his "comfortable pen pusher thinks things okay" standpoint. 

Sunak's manifesto is like Gary Glitter publishing plans for an anti-grooming charity. The guy's an out of touch uber aunt whose delusion of untouchability familiar to anyone that's encountered clueless public school boys in law firms is compounding the fook-ups his predecessors have wrought on this country. 

out of touch? nonsense. do you not know that he his family couldn't afford Sky when he was growing up?

well, probably not so much couldn't afford as chose not to get it, but this does sound like a pretty traumatic childhood tbf

‘I would love it if the Lib Dems were the opposition party, love it [/keegan]‘

but I'll tell you, you can tell him now if you're watching it, we're still fighting for this election, and he's got to go to Henley-on-Thames and get something, and... and... I'll tell you, honestly, I will love it if we beat them, love it! 

Diceman - Shapps has definitely thrown the towel in:


"It’s perfectly legitimate to say the country doesn’t function well when you get majorities the size of Blair’s or even bigger, and we would say there are a lot of very good, hardworking MPs who can hold the government of the day to account and we’d say those are Conservative MPs"



sky thing was extraordinary - the biggest hardship Sunak has ever endured is not having sky tv so he could concentrate on  school work? -Hard to believe this not a Daily Mash spoof.   He would have been far better off saying he has been very luck and never suffered any material hardship.  The man seems to have an unerring ability to say and do precisely the wrong thing.

Lib Dems as offical oppo would be acers.   Hopefully they could help push Starmer into actually getting some sort of radical change the country needs.






This from Grant Shapps this morinng:


"And we would say there are a lot of very good, hardworking MPs who can hold the government of the day to account. And we’d say those are Conservative MPs.”

Unbelievable really.

I have a slight concern that winning a whole lot of marginal seats in the south-east is maybe the worst thing that could happen for getting Labour to make some of the most important changes we need. 

Every Labour MP in the home counties is going to end up a voice against meaningful planning reform and home building. 

Funny thing is that the latest YouGov poll gave Labour a lower vote share than they got under Corbyn in 2017, but because of the Tory implosion this would translate into about a billion seats.

GG, yes but look at how LD vote grew in that poll.   It is not like the old days  LD votes are not evenly spread - what is happening is that those people in constiuencies where LDs are second are switching from Lab to LD as the election gets closer and people see the lie of the land. 

60 per cent of the electorate despise this Tory government and what they have done to the country over the last 15 years and will vote for whoever they need to get them out.  Another 15% are even more loonie xenophobic than the current iteration of the government and will likely vote Reform.  That is why the Tories are going to win very few seats.

"a super-majority is dangerous" is literally the shittest argument I have ever heard made in a general election campaign.

You don't like me, but you should vote for me, because if you do vote for the people that you do like, they might do stuff that I don't like even though I have spent the last 14 years doing a whole bunch of shit that you didn't like.

Tommy they are desperate and this line may actually save a few Tory MPs.  If they had any hope of winning then it would of course be shyte.  They have given up the idea of winning.

You're right Guy. Being a GP (like Sunak's Dad) is being a member of the billionaire class. I wonder if Beer's Dad (Engineering Firm owner) is more or less wealthy than a GP?