Farage willing to lead a merged Conservative/Reform party after the election, appaz

Proof, if proof were needed, that this is the shittest of all the infinite parallel universes when this comes to pass in this one.

and what's happening with Dominic Cummings "start up party" has he realised he has the charisma of a squid yet and jacked the idea or does he still think telling people the bleedingly obvious popular zeitgiest is a magic power that will propel him back into government?


Farage would be willing to lead a Chinese dragon made of used syringes and cholera infested shit bound together with paedophiles' jizz if he was paid for it. Not sure him committing to this says much. 

If the Tories lose as bad as current polls it is hard to say what the fook will happen to the right in British politics over the next five years but I do not think we can assume the Conservative party will emerge a chastened but still recognisable beast.   I can genuinely see the party splitting in two with a centrist party emerging and the right merging with reform.   

As I've explained before, Reform is the logical choice in this election.

It is obvious that the sources of dissatisfaction are (i) high taxes; (ii) uncontrolled immigration; and (iii) uncontrolled public spending (causing (i)). Paradoxically, these policies were pursued by a Conservative government. 

It would be madness to vote for either Labour or the Tories in these circumstances. 

For those who prefer reason over emotion, the choice is clear. 

Almost Trumpian parallels if Farage takes over the Tories. Outsider comes in, turns the party to the right, old skool One Nationers dumped to the side and the party becomes all about one man’s cult. Could see it happening TBF. 

struandirk13 Jun 24 22:34

Heh Sumo. Would they take former Lib Dem members and (almost) candidates?


I mean, Truss pretty much managed it