Reform ahead of Tories
Donny Darko's … 13 Jun 24 20:27
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Says new poll…

Heh heh and indeed heh some more (opols for the torygraph link) 

the Right a non trivial minority of 37% of the electorate 

that tbf should not be a surprise - under normal circumstances probably 40% are right, 40% left and maybe 10-20% or so swing voters.  

Not sure it should be celebrated if it’s a sign of things to come. No matter how fooking shite they have been and are, I’d still prefer the Tories in opposition rather than Reform. 

I’m not saying it’s a surprise, I’m saying it demonstrates that Labour’s impending megamadge (and it is going to be very mega indeed on these numbers) will be dependent as much on the potentially flimsy footing of right wing schism than on anything else. Labour needs to make hay while the sun shines.

That said, can the mainstream centre right and the Faragiste Le Pen-esque hard right ever be united?

seems FPTP that usually works against the left of centre parties will now work against the right. A combined 37% of the vote may yield considerably less than 100 seats.   HEH and HEH again.