Ireland reccos

Where should I go in Ireland for typical Irish welcome, craic, fiddles, food, guinness etc that's not Dublin and flies from Manchester so airports would be Belfast, Derry, Dublin, Knock, Cork and Shannon.  30 mins max from airport.

Cork and Kerry probably have the most spectacular scenery

Tbh Ireland is quite small so you could do Galway and the Aran Islands as well. The craggy island parochial house is in north Clare and is compulsory 

Not experienced the anti British thing so unless you are on a stag or following ‘the Rangers’ I’m sure it will be fine

Knock for Galway city and a drive out to Connemara is beautiful. From Shannon go for the Burren walks, and Doolin for music but also a lot of Americans. Cork if you want many pubs.

Derry is interesting to visit but not sure I'd base myself there, head into Donegal.

If you like fishing spend a week in Donegal in September and get out every day the weather permits.  Just seeing the bluefins is something else, let alone getting stuck into one.  

pollack fishing on light spinning gear with rubber worms is brilliant too (or at least was when I was there) if you can find a skipper/boat that does that 

Surely the easiest way to get to Galway is fly into Shannon and head up the M18?


30 minutes max from the airport rules out Galway though, and probably also Knock as an airport. Carrick-on-Shannon might just be within range

Slow. You do pass the Curragh racecourse and a traveller site near Athlone.

Quite a lot of stops in commuter belt but generally passing through lots of green, it is Ireland after all

chiz AR...u look like you know your stuff...please pic one for me and i will book today...i said no to Dublin city but Dublin airport is an option if that opens anything...other than that as above...

Kenmare is a very good shout.

It's a very lively town with plenty of pubs playing traditional music, it's also within shooting distance of some other popular places (such as Dingle and Killarney, where you could go to the Killarney racing festival next month if you like the gee gees)

I plan on spending 48 hours in a state where driving is a terrible idea...even in Ireland

Kenmare looks good but not 30 mins from one of my accessible airports

Neither 30 minutes from Knock.


Achill Island is as ttouristy as a stick of rock from blackpool (by Irish standards).


Westport has plenty of pubs so would be a great shout if the OP was willing to add 15 minutes for the journey

West Clare is best to find trad music.  The issue is that you need a car to get around (anywhere in Ireland).  Public transport is non existent and taxis in rural towns are very hard to find.

You could visit Limerick City which is 30 minutes away from Shannon.  There's usually trad music in Dolan's Warehouse (in the main bar).  

Nancy Blakes is good for a pint of Guinness and live (non trad) music.  

They take their Guinness seriously in Limerick.  Pubs to find a decent pint would be:

South's (famous from Angelas Ashes)

Myles Breens 

Flannery's (there are 7 pubs called Flannery's most are very good, all owned by branches of the same family, including Jerry Flannery former Irish International)

Tom Collins

The White House (a great pub for poetry nights)

There's also the new International Rugby Museum (Paul O'Connell is involved in this).

if you need a hotel in Limerick, try booking the Royal George.  Literally in the city centre.  No. 1 Pery Square is supposed to be quite good too, although I've never stayed there.  There are many half decent hotels in the city but quite a few are outside of the town centre.

I've heard that many times.  Are there any discernable differences (other than better) - like presumably the craic will still be as good and music etc.  Do I need to be wary about where to go?  Though I'm neither a Tory nor a staunch monarchist

I had some bother in Derry from a single drunken idiot, otherwise everyone was great. It’s just spectacularly beautiful. The Republic has nice landscapes too but nothing you wouldn’t easily find in England and Wales.

I would fly to Derry and then meander around the Donegal Coast and make my way down to Galway (which is an awesome town) then fly out of either Knock or Dublin. 

Donegal is stunningly, stunningly beautiful and nothing like as touristy as the south coast. It's more Gaelic speaking than many areas but I have never encountered any anti British sentiment there (mind you I am welsh with a decent amount of Irish blood). 


heh, reminded me of a joke they used to tell..

"did you hear about the container load of immigrants at Limerick docks?  Jokes on them, you can't escape Limerick that easily!"

Limerick City is often cited as being one of Irelands best kept secrets.  The people are obsessed with rugby (the only kind, union) and it never takes long for them to make it the topic of conversation.  The humour is almost identical to Liverpool (nothing taken too seriously).

It was home to Richard Harris, Dolores O'Riordan, Terry Wogan, the Collison brothers and Saint JP McManus (in Limerick, he's up there with Jesus himself).  You'll casually bump into famous rugby players and olympic athletes (they go to Gerard Hartman for physio)

Pop out to Adare Manor for a round of golf.

In the south the lakes of Killarney are one of the most beautiful places I have ever been but in peak season it is just absolutely overrun with tourists. Also helps if the weather is good, which in Ireland is you know not guaranteed!

Circa 300,000 Brits (mainly English), live by choice in Southern Ireland.  That's a high proportion of the small S Irish population made up of elective rich immigrants, so clearly they're happy there.  And circa 50% of N Ireland's population is British anyway.  You'll have no issues - Irish people (of whichever political persuasion) do not see the Brits as "foreign" in any meaningful sense.  I'm planning to do a tour of England with my family during the Summer, and v much looking forward to that too.   Donegal, in the political South, is in the geographical North, and has the best beaches and scenery in the country, especially in the S and W of the county.  Only word of waring I'd give is not to wander into scumbag parts of cities (especially Belfast, N. Side Dublin, Limerick etc) - Ireland has a serious issue with inner city hoods, and those lads will shank anybody, naive tourists included.  I’ve often noticed a kind of anti-racism among visitors to Ireland, wherein they assume that all Irish people are nice and friendly - not true - we have the same quota of inner-city toerags as anywhere ese, but for some reason, this always seems to surprise tourists.  Check out this song from Dublin grime band Ink 86 to get a cultural feel for the other side of modern Irish life, away from the touristy tin whistles and bodhrans: