From judge to catactivist.

A retired transgender judge is using kittens to influence voters in the upcoming general election.

Dr Victoria McCloud resigned as a Master in the High Court in February, citing how “I am now political every time I choose where to pee”. In retirement McCloud has decided to be political at other times, too, and has picked cats as the ideal weapon to win over the electorate.

“This is a sign of things to come”, threatened McCloud on a LinkedIn post illustrated with a picture of a pink kitten.

“The UK is heading for the most significant election since elections happened here. It is a choice and we will all play our part. We can hate or we can stay together and look outwards at the haters”, said McCloud.

“The future is rainbow, the future is kitten.”

The post was followed by an explanation of sorts. Startled voters were told that the adorable kitty “represents a real child who was born trans and who can't tell the world yet about that because she is scared. She hears all the angry grown-ups shouting about kittens like her”.

“She hopes that we will change our minds and love her rather than hate her just because of her pink fur”, said McCloud.


McCloud followed up with a warning that colourful kittens were a powerful voting bloc. “There are lots of rainbow kittens and their friends in the UK. Rainbow kittens are LGBTQIA+ kittens”, said the former judge.

“And ALL of them vote”.

“These rainbow kittens have looked up what their local candidates for the UK election have said about kittens like them”, said McCloud. “Do any of YOUR candidates in the election peddle hate, fear and anger? 'Mew'".


McCloud described being “an anatomical, endocrinogical and legal adult female” who was “as at risk of assault or rape as others”, and had been motivated to act because “moves to exclude me from hospital wards and women's washrooms and crisis centres are blind prejudice”.

Maya Forstater, a founder of gender critical charity Sex Matters, which maintains that biological women and girls should have the right to single sex spaces, has lodged complaints with the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office arguing that while still a judge, McCloud had “[engaged] publicly and inappropriately in debates on sex and gender”.

The ex-judge told ROF, “Obviously whilst the Linkedin posts come from my account, the author is actually the Trans pink kitten who is remarkably nifty with keyboards for someone with small paws”.

“She may very well post again during the election campaign but when I ask she just goes 'mew', so is playing her cards close to her (fluffy, pink) chest. 😋”

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pumpkin 14 June 24 08:58

I've been on the RoF discussion board long enough to recognise absolute horsekittens when I read it. 

In fairness 14 June 24 09:37

It is also fair for me to believe that [...] Victoria McCloud [...] is a man with gender dysphoria who has had surgery to his genitals and hormone treatments and wears make-up, because that is - whatever his belief - true. He may be a lovely person, a brilliant and incisive lawyer, a wonderful spouse, a compassionate and vocal advocate for trans rights, legally-speaking a woman and I certainly don't hate him - we just (respectfully) disagree as to who he is, and that's OK.

Anonymous 14 June 24 09:37

Well, good to see Master/Mistress McCloud silencing all of their doubters here...

Everyone who suggested that they'd completely lost the plot and were rapidly becoming an embarrassment and a liability to the wider judiciary really has egg all over their face now, don't they?


Just think, wouldn't you hate to be someone who had gone on the record as saying that their increasingly unhinged activity online had begun to call into question their fitness to practice, never mind sit on the bench? Just think how embarrassed you'd be today...

Anonymous 14 June 24 09:47

If you read about this in a history book you'd imagine that you were reading some Restoration era account of an eccentric judge who eventually teetered over into being unambiguously mad, but was allowed to quietly get on with it as a member of the landed gentry. 

You can just see it now, emerged from their chambers one day dressed as a woman, loudly insisted that they had in fact transformed into a woman, engaged in increasingly mad exchanges of letters with fellow members of the Bar, decried as heretics those who called them a man, before being nudged ever less gently into retiring to relative obscurity and living out their days sending bizarre letters to members of high society on behalf of their imaginary pet pink cat. 

How uncivilised you'd think. Clearly a less enlightened age in which mental health was poorly misunderstood, or in which we hadn't yet appreciated the side-effects of the over-administration of laudanum.


But instead we're watching it unfold in real time and, bafflingly, being told that it isn't mental illness we're watching, but in fact a very 'normal human variation'. With the kind thing to do being to play along and pretend that it's something other than a clear case of mental illness raving away in front of your very own eyes.

2024 14 June 24 10:50

This would have just been the usual cringe until you realise. 1) this man was a judge until recently. 2) this man couldn't help but bring children into his 'advocacy' for his world view.

Don’t scare the kittens 14 June 24 11:58

***Trigger warning for pet people***

For people with pets, “rainbow” is a euphemism. It means that a loved one has passed over the rainbow 🌈 bridge with the hope of being reunited with them some day on the other side.

So for us “rainbow kitten” means d**d kitten. 

I am sure that is not what the author wanted. 

Middle aged white male 14 June 24 13:12

A humourous way to raise some very difficult issues that feed toxic commentary but alas little grown up discussion

By the way gender dysphoria is not a mental illness.  

There are some very thought provoking and bias challenging books by transgender people well worth a read if you want to understand more about it all.  Not easy reads


Berjy 14 June 24 13:22

Middle aged male, it wasn’t funny tho

Or, it was, but only in the transparently manipulative way it equated kids with kittens. 

Calling people full of hate just because they think there should be single sex spaces doesn’t sound non-toxic to me. 

Pink Haired Progressive Sort 14 June 24 13:51

"There are some very thought provoking and bias challenging books by transgender people well worth a read if you want to understand more about it all."

Do you not agree with me?

It must be because you do not understand. Clearly you need more re-education until you comply.

Read more books by people who think the way I think until brainwashing is complete. 

I refuse to engage in rational discussion until you have done so.

In no way should you confuse this behaviour with the behaviour of a cult. 

We're the goodies you see.

Sumoking 14 June 24 15:36

don't care about transgenderness but anyone not treating you for a chronic health condition who puts Dr on something is a wrongun

YourMumisATerf 14 June 24 18:02

Yeah but what McCloud isn’t pointing out is that, following the Cass review and the decision to ban puberty blockers on the NHS (decisions that came about after more than a decade of activism by Terfs), those “pink kittens” are considerably safer than they have been previously when they were shunted onto a lifetime of medicalisation and surgery, the long term effects of which are still unknown. It’s not hate to point that out. 

The wheels are finally coming off the great transgender con. See also the failure of Lia Thomas to overturn the World Aquatics ban that prevents him from cheating and competing against women. This can’t come soon enough! 

Anonymous 14 June 24 18:05

Alan Blacker believing he is a Lord = evidence of mental illness, or at least delusion. 

Victoria McCloud believing he is a woman = perfectly rational and normal belief?! 

Righty ho. 

Anonymous 14 June 24 19:19

Alan Blacker believing he is a Lord = evidence of mental illness, or at least delusion. 

Victoria McCloud believing he is a woman = perfectly rational and normal belief?! 


The resemblance is uncanny now that you mention it...

Rita Rake 14 June 24 21:48

There’s no such thing as a pink kitten. No kitten is born into a pink body. No kitten can change to pink. 

Casscorrections 14 June 24 23:25

The wonderful thing is just how effective her approach is at getting a load of ranty comments which generate still more certainty that hate is losing.

Cass, by the way, positively recommended puberty blockers, in fact she observed they were prescribed too late and better care pathways would ensure they were earlier:

"Q: Does Dr. Cass believe puberty blockers are unsafe drugs? If so, why is OK for them to be prescribed
to cis kids and not trans kids?

A: The Cass Review Report does not conclude that puberty suppressing hormones are an unsafe treatment.
The report supports a research study being implemented to allow pre-pubertal children to have a pathway to
accessing this treatment in a timely way and with suitable follow up and data collection, to provide the
highest quality of evidence for the ongoing use of puberty suppressing hormones as a treatment for gender
In the data the Cass Review examined, the most common age that trans young people were being initially
prescribed puberty suppressing hormones was 15. Dr. Cass’s view is that this is too late to have the
intended benefits of supressing the effects of puberty and was caused by the previous NHS policy of
requiring a trans young person to be on puberty suppressing hormones for a year before accessing gender
affirming hormones. The Cass Review Report recommends that a different approach is needed, with
puberty suppressing hormones and gender affirming hormones being available to young people at different
ages and developmental stages alongside a wider range of gender affirming healthcare based on individual


Anonymous 15 June 24 01:52

I do find the lack of consistency of regard for scientific thought and research on both sides rather amusing,  

On the one hand, people say science backs their opinion up (eg saying more testing is needed as to the long term effects of puberty blockers), so there’s an appeal to authority there. But then, often in the same breath, they’ll receive trans people in general as mentally ill, when being trans isn’t classed as a mental illness.

Of course the hypocrisy remains on the other side of the debate, with the above reversed. But it amuses me how people try to appeal to ‘science’ when it supports their worldview but are quick to drop it when it doesn’t.

Also makes me think about those yanks who don’t believe in climate change but say being trans is a mental illness. A quirk of the human desire to hve one’s opinions be ‘objective’ where possible I suppose, combined with a reluctance to abandon beliefs even if science disagrees with them. 

"Dead name" 15 June 24 18:43

Bizarre that this person's original, male, name is redacted. "She" also used to call "herself" Victoria Williams.

Anonymous 18 June 24 14:57

"Cass, by the way, positively recommended puberty blockers, in fact she observed they were prescribed too late and better care pathways would ensure they were earlier"

No. She did not.

Welcome to the  fascinating world of Cass-denial. In which trans-activists respond to a set of very clearly worded criticisms of their worldview by retreating further into a world of make-believe. 

A topsy-turvy land in which up is down, black is white, men are women, and Dr Cass was actually an enthusiast for more experimental drug therapy on minors without any clinical evidence for its effectiveness.

A fantasy world so far removed from our own reality that in this parallel universe the Cass Report did not criticise clinicians for rushing to prescribe puberty-blockers to minors without adequate assessment of each patient's needs, any reliable base of clinical evidence to recommend them, or any consideration of alternative treatments that might be offered, but instead actually said that puberty blockers are just wonderful and we needed more of them being prescribed to much younger people.

Don't join them in their fake news fantasy: the Cass Report was heavily critical of the trend of prescribing puberty blockers to minors, its conclusion was that if the practice was going to be justified as a valid treatment for individuals with gender dysphoria going forwards that it needed to be subjected to rigorous clinical trials to assess whether it was effective.


"But wait?! What about that quote in their comment? Isn't that something official that explains what Dr Cass said?"

No again. It's a clumsy attempt to gaslight you.

What you're reading is not a part of The Cass Report. Nor is it a communication from Dr Cass or anyone with the authority to speak for her. 

It is in fact a second hand re-telling of a conversation with Dr Cass, as remembered by 'The Kite Trust', a niche trans advocacy organisation that you've never previously heard of, which is a small entirely partisan charity organisation operating in the Cambridgeshire area and which is largely dedicated to promoting the practice of giving experimental hormone therapy to children. 

It is, in other words, MAGA-esque fake news. Only this time draped in a rainbow flag.

Entertainingly they're calling it a 'Mythbusting' statement; which in this context really means that it's a document aimed at convincing you that well reported facts about Dr Cass' conclusions in her report are somehow 'Myths' that you should forget about or regard as false. It would be more accurate to call it a Myth-propagating statement.


See for yourself, here's the link to the source which the original poster 'Casscorrections' curiously felt no need to name or share with you: 

But, if you really want to read some FAQ's about what the Cass Report said, here's the official FAQ document: 

Weirdly, for someone supposedly trying to correct the record, our fried 'Casscorrections' didn't feel any need to refer to the official document and preferred us to read it through the lens of the 'Kite Trust' (whoever they are). I'll leave you to speculate as to why.

Anonymous 18 June 24 17:33

"being trans isn’t classed as a mental illness"

I'm not sure that's quite right. One will find a diagnosis for 'Gender Dysphoria' in the most recent version of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (known as 'DSM-5'). Similarly, you will find "Gender Incongruence"  listed under 'Mental Disorders' in the World Health Organization's ICD-11 guidelines, at part 6.

So while it's technically true to say that there's no clinical diagnosis of "Being Trans" in the medicine books that's a bit of a semantic point. It's either disingenuous or uninformed to suggest that 'The Science' doesn't think that a man who thinks they're a lady is exhibiting some form of well-recognised mental disorder. 

Put succinctly, Gender Dysphoria is a widely recognised mental disorder. It's wrong to suggest that it isn't. It isn't wrong for people to talk about individuals exhibiting gender dysphoria as exhibiting a mental disorder.

Which all makes sense when you think about it, because of course you would think that a man was mentally disordered if he thought he was a horse, or a post-box, or a baby, or anything else that was not in keeping with observable biological reality. You would be amazed if a psychiatrist waved that away as normal behaviour. So it would be a bit odd if The Science then suddenly closed its eyes and said that all was find and dandy when that man's specific delusion was that he was actually a lady. As if that one specific delusion about biological fact was somehow different to all of the others.

Anonymous 18 June 24 22:23


Cass absolutely DID NOT “positively recommend puberty blockers”, you have selectively misquoted the section there from the FAQs, and conveniently missed this part: 

The Review found that not enough is known about the longer-term impacts of puberty blockers for children and young people with gender incongruence to know whether they are safe or not, nor which children might benefit from their use.

Ahead of publication of the final report NHS England took the decision to stop the routine use of puberty blockers for gender incongruence / gender dysphoria in children.  NHS England and National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) are establishing a clinical trial to ensure the effects of puberty blockers can be safely monitored. Within this trial, puberty blockers will be available for children with gender incongruence/ dysphoria where there is clinical agreement that the individual may benefit from taking them.

That is not an endorsement at all. The clarification further states that the clinical evidence for puberty blockers has come from their use with children suffering precocious puberty who have very high levels of hormones. That is a very different situation to normal children experiencing gender dysphoria. Why lie when it is there for all to read?! 

Westender 20 June 24 14:18

Judging by the RoF comments, lawyers are much more sceptical of transgender ideology and its male advocates than their law firms realise.   So many law firms actively promote this as part of their DEI activity - but people aren’t buying it.  Refreshing.  

Westender 20 June 24 14:19

Judging by the RoF comments, lawyers are much more sceptical of transgender ideology and its male advocates than their firms’ HR departments appear to be.   So many law firms actively promote this as part of their DEI activity - but people aren’t buying it.  Refreshing.  

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