'My question to the ladies is: how would you react if I scrapped our date because I have to proofread 50 pages of warranties by 2am?"

Linklaters was visited by Cupid this week when it accidentally invited alumni to audition for a dating show.

The firm posted on LinkedIn that its people have “always been notable for their interests outside their demanding day jobs”, notably “the creative arts”.

When the Old Linklatians clicked to find out more, they were greeted with a much more intriguing sight than a tax lawyer’s watercolours or a corporate partner channelling her inner Yo-Yo Ma.

A glitched link directed them instead to the audition page for CoupleTV, where they were informed that they could be a part of ‘Love Made Live’, a web series “described by viewers as the crazy-cool love child of online dating and reality TV”.

“Single with star quality?” asked the advert, which, for the alumni of such an elite firm, surely means just: “Single?”

Those answering ‘yes’ were invited to submit themselves to season 4 of the show, an apparent PR stunt for a dating website which involves eight weeks of virtual speed dates with 13 other contestants, “all of which are streamed online in an elimination style dating show”.


ROF mocked up a photo of the potential season 4 cast but for some reason it looked cruel.

The error was rectified after someone in the comments asked why they were being sent on a speed dating marathon. And so lonelyhearts Links alumni were, sadly, swiftly diverted back to something much more worthy.

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SecularJurist 21 June 24 23:10

Surprised anyone in Big Law has time for any outside interests at all.

The only creative thing they have time for is, surely, changing the font style or size on their documents, or even making them Bold, Italics, Underlined , adding colour or an 😄 etc. or writing 'khunt' and pretending to cross it out for a laugh.



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