He walks among you, HKers.

A Howard Kennedy solicitor called a woman “fat” and “disgusting” and told her to “lose some weight” on a dating app, then threatened to report her to the police when she responded angrily.

Soon after they started messaging, the woman told ‘Chester’ (not his real name) “learn how to spell”. He replied “Ur not worth the time”, then added, “Lose some weight”.

The woman was aware from his profile that he was a solicitor and told him she would report him to the SRA, to which he responded, “If you were educated the SRA doesn't deal with complaints about people being called fat”, “which your are” [sic, sic for everything].

“My body isn’t even in my pics”, replied the woman.

“It is”, claimed the lawyer, “and its disgusting”.


There's negging and there's negging.

The body-shaming Howard Kennedy solicitor blocked her on the dating app, but she tracked him down on LinkedIn.

“That didn't require much effort at all. i'd be wary if i were you - realise your actions have repercussions. i have reported you”, she said.

He told her to drop it, warning her that “attempting to blackmail someone is a crime and frankly quite pathetic. As you know, I've unmatched you on the dating app. If you keep trying to contact me on linkedin or any other platform I'll report you to the police. I'm not interested in communicating with you so take the hint and go away”.

The woman said she wasn’t trying to extort him, just punish him for his insulting manner.

“blackmail? lol. this is teaching you a lesson. i'm quite pally with some of the HK seniors, and i'll happily share the screenshots of you insulting me”, she said.

“Ok fine if your not going to stop mesaging me, i'll report you to the police”, retorted the solicitor.

“What's you contact number so l can give it to them and you can explain yourself? And you don't need to tell me who you're pally with or not. I just don't care. Your actions are pathetic and speak for themselves”, he said.

His not-bride-to-be told RollOnFriday that his comments were “Shocking, and within moments of us matching”, but that “Toxicity like this is quite common on the app, even from City professionals”.

Chester told RollOnFriday, “I have personally reached out to the individual concerned and offered my sincere apologies. It's been a particularly stressful time for me personally recently, and this was out of character for me”.

The woman confirmed that after ROF became involved, “He has since apologised, no matter how insincere”, and suggested identifying him publicly would not be fair.

A spokesperson for Howard Kennedy swiped left on ROF’s request for comment. 


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Lord Chester 28 June 24 09:02

I just want to say how out of character this was for me and that I'm happy that the matter is now behind me.


Please recognise that I have subsequently been cleared of all wrongdoing by the BSB.

Anonymous 28 June 24 09:03

The Howard Kennedy lawyer is behaving in a vile manner, but sadly makes a legitimate point about the SRA.  

After all, how can the SRA take action about a lawyer calling a member of the public fat, when the SRA hasn’t yet taken any meaningful action against a Womble Bond Dickinson lawyer recommending smearing innocent victims of the UK’s largest miscarriage of justice as “criminals and liars”?

Question Man 28 June 24 09:04

Was she fat? And/or disgusting?

False representations on dating profiles are very common and so it is important to have the facts.

Maggie May 28 June 24 09:10

Chester has been properly disciplined and was led to his  apology by a disciplinarian.  This woman sounds as if she would be a good mother. Chester can now come off the naughty step.

Anonymous 28 June 24 09:24

"After all, how can the SRA take action about a lawyer calling a member of the public fat, when the SRA hasn’t yet taken any meaningful action against a Womble Bond Dickinson lawyer recommending smearing innocent victims of the UK’s largest miscarriage of justice as “criminals and liars”?"

Yes, it's difficult to understand how they could have any spare bodies for this kind of complaint about low-level rudeness outside of work hours. 

You really would expect them to be using all hands to deal with some more pressing matters.

Yeh, it's Draco 28 June 24 09:39

Just lol at how utterly [ ] the biden [ ] are on the discussion board right now. MAGA [ ]!!!!!


Anonymous 28 June 24 09:57

Why did he feel the need to insult her appearance? He could have just skipped her profile and moved on to the next one. Also, I am shocked that a solicitor has appalling spelling and written skills, even if he is just texting, he sounds immature.

Roger That 28 June 24 09:59

She does come across as pathetic in my humble opinion. His typing isn't great though tbf.

iregisteredforthisquestionmark 28 June 24 10:09

This really shouldnt be a regulator matter. Also, why would this be something you would try to bring to the attention of someone's employer? (Q to the lady and also to this website.)

And i say that fully acknowledging that he sounds like a bit of a dick. 

wombletentackles 28 June 24 10:13

the Womble tentacles stretch wide . As above said comparisons of SRA approach to this and worse miscarriage in legal history are sharp. The damage done to profession including potentially SRA if decisive action not taken after Inquiry and Law Society if Emmerson continues to decline to comment on his brother's form . Ironically if it were not for current Womble MP pulling the Post Office is our best client trick to get him elected Nigel Emerson would now be MP for Wombles! Note both Newcastle !

Anonymous 28 June 24 10:19

wombletentackles - explain that last line to me, it sounds like an interesting point, but I’m not clear on what exactly you’re saying 

BelugaWhale 28 June 24 10:28

This should not fall into the SRA's scope as a regulator. Imagine if every insult typed by a solicitor outside their work hours in completely unrelated situations could lead to disciplinary measures - now that would be bleak, solicitors would be nothing more than hollow shells, censored absolutely. 

Besides, she could have just blocked him and moved on.

Chester the Mol 28 June 24 10:30

If the guy was a trainee, you just know the SRA would have tried to strike him off and pursue him for six figure costs

Anonymous 28 June 24 10:39

"She does come across as pathetic in my humble opinion."

Agreed - there's a strong stench of insecurity coming from anyone who responds to a few moments of boorish, childish rudeness with an effort to menace someone with threats to harm their career.

It's the online equivalent of violent road rage in response to someone impatiently beeping their horn at you.

Like, yes they've been an imbecile and you can feel free to respond telling them that in very clear terms, but feeling the need to get one over on them by complaining to their workplace and/or regulator and damaging their livelihood is a colossal overaction. There's no dressing that kind of petty vindictiveness up as some form of grand feminist mission to better society (just like road rage isn't a virtuous service to the nation in an effort to improve road safety). It's just a desire to have a power trip and inflict misery on people who have been (unjustifiably) rude in a moment of embarrassment and frustration. 

Put more succinctly: ESH

AlwaysTheWombles 28 June 24 10:50

I love how stories - that have nothing to do with Wombles - still manage to end up being about them anyway.  

Lydia 28 June 24 10:56

He was rude but it should not be an SRA matter and the fact she then contacted him on LinkedIn after they ceased contact on the app is morally poor behaviour on her part. The lesson for all of us is try to be polite at all times. Disclosing his identity would in my view breach h is rights under UK GDPR. so am glad that has not been done. He would have been a lot safer saying - you are not quite right for me rather than going into all the reasons.

Prags 28 June 24 12:09

@SRA - i would suggest that given your past record the fat-shaming scandal might be more in your wheelhouse rather than chase me for 66M or Wombles...

LondonLife 28 June 24 12:32

She clearly got offended at her being called fat - the fact that she responded so badly confirms she is indeed fat.


This is nothing to do with the SRA and her hunting him down on LinkedIn (and contacting ROF) is psycho behaviour. He is a d1ck but lots of lawyers are.

Careful folks, fat people don't like being reminded of their fatness.

Anonymous 28 June 24 12:34

and they were off to such a good start...

"Hi." ... "Learn how the spell." was promising true romance

Jeff 28 June 24 12:36

This is insane. She started it by being rude (“learn how to spell” is quite rude). Then she gets upset when he gets rude back. So she can take the rudeness but flies into a rage and tracks him down on LinkedIn once he’s rude back? Lmao. 

Anonymous 28 June 24 12:48

So we've got one of the biggest scandals in UK history going on (fully aided by Wombles) and the legal news is some dick was a dick to some women who was then a dick back to him 

Neither come out of it well but I don't think it really needs to be reported 

And yes I am aware of the irony of me commenting on this story 

Nonny 28 June 24 13:18

As someone who was investigated by a regulator for being rude on a nonny bulletin board … I suspect he probably shouldn’t have done that


(Ps. The outcome was that they decided to put it on my record but not take further action, but if anything else comes to light later they can use it)

Barnsbury 28 June 24 14:40

This is what the SRA has brought upon the profession. Any solicitor who behaves in a rude / foolish / unpleasant manner, in pretty much any context, is now fair game for the regulator and can expect to be tracked down across multiple social media platforms in order to have the threat of professional action thrown at them. 

Anonymous 28 June 24 15:29

You have to be a **** to report someone to the SRA for an insult on social media. 

This man is a buffoon, but he’s a buffoon regardless of being a solicitor. This woman is just using the SRA to have another pop back at him.

Anonymous 28 June 24 15:56

Personally I'm in favour of assholes being called out. The guy sounds obnoxious and was dumb enough to write all his incel crap on digital platforms. That the offended person then finds him on LinkedIn and proceeds to give him a taste of vengeance is fair game. If you treat people like a jerk, you must be prepared that they treat you like a jerk - actions have consequences.

I also don't believe this "out of character" nonsense. Being somewhat nasty to people is clearly something he is perfectly capable of on a dispositional level, so it's well within his character. It seems he might only unleash that behaviour when on dating apps (though who knows), where he feels tough enough.


Horse 28 June 24 15:57

People dont realise how easy we are all to find in the real world. Annoyingly being a Solicitor or barrister does mean you can't just randomly abuse people online, even if they are rude. It is so easy to be accused of having brought the profession into disrepute, even if nothing actually comes of it in the end, it's not a good look.

Turn the other cheek, and if you must insult someone, do it entirely aanonymously. Personally, i can't count the number of times I've edited insults out of my Twitter posts "just in case", but i am glad i did. Better than being this bloke.

barma 28 June 24 16:35

Barnsbury 1440 and yet withhold disclosure and devise a strategy to drive subpostmastets to take their own lives and wrongly call them liars and criminals to achieve your strategy and SRA not interested as long as your brother runs the Law Society so it seems to me.

Anonymous 28 June 24 16:45

The most shocking thing in all of this is that contacting someone on Linkedin or the like could possibly be a police matter.

Anonymous 28 June 24 18:29

"actions have consequences"

Thanks for that stunning insight.

I think what people were saying here is that the 'consequences' in question were unjustifiable and didn't have any proportionality with the original incident.

Or are you just saying that we should nod sagely at any counterattack that arises and approvingly say "actions do have consequences" no matter what the consequence is?

Like, are we all going to be cool with it if Chester decides to go burn this woman alive in her own home for threatening him? I mean, her actions have consequences, don't they? She had know that, didn't she? Is that what we'll sanctimoniously say? Whoopsie, you've been immolated because of some dumbass thing online, but that's ok because that's how you learn about consequences, right?

Or are we not in pre-school any more and so have the mental capability necessary to recognise that overreaction is a problem just as bad as the original offence? Or that it's not a great idea to justify savage overreactions just because we don't like the kind of person we think are on the receiving end of them?

Anonymous 29 June 24 00:12

Hmm. Is this a professional conduct issue? She told him he can't spell first. That's started it all.

Lord Lester 29 June 24 01:04

Next time, the Howard Kennedy lawyer should do what I did, and go for straightforward sexual harassment!

Nick 29 June 24 07:39

The article does not mention how the SRA are looking at this.  Hopefully they are not.  Being called fat is not a hate crime.  One lawyer vaguely insulting a lawyer after themselves being vaguely insulted does  not undermine the public’s perception of lawyers until it is thrust into the public domain. 

HK sh!tlords 29 June 24 17:34

Readers of this fine blog may recall that this is the very same Howard Kennedy that sacked a partner (fondly known to his mates as "Beagles") because he was having cancer treatment ( and more recently HK was fined £35,000 for mishandling client money.

This lady is clearly deluded if she thinks the management at Howard Kennedy will cast a glance away from their efforts at throwing their own granny under the bus for the life insurance payout to worry about her hurt feelings.  

Anon 29 June 24 18:47

Anonymous 29 June 24 07:02: you should call someone an incel if they are an incel. Question Man - the odious creep who crops up in RoL commentaries - is an incel. 

Anonymous 30 June 24 23:50

As a disgusting fat person this emboldens me to start insulting the spelling of strangers who are solicitors knowing that the SRA will swoop in and terminate anyone who responds.

Lord Lester 02 July 24 06:25

Anonymous 29 June 24 14:16: unfortunately, the BSB had no jurisdiction to interfere with the findings of the House of Lords that I sexually harassed Jasvinder Sanghera (a victim of forced marriage) and offered to procure her a peerage in exchange for sex.

Anonymous 03 July 24 08:58

@[email protected] - the BSB did have jurisdiction to investigate, indeed did investigate, and decided no action was required. The only findings the HOL made were that Lord Lester had been treated unfairly, which indeed he had. This was decided on an open vote, the only one which took place.

Truth Bomb 💣 04 July 24 16:43

Anyone can take offence at anything 

The measure of a person is whether they can make their argument in a convincing manner, rather than whether they can run to the teacher 

Lord Lester 05 July 24 05:54

Anonymous 03 July 24 08:58: wrong! The House of Lords concluded in an open vote that I had been fairly treated; that I had sexually harassed Ms Sanghera; that I had offered her a peerage in exchange for sex; and that I should be suspended from the House of Lords. The BSB had no jurisdiction to interfere with those findings and did not so interfere. 

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