The winner of the Christmas Quiz is a BD Manager at Norton Rose Fulbright. She offered to buy RollOnFriday lunch out of her copious prize monies.

Natasha Lawrence is the second employee in a row from the brainy firm to win. 47 people answered all 12 questions correctly. Lawrence's name was the first picked out of a plastic bag. She had to choose between the alluring prospect of a slap-up lunch with the ROF team, or £100. It appears she spoke to last year's winner, because Lawrence picked the money.

"I’m delighted to have won this illustrious prize", said Lawrence. "Breaking with the tradition set last year, I’m opting for the cash grab but I extend the invitation to the ROF team to share some of my winnings with a Pret sandwich lunch. Happy new year to all!" ROF has duly subtracted £14.90 from her cheque (not really).

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For anyone stumped by 2018's fiendish posers, the answers are below.

1. What did BPP University advise students not to wear in their advocacy assessment?

"Kinky boots"

"Saucy tights"

"Naughty fur"

"A cape"

2. What did an Irwin Mitchell lawyer film a Hogan Lovells partner doing in his office?


Surfing the web for porn

Putting a cat in a bin

Playing darts

3. What did Blake Morgan do to a community football club?

Thrashed it 5-0

Hired the team as a paralegals

Sponsored it

Trademarked the club's name and then forbade it from using it

4. Why did Hill Dickinson bin a future trainee from Exeter University?

He was incredibly racist

He wrote erotic fiction on the side

He proposed to the Managing Partner

He insisted on speaking in an artificially high, singsong voice

5. Which of these island castaways was a solicitor?





6. What did then-solicitor Luke Venton call the SRA?

"Incorruptible professionals"

"Less than helpful"

"Human lint"

"F**king bent c**ts"

7. Why did Latham & Watkins' Managing Partner leave the firm?

He threatened a woman with jail if she revealed his sexually explicit texts

He attempted to bribe a security guard to wipe CCTV of him bonking a trainee over a car

He repeatedly tried to haul juniors to strip clubs

He threatened staff with a golf club

8. What's the phrase Travers Smith has given staff to use if a conversation makes them uncomfortable?

"Stranger danger!"

"That's not cool"

"Go on..."

"Put your hands above your head and get down on the ground"

9. Why was Devonshires accused of "mind-boggling" sexism?

It offered women free manicures at a real estate finance conference

It offered women half-price salads on International Women's Day

It gave female trainees cookbooks at Christmas

It asked clients to speak slowly to women to prevent their brains overheating

10. What happened to the Pemberton Greenish manager who insulted a client in a pub?

She was promoted

She was privately congratulated

She was barred

She was fired

11. Three of these logos are genuine, but one is the logo of FLF Abiola & Co, RollOnFriday's award-winning fake law firm. Identify it.



12. What does Womble Bond Dickinson sell in its gift shop?

Gift cards
Pro-merger lapel pins
WBD-branded ice cubes
All of the above and golf balls

Well done to everyone who took part, except Robert, who got 0/12.

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