Final conundrum for the winner: Grab the cash or take a seat?

Quizzers, eggheads, squares: this is your Everest. It's the Christmas quiz. 

12 fiendish posers, plus a bonus question, have been set to test the sharpest legal minds over the festive period. All the answers can be found in the RollOnFriday review of the year stories (split into the firms and the indviduals), which you can rifle through like a Quality Street tin, in search of the orange ones.   

The boffins who get full marks will have their names thrown in a hat for a chance of winning the illustrious prize of either £150 cash, or a slap up meal with the RollOnFriday team at a smart restaurant in London. 

The meal has only been chosen once in all the years the quiz has run (no offence taken). But every win is a memory to be cherished by the victor, no matter what the prize:

Board chat

RIP Bombay Dreams. London run: 2002-2004.  

In order to be in it to win it, please include your work email address. Good luck!

Thank you for taking part in RollOnFriday's survey of in-house lawyers. We use the results to write stories and reports. We don't take your name and so the answers you provide will be kept anonymous.
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When you're picking a firm, what's the most important factor?
How do you think the size of your in-house team will change over the next two years?
Will this be at the expense of instructing private practice?
How happy are you with your external lawyers working from home?
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