A newly-qualified solicitor has quit her job to appear on Love Island.

Rosie Williams only qualified in March. But a call from the ITV show's producers convinced her to make an immediate lateral move from Just Costs Solicitors in Manchester to Muggy, Melt & Grafting in Majorca. As a trainee, Williams blogged on the Just Costs website about the state of fixed fees in negligence cases. But she has thrown all that away for sun, sea, snogs and getting pied by Adam with the lovely arms. 

Before entering the villa, the 26-year-old part-time bikini model said, "I'm a bit like a bottle of champagne, that's what my mum says. She says that you can shake and shake and shake me but one day my top will come off and I’ll explode". She likes balloons.


When it was revealed that 85,000 people applied to appear on the dating show compared to 40,000 who applied to Oxbridge, pundits bemoaned the aspirations of young people. Williams' participation showed that lawyers might also swap sex with an ever-changing parade of beautiful people for a slot on Love Island, but a quick survey suggested most are too shy:

'Don T Mugmeoff': "I wouldn't leave my job to go on Love Island, but I would leave my job if I couldn't get home to watch Love Island."

'Stuck in Singapore': "I prefer to do my business off camera." 

'Happily married': "I don't wear enough make-up."

'Dingbat': "Putting myself through the humiliation of not being picked, in front of an audience of millions? No thanks."

Just Costs did not respond to a request for comment, although a receptionist said she also wouldn't quit to go on Love Island, so that's something, Just Costs.
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Anonymous 15 June 18 10:15

I didn't realise Just Costs were still going! Probably a greater prospect of career longevity on Love Island though...

Anonymous 15 June 18 11:40

Well done, Lord Justice Jackson - the admin tsumani caused by your "reforms" have created firms who do nothing much more than costs budgeting. Frigging hell.

Anonymous 15 June 18 12:17

fair play to her, she will only have one chance to mix it with the melts, she will have the rest of her life to chase ambulances

Anonymous 15 June 18 13:39

There is genuinely a firm called Just Costs? Love the honest marketing strategy. "Will we deliver our clients Results?" "Nah, Just Costs".

Anonymous 15 June 18 14:57

@anonymous 12:39 - I can't work out if you're trying to be funny, or have completely missed the point of what Just Costs actually do...

Anonymous 18 June 18 22:42