Even after getting top marks it was a 1 in 51 chance.

A Debevoise & Plimpton lawyer has won the RollOnFriday Christmas Quiz 2023 and scooped the life-changing sum of £150.

ROF’s resident quizmaster (James in a pointy hat) took the SQE approach to exam difficulty and set 13 ridiculously easy multiple choice questions whose answers could be found right there in ROF’s review of the year, parts one and two.

51 masterminds scored full marks, hailing from the likes of Reed Smith, Lockton, Investec, RWK Goodman, Clifford Chance, William James Recruitment, Darwin Gray, Baker McKenzie, Capsticks, Dentons, Travers Smith, CL Solicitors, Stephenson Harwood, Delaney Brothers, Fox Williams, Gowling WLG, DAZN, Shoosmiths, Ofgem, Penningtons Manches, Paris Smith, Edinburgh University, Hevans, DWF, Eversheds Sutherland (x2), Mishcon, Bpifrance and Burness Paull, amongst others.

RollOnFriday stuck all of them on a wheel and gave it an almighty spin, then applauded when it came to a stop on the winner, Kay Hunter, a corporate associate at Debevoise & Plimpton. 

Reflecting the fact that she probably doesn't need the money, Hunter's going to splash the cash on her team.

“I am overjoyed to be this year’s winner and would like to dedicate this award to my parents, who were clearly mistaken that hours spent mindlessly scrolling the internet would amount to nothing”, she said. “Thank you ROF and happy new year!”

Well done Kay. She and the other 50 don't need this bit, but for the A For Effort crowd who scored less than a perfect 13, here are the solutions:

1. Who did Mishcon De Reya host for a "nothing off limits" talk?

Suella Braverman.
Matt Hancock.
Kwasi Kwarteng.
Laurence Fox.

2. What did CMS' London office landlord do to celebrate International Women's Day?

Offer half price salads for women.
Give out free cinema tickets to see the film Barbie.
Put up a beauty display offering botox to women.
Arrange for Alex Scott to meet and greet staff in the lobby.

3. A Squire Patton Boggs partner, Wayne Barnes, was the referee for what World Cup final?

Crokinole World Cup.
Rugby World Cup.
Hockey World Cup.
Cricket World Cup.

4. What perk has Clyde & Co offered to new parents?

A newborn hamper which includes a baby monitor, nappies and Calpol.
A dedicated baby crèche in the office.
26 weeks' fully paid leave.
Domino's pizza vouchers, for when the parents are too tired or busy to cook.

5. A US lawyer apologised to the court when he used AI and it accidentally produced an undesirable result. What happened?

He used an AI chatbot that filled out a court document with a stream of expletives.
He downloaded an AI voice generator on his laptop that sarcastically mimicked the judge during a trial.
He programmed an AI "robot" to cross-examine a witness, but the bot kept repeating the same question.
He used an AI chatbot that provided fake cases in his written submissions.

6. What did Kingsley Napley tell staff to do, in order to save costs for the firm?

Share office stationery such as staplers, and return any unused stationery.
Catch buses instead of taxis to court, and take clients to "normal restaurants".
Don't over-order sandwiches for internal seminars and meetings.
Turn off lights in the kitchen and other communal areas when the room is empty.

7. How did Nigel Farage react to NatWest's decision to appoint Travers Smith to review the closure of his Coutts account?

He applauded the decision, saying that the firm's lawyers are "bloody clever and disturbingly good-looking."
He said that he would only respect the outcome of the review, if the firm's management "completed a Bushtucker trial."
He went on a charm-offensive saying the firm's client list "reads like a who's who of top banks."
He criticised the decision, describing the firm's Chair Emeritus as a "pro-Remain lawyer."

8. A London solicitor is suing Sainsbury's for £25,000, claiming what happened?

He was injured when a shelf of tinned beans fell on him.
He got gastroenteritis from eating pork bought at the store, resulting in him missing out on a big instruction.
A security guard defamed him by falsely accusing him of shoplifting.
He crashed his Ferrari at night in the supermarket's car park, due to poor lighting.

9. What did a Paul Hastings senior associate say was a "non-negotiable expectation" in a presentation to juniors?

You are online 24/7. No exceptions, no excuses. 
We are in the business of client service - you are the concierge at the Four Seasons, a waiter at Alinea.
You're in the big leagues, which is a privilege, act like it.
All of the above

10. How did Axiom celebrate its takeover of Ince (before the new entity collapsed a few months later)?

Hired the Pizza Express in Dorking for a buffet of Margherita pizzas served with house wine.
Booked Kriss Akabusi to give a motivational speech on an office-wide Zoom call.
Flew staff to London from international offices for a champagne-swigging party at an opulent nightclub in Mayfair.
Handed out fluorescent baseball caps with the firm's new logo to staff.

11. What did Womble Bond Dickinson help to save, by acting pro bono on a matter?*
The Phallogical Art exhibition.
The Vagina Museum.
The Puppetry of the Penis show.
The Dog Collar Museum.

12. An Australian lawyer, Danny Estrin, made it to the final of which competition?

The Traitors, Australia
Australia's Got Talent
The X Factor, Australia

13. BONUS QUESTION: What is the name of the legal recruitment app that launched this year (and you should download if you're job hunting)?

Devil's App-vocate
Faustian App.
Soul Seller.


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Anonymous 12 January 24 10:32


How can i win, yet still lose.


(well done Kay, I guess)

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