Avoid the painful Chinny* chat and download the app.

Since the launch of LawyerUp, legal professionals have been flocking to download RollOnFriday's career app, both in the UK and around the world, so they can receive approaches from employers who want them for a role.

LawyerUp is for everyone in the legal sector anywhere in the world, whether they have itchy feet or apathy, and even if they're totally happy but possess a mild curiosity about which employers want them.

It is also ideal for legal professionals who want to cut out recruitment consultants (aka chinnies), and talk directly with a firm.

While not tarring all legal recruiters with the same brush (there are some good eggs out there), the profession seems to have also attracted a fair few individuals who are comfortable at being, ahem, economical with the actualité. 

There was the time that a legal recruiter was busted pretending to have a phone call with a big-hitting partner at Simpson Thacher. While one legal recruitment business took fibbing to a creative level when it invented members of staff and provided them with fictional profiles and fake LinkedIn pages. And, despite being caught, then did it again.

Some recruiters were revealed to be tactless. One was slammed by Clyde & Co for boasting that the firm was profiting from the coronavirus outbreak. And a recruiter's candid notes of a meeting with an Eversheds partner were leaked, providing an insight into the hard-nosed world of the working chinny. 

One unfortunate individual got "in the shit" over an email to hundreds of people asking them if they want a job at a US firm, without hiding any of the potential candidates' names from one another, and using their work email addresses. Another recruiter got in a "highly embarrassing" situation when he had to protest his innocence in a plagiarism row. While, a couple of recruiters appeared in court over "thief" and "tossers" slurs.

Which is why job-hunters may wish to skip, or supplement, recruiters, and take a trip to the App Store or Google Play.

If you've had any dreadful - or wonderful - experiences with legal recruiters, do mention them in the comments below. 

*RollOnFriday-ism for 'recruitment consultant', which may be derived from an old playground expression of disbelief at an outrageous untruth: "chinny beard, chinny reckon".

Reckon = Rec Con.



Skip the middleman: download LawyerUp from the App Store or Google Play, add a profile in 20 seconds, and get notified when leading firms and in-house employers have picked you out for a role. Accept/reject at your leisure.

Law firms and other employers can get in touch at [email protected].

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Anonymous 27 January 23 10:06

I shan’t go into specifics but one of the worst people I know became a chinny. 

I am sure lots of them are lovely though. 

Anonymous 27 January 23 10:07

If it comes back to you within two months of an interview then it would be doing a much better job than basically every single legal recruiter I’ve ever talked to

anon 27 January 23 11:53

A chinny once spent ten minutes on the phone selling me the wonders of a firm who were hiring. After insisting he drop the anonymity bs, he revealed it was a firm that...I'd left six months before.

Thanks for reading my CV yeah?

Ghost Recon 03 February 23 08:01

One recruiter genuinely tried to persuade me to join Knights, SPG, Irwin Mitchell, Edwin Coe, Howard Kennedy or Goodman I was some kind of dick or moron or both.

Needless to say I found a different chinny.

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