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"My name's Chris and I'm a corporate lawyer from the Magic Circle!"

"Oooh, there's a lorra, lorra job offers."

LawyerUp opens to employers next week, allowing the recruitment teams of top law firms to access a burgeoning database of legal professionals.

Anyone in the legal profession can make use of the app, not just lawyers. And the market has clearly been waiting for this kind of disruption, with huge numbers of candidates signing up since it launched last month. The database is already building up at a lightning rate with banks of associates, NQs, partners, PAs, PRs, IT staff, and barristers.

The gates will soon be open for employers to search the anonymised profiles on the app (except their own employees, who they are blocked from seeing) and contact those they think are a good match. It's a fast and targeted way for firms to identify and alert candidates who fit their parameters.

From a candidate perspective, it takes 20 seconds to set up a profile, making LawyerUp ideal for those who are too busy to job hunt and update their CV - or who aren't particularly on the lookout for a new role. It's also a useful tool for people who are keen to move quickly, cutting out middlemen and allowing direct contact between employers and candidates. 

When candidates receive a notification, they either tap to give the employer their contact details to take things further, or, if the attraction isn't mutual, they just flick it away. It's Tinder for legal jobs. And like dating apps, it's not a bad ego-boost for candidates to hear their phone buzzing and know that they're desirable (especially come pay review season).

As employers access the database next week, and the pinging commences, don't miss out if you've got itchy feet, or are just curious as to what roles are out there. Download LawyerUp on the App Store or Google Play.

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Sinking Knight 22 February 23 10:11

CVs from 2022 Golden Turd 💩 winner will topple the pile. That revolving door ‘just keeps spinning’ 

bandsmet 24 May 23 12:15

Thank you for sharing this article about LawyerUp, the LinkedIn-like platform catering to the legal industry. It's fascinating to witness the rise of industry-specific professional networking platforms that aim to streamline the recruitment process and connect professionals within niche sectors. LawyerUp's focus on the legal field presents an exciting opportunity for lawyers and employers to interact and explore potential job opportunities in a more targeted manner.

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