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Scott Gibson (l) and Clinton Brown (r) -  who says he's also been done over.

A legal recruiter accused of passing off another headhunter's analysis as his own has denied responsibility for the plagiarism.

Clinton Brown, founder of New York-focused legal recruitment company C.T Brown, published 'The Partnership Track and Moving for Immediate Partnership' in August 2020.

Unfortunately the 18-page paper, which lists Brown as its author, bears an uncanny resemblance to 'The Partnership Track and Moving for Immediate Partnership' by Scott Gibson, a version of which was published by Legal Week in 2010.

A comparison reveals the two documents are identical aside from a handful of minor changes, most of which serve to revise Gibson's work for a US market. Brown's version substitutes “years experience” for "PQE", replaces "UK associates" with "US associates", and deletes a reference to "PAYE in the UK".

Gibson, the director of London-based legal recruitment company Edwards Gibson, realised his work had been plagiarised when a friend recommended Brown's paper to him.

"Oscar Wilde once said 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' so I was (sort of) flattered when a lawyer friend I know forwarded me 'an informative and well-written article'", remarked Gibson on LinkedIn.

"In my opinion it is indeed 'informative and well-written,' I certainly thought so when I first wrote the article back in 2010...a full ten years before Mr Brown miraculously re-created it".

Gibson suggested that Brown, "who purports to run 'the world’s preeminent Legal Search Firm,' might want to consider using his undoubted headhunting skills to search for a copyright lawyer". The aggrieved recruiter told RollOnFriday, "I suppose you have to salute his temerity", although, "somehow the total lack of effort" involved "felt worse than the theft itself".

However, Brown told RollOnFriday he was an innocent man. "There's no evidence that I personally was the individual who instigated this. We outsourced some of our insights and research a number of years ago", he said.

Brown explained that his company "spent a ton of money" with a third party based in Germany "about three years ago" to produce a resource, "and that's what they came back to us with".

"It is very, very, very similar, which is crazy", he said. "And obviously highly embarrassing".

But Brown said he had been "none the wiser", and that "if somebody had told me that it belonged to somebody else - it was copyrighted - I would obviously never have published the article".

Brown said he would search through his emails for the identity of the third party and "dig it out" for RollOnFriday, although by the time of publication he had not yet been able to locate the culprit's details.

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Lydia 18 November 22 09:56

They always try to blame someone else in these cases such as the intern or summer student. However that is not a defence and he needs to withdraw all copies  etc. He might have a claim against the German writer and should check his contract with that German person. If he does not have a contract with them he needs to ensure next time he contracts out work that he does.

Anonymous 18 November 22 10:34

So weak blaming the German copy writer. You published it mate, in your name. Don’t try and hide behind anyone else. 

OJ Simpson 18 November 22 11:10

I sympathise with his difficulty finding the real culprit. I’ve been looking for decades now!

The last idealist 18 November 22 14:42

I am not a copyright lawyer, and maybe that’s why I don’t understand his defense: So he claims he didn’t plagiarize the UK guy.

But he still passed off someone else’s work as his own. Fine, he did pay the German guy - but that still doesn’t make him the author. Am I missing something here? Or is passing yourself off as the author of someone else’s work if you just pay them so common these days that no one gives a damn?

Biggie 18 November 22 15:14

“It was the German’s fault” must be the new version of the excuse “it was the intern/trainee/PA’s fault”

Socky 18 November 22 17:11

Scott got me a really good job many years ago. Top bloke and not just by the standards of a chinny. Does the other one look about 14 btw?

Anonymous 21 November 22 16:01

Let no one else's work evade your eyes,
Remember why the good Lord made your eyes,
So don't shade your eyes,
But plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize...
Only be sure always to call it please, "research"."

Anon 22 November 22 12:41

You would expect an indemnity in the contract precisely for this type of thing.  They are standard.  

Chomping Down 24 November 22 18:17

Love the way how ROFL readers are so generous and believe this guy at his word that there was a German firm at fault. Is it possible there was no German firm at all and this is just an alibi??


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