Clyde & Co says it is "hugely disappointed" with the approach taken by a legal recruiter who boasted that the firm was profiting from the coronavirus outbreak.

The legal recruiter, whom RollOnFriday is not naming, put noses out of joint this week by targeting candidates over LinkedIn with the opening gambit, "In uncertain times it is always good to find a firm that does well when the going gets tough". According to the recruiter, Clyde & Co "said they 'thrive' in the current conditions" and "have seen their instructions rise since the COV-19 outbreak".

As a result, the firm was looking to hire insolvency practitioners, which gave the unfortunate impression that it was merrily making hay as COVID-19 wiped out businesses.


"On the topic of crass marketing, how does this recruiter’s use of Covid-19 as selling point for a move to an Insolvency role at Clyde & Co rank?" asked a source. "Surely a new low, even for a recruiter".


"If you don't need lawyers, I've also got 17,000 bottles of hand sanitiser"

Clydes hasn't always had the best luck with job ads, but this one really isn't its fault. A spokesperson for Clyde & Co said it "can categorically state that the text was not approved by Clyde & Co and that it misrepresents the firm's position. The roles have not been advertised in direct response to the Covid-19 outbreak but as part of a general expansion of the team".

He added, "The Covid-19 outbreak is an unprecedented global situation and as a firm we are, first and foremost, focused on protecting the health and wellbeing of our people around the world while we carry out a range of measures to maintain our ability to serve our clients' needs as they navigate these uncertain and unprecedented times".

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Not the recruiter 20 March 20 10:10

The reality is, everyone is hiring restructuring associates or soon will be. Whilst mentioning C19 is unnecessary, the truth is firms will be hiring or retraining to grow restructuring capabilities over the coming months. Let's not pretend that restructuring isn't going to be a vital revenue stream for professional services firms (and their recruiters).

Anonymous 20 March 20 10:41


"The legal recruiter, whom RollOnFriday is not naming..." Not really fair to say you won't name the recruiter but you're showing his picture (quite clearly) and he might be well known in the industry. 

Anonymous 20 March 20 10:55

I was also approached by a recruiter acting for Clyde's this week. This was for one of 2 associate 12 month profin positions. I explained I didn't want to work in London and was told that interviews are being conducted by Skype and this would be a home based role during coronavirus. 

Anonymous 20 March 20 11:03

Ugh- a vacancy for as wide a band of experience as 1.5 - 7 year PQE basically means "we haven't thought through what we want, and we need loads of people to waste their time traipsing in and out of our offices so we can work it out".

Hmmmm 20 March 20 11:26

You might contrast this with law firms (who i won't name) proactively advertising their will making & power of attorney services on LinkedIn - I would argue that's more distasteful.

Equally a large law firm aggressively advertising their expertise supporting the acquisition of distressed assets - right next to Pret's offer of heavily discounting supplies to NHS workers.

The vultures are out...

Nick 20 March 20 13:35

I know this recruiter and he’s genuinely an excellent guy (even taking account of the normal criticisms levelled at recruiters).  He’s gone out of his way to provide career advice to me, even when it doesn’t have any direct financial benefit to him. 

It sounds like there might have been some communication issues here, but I’m not sure the criticism against the recruiter is fair. 

Also, seems like his photo should be blurred given the (correct) position taken on not naming him... 

PlayFair ROF 20 March 20 15:17

1. Some firms do specialise in helping clients in distressed situations. They are allowed to market themselves or have others point out their expertise comes to the fore when times are bad.

2. Its not much different to a specialist doctor or medical practice advertising they can help when you fall ill.

3. OK, it was a bit clumsy of him but not something to damage his career over, so play fair and don’t show his pic. Let’s not have all the virtue signallers and professional offence takers getting an easy target.

C 20 March 20 15:30

This guy is an excellent recruiter working for a really reputable agency.  His judgement has been way off here, but that's it.  I work in financial services and there's lots of talk of opportunites in a bear market.  He will be mortified I am sure...

Anonymous 20 March 20 15:41

Rof did him a favour. Every right to name him. Even the firm said he ballsed it up. This isn’t the time to clutch pearls when people are losing their livelihoods. Need to remember real people are suffering. Some chinny being mercenary earns the smallest of my violins. 

Anonymous 21 March 20 19:50

Clydes tried to recruit me, but their agent (not the one above, interestingly) failed to spot that we recruited one of their associates last year to my team (not restructuring btw), who has told everyone horror stories about the "spiv" who runs that team. It's a great litmus test. Would you go back to somewhere you left?

Anonymous 25 March 20 02:25

As ex-Clydes, that's exactly what the partner would have said in the briefing, and to be fair, it's true - Clydes is a counter-cyclical, disputes oriented firm with strengths in insurance, trade and transportation. What bit doesn't rhyme with doing well in a downturn?

Poor judgment for email inclusion for sure. 

Anonymous 25 March 20 02:39

My other observation would be that it sounds like someone with an axe to grind who's gone to RoF waving a personal email. Sub-optimal wording, sure, but equally weird exposé flex for sure. 

anonymous 25 March 20 11:57

I am a legal recruiter and this is just a bad choice of words to explain Clydes sudden burst of work in the current crisis. Whoever sent this in to ROF is clearly disgruntled and/or bored!

Anon 27 March 20 06:05

Clydes are in the wrong.   They don’t deny making the statement, it’s true they profit in a downturn and are simply throwing the recruiter under the bus to limit damage to what remains of their reputation.  The recruiter is doing his job.  That’s what he’s paid to do.  It’s sales.  Yes it’s tasteless but that’s sales.  

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