A legal recruitment company which RollOnFriday exposed for inventing members of staff is at it again.

In February, RollOnFriday revealed that two of Dawn Ellmore Employment's nine employees did not actually exist. The profile picture of one, 'Josephine Allen', was a stock photo. Another, 'Paul McDermott', was a renamed photo of a temporary receptionist who left the business two years earlier. At the time, Ellmore told RollOnFriday, "This matter forms part of an investigation and legal steps we are undertaking [sic] following the departure of a former employee. While the investigation continues, we have suspended the 'Meet the Team' section of the website".

Six months later the 'Meet the Team' section remains offline, but Allen appears to remain an active part of the business.  Although her fake photo has been removed, on LinkedIn 'Allen' has endorsed eleven of her boss's' skills (but not, oddly, "Trade secrets" or "Invention").

    The invisible woman

The company refused to discuss when Allen's ghostly approvals were posted, but they cast doubt on Ellmore's suggestion that Allen was created by a mendacious former employee.

RollOnFriday has also discovered that the Recruitment Manager at Dawn Ellmore Employment returned the favour and endorsed eleven of Allen's LinkedIn skills. In seven cases, Luke Rehbein is her only champion, probably because she doesn't exist.

  "She's also a very quiet employee"

The company failed to respond to all requests for comment, but ROF imagined Allen calling up and she said, "What a bunch of muppets".
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Anonymous 16 September 16 14:21

..which is strange given one of their core qualities as revealed on their website is "integrity"! yeah, right

Anonymous 22 September 16 16:12

It doesn't surprise me at all. Interesting that Luke Rehbein is Dawn Ellmore's son! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.What a bunch of unprofessional clowns! Is there not a governing body that should regulate the actions of recruiters?

Anonymous 26 September 16 12:25

Imagine being a client of that agency and believing they had more consultants than they have, absolutely hilarious. The more you read on this the more you laugh, a real two bit agency.