Actual notifications when an employer pings your profile are, sadly, less dramatic.

It turns out people weren't entirely satisfied with the state of legal recruitment.

Within the first week of launching LawyerUp, legal professionals have flocked to the app, both in the UK and around the world. (Current non-UK frontrunner: Singapore.)

One silver circle partner told ROF, "Ok, that was easy. Now I just sit back and I don't have to talk to anyone. Nice."

An in-house lawyer said, "I like that it’s free, I don’t have to upload a CV, and it’s anonymous until I express interest in an approach. I can see what comes in on my phone, and then decide who to reject, and who to give my details to if I'm interested".

LawyerUp is for everyone in the legal sector, anywhere in the world, and the hundreds of week one joiners included associates, NQs, partners, PAs, PRs, IT staff, and the first KC. With just a few fields to select, setting up a profile takes 20 seconds, and makes LawyerUp ideal for people with itchy feet, people who are curious to know who wants them, and people who are too busy (or apathetic) to job hunt or update their CV.

You can download LawyerUp now on the App Store and Google Play.



But it's not just legal professionals who are keen to see what's out there for them. Numerous new firms have asked to access the app alongside the approximately 50 top law firms already signed up.

The word has begun to spread to businesses seeking to fill in-house roles, too, which means candidates whose profiles fit the bill may soon get pinged with a notification that a major bank, which asked to join this week, wants to pursue them for a VP position.

A major firm’s global head of comms said, "No-one likes rejection, and this avoids that. You know who's after you straight away, and you're not applying for something and risking being turned down - people approach you if they like the look of you".

"I work in the recruitment department of one of the firms listed as being signed up to the app", said a commenter last week: "If it works the way you describe, I'm all for it if it means not having to rely on external recruitment consultants all the time. I prefer the direct lines of channel with candidates in the market”.

Once the database has built up over the next couple of weeks, employers will be permitted to begin searching the anonymised profiles on the app (except their own employees, who they are blocked from seeing) and contacting them about roles they think are a good match. 

When candidates get a notification that an employer is interested in them for its role, they can, with a tap, dismiss it, or find out more. If they tap 'yes', their email address and name is released to the interested employer, and they can move forward with snagging the lateral move they dreamed of, or the career move they never thought they needed.

Give the app a whirl and get only good news by visiting the App Store or Google Play.

Law firms and other employers can get in touch at [email protected].

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Offshore maestro 20 January 23 12:13

Glad to see my jurisdiction has now been added. Bias in the rof comments against offshore maestros has been observed in the past.

JohnnyB 20 January 23 13:56

I think the app is a bit over simplistic. Your Kirkland and other type firms that only recruit from the top tier are going to have to wade through anonymous profiles that only say something like “5PQE private equity”. Can they see what firm candidates are already at when they message them?

Anon 20 January 23 14:00

Would help if you could have more than one field of expertise. I am a media lawyer but also do commercial /IP/IT work

Jamie Hamilton 20 January 23 14:53

Thanks, we will add all those specialisms (and the others we’ve been asked about via email) in the next update in the next couple of weeks. 

JohnnyB, nope, no wading at all - employers select the type of candidates they want to see down to the firms, PQEs, specialisms, etc. It’s extremely fast and targeted. 

Anonymous 20 January 23 15:18

I’m looking to become Solicitor General but that’s not listed on one of the roles. Please fix. 

CliveWarren 21 January 23 00:46

What do employers see when they look at profiles? There's no user name is there? - and they can't see email or actual name?

Anon 21 January 23 10:16

Hi Jamie please can you split aviation and shipping into separate categories - post trainee these are not the same so Transport may not be of much use to recruiting firms.

Paul McDermott 23 January 23 11:46

State of legal recruitment? Me and all of the imaginary staff at Dawn Ellmore Employment always uphold the highest level of service. 

Benja 23 January 23 17:38

Also role - I'm in-house and also a consultant.  Currently you can only choose one of those.  That needs changing

A sobbing middle aged woman 23 January 23 19:05

I realise that all you corporate dealmaking hard chargers think all we do is hand out tissues to sobbing middle aged women but family/matrimonial law is actually a thing - any chance of adding it to the list of specialisms? It's not exactly a marginal or esoteric area of practice, I wouldn't have thought...

Victor Kiam 25 January 23 13:00

I've always dreamed of being one of those lucky Court of Appeal judges who can switch off for much of the day and just needs to add an 'I agree' at the end of the judgment to get paid.  If that could be added as a category, that'd be great.

Anonymous 26 January 23 12:51

Jamie, will this app also include details of jobs overseas - Middle East, Oz, NZ? Thanks!

Jamie Hamilton 26 January 23 17:36

Hi 12:51 - it's anticipated that employers will use it to recruit for overseas roles, particularly in ME, Aus, NZ and the US, and those options are built in, yes.

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