A man who identified himself as a trainee solicitor has been photographed after allegedly shouting at a family that the coronavirus is not real.

A source said the buff conspiracy theorist "just couldn't resist” working out on taped-off gym equipment  adjacent to a playground and which "even my 2 year old could understand was off limits".

When the woman told off the lawyer, he "yelled at me and my two children that I lived in a 'fake world' where Coronavirus exists", she said. 

The witness snapped the man grinning by his germy outdoor equipment. "When demanding I delete this photo, he claimed to be a trainee solicitor", she said. "Covering himself and his profession in glory" with his "intelligence, compassion and law abiding nature". 


Unless you're testing your eyes there's no excuse.

RollOnFriday has blurred his already-quite-blurry face, but can confirm he’s definitely not Joe Wicks. If you're the trainee, please drop RollOnFriday a line after you've finished torching that phone mast.

In recent weeks, solicitors have been wrongly reported for holding illegal lockdown parties and dobbed in for hugging neighbours. But sweating in public is another matter entirely.

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Eat Clen and Tren Hard 29 May 20 10:46

This boy knows that curls get all the girls and that pumping is like cumming. Arnold told him so.

Anonymous 29 May 20 11:22

It's difficult to tell, but he may well be a wearer of the [man bun].  If so, this is likely to provide a valuable insight into what passes for his mind.

Anonymous 29 May 20 11:31


The trainee is clearly a d1ck but nothing wrong with working out in vests if it is hot and you're in good shape.

Source: Someone who owns a few Gymshark vests

Fuuuuark brah 29 May 20 12:41

Lad looks like a total powerhouse. Somebody get this man a pair of dumbbells and a bench before he annihilates those monkey bars.

Anonymous 29 May 20 12:49

@Anonymous 29 May 20 11:31


Everyone who sees you in a vest thinks you're a dick. Real talk.

Anonymous 30 May 20 10:12

I was fine until I was bitten by a 5G enabled bat.

I got the impression it was being controlled by someone's WiFi.

The last thing I saw before I died was its USB port.


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